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Halachic ruling: Women may say Kaddish
Akiva Novick
Published: 25.06.13, 14:40
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1. New innovations in Judaism.
Charles   (06.25.13)
is Jesus still verboten or what?
2. Well I feel redeemed (not)
a Jewish Woman ,   Israel   (06.25.13)
I recited Kaddish for my parents and for my mother-in-law (her son my husband was deceased and my son wasn't Bar Mitzvah) I am talking about 10, 15 and 20 years ago. Tis a good thing that the rabbi's have finally decided to redeem me from my sin! Tis a better thing that G-d in His Good Heaven is filled with Loving Kindness and Empathy for mourning children and decided that we needed no rabbinical redemption!
3. Male and female rabbis
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.25.13)
Not to change the subject, but if Beit Hillel is an association of Orthodox rabbis, why does it have male and female rabbis, as Orthodox tradition only gives semicha to males? Also who said it was taboo for women to say Kaddish?
4. While Ignoring the main point of the article
Sane   (06.25.13)
Are you seriously suggesting this is an orthodox group? I think the 'woman Rabbi's' bit was what gave it away.
5. Is it any wonder that most Jews are secular
Sidney ,   USA   (06.25.13)
This stuff has nothing to do with real life. If there were a God, he would be angry at what his so-called followers do in his name.
6. Amen..
Idfmom ,   jerusalem   (06.25.13)
As if you would need "permission" to do something so personal as remembering the dead!
7. Why ever not?
Joseph ,   London UK   (06.25.13)
I've been Orthodox my whole life and I've never heard that women cannot say Kaddish. In many shuls the women answer the woman's Kaddish while the men answer the man's Kaddish. Obviously it's preferable for the son/s to say Kaddish.
8. As such -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.25.13)
" HASHEM sees to the Heart" - and - " He made Them Man and Woman, in the image of Elohim" ! - Comment - Nobody can stand between a Women and Her Personal Individual relationship with God. When it comes to an Outer Relationship in and regarding the Society, the Woman should/Ought to, submit to the Rule of the Man. Arn.Sweden.
9. Is this news?
Mark ,   London, UK   (06.25.13)
Religious practices allegedly go on in synagogues in Israel which would be very bizarre in the diaspora. Since we don't have state funded synagogues, there is always the rational fear that if a rabbi plays too high and mighty he/she will end up with no congregation.
10. this is not new
David ,   Los Angeles   (06.25.13)
I know of one case where Rav Arye Lavin brought two orphan girls to the Rav HaNazir's Beit Midrash to say Kaddish. Also present was Rav Zevin who praise Rav Arye for bringing the girls.
11. I can't believe this is news
Avinoam ,   NY   (06.25.13)
This is normative halacha, and common practice in Orthodox shuls here.
12. Who cares?
Avi Yisraeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.13)
These kind of articles don't even appear in the Hebrew version of yNet for the simple reason that most Israelis (more than 85%) are secular and couldn't care less if you say Kaddish or Kiddush for that matter. If it makes you feel good, go ahead and say Kaddish but please don't make an issue about it.! Now, can we please get back to what really matters in Israel like soccer, reality TV shows and coping with the rising cost of living?
13. quorum?
rachel ,   sacramento, USA   (06.25.13)
while it may be that ten men over the age of 13 is considered a quorum (though i am not sure about that fact) I believe that this article would be referring to a 'minyon' which is 10 men over the age of 13.
dr harry ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.25.13)
We as Jews, are Jews. We do not categorize ourselves in all your man made branches. DO WHAT YOU WANT. Enough with these headlines. You do not represent a TORAH JEW, the ones who stood at Sinai to receive the Torah, and lived faithfully without all your man made revelations. A true Link, that hasn't been severed for 3325 years. Whatever makes you FEEL good. That is what all your religions are all about; FEEL GOOD Religion. Knock yourself out. What's next: One day shiva! Can't miss work. Open caskets to view the Dead. Cremations! Plots cost a Fortune. A women can be married to 2 men!! Why not????
15. It's NOT a new ruling
SK ,   beit shemesh, Israel   (06.25.13)
I've been in 3 orthodox shuls where the Rav of the shul allowed it.
16. Ofcurse this is not new but they are in
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (06.25.13)
negosiations with the womwn of the wall now. Is the ne rabidolatry of the ortodox jews.
17. 10 Men Quorum
Arie Stein ,   Trumbull, CT USA   (06.25.13)
How ridiculous that women aren't counted in the minyan. The orthodox excuse for this is pathetic. Just a power play by men.
18. New ruling?
Aaron Kuperman ,   Baltimore, MD   (06.25.13)
Only an ignoramous would consider this to be a "new" ruling. There have always been diverse minhagim on the subject. If the "discoverer" of this "hiddush" had checked traditional Jewish literature (i.e. pre-1948) he would have discovered that the matter has been considered previously, and that his ruling isn't new. That he thinks it is a new invention suggests he is an ignoramous.
19. Anyone who feels that others need permission to pray
Vered, Israel   (06.25.13)
does not know a thing about prayer.
20. to #8
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (06.25.13)
You live in Sweden and say that in society, women should submit to the rule of man? Good grief. Didn't you learn anything in that liberated country? Why not just go somewhere where your views are more mainstream, like Saudi or Oman? Dare I ask if you have a girlfriend? I bet you don't have a boyfriend.
21. to #14
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (06.25.13)
So a woman saying a prayer over her dead father is the equivalent of her marrying two men? Yep, that's how irrational you talkback seems. They didn't have caskets, open or closed, in the desert of old, the burial method (not of choice) was a given. Same for cremation - there wasn't enough wood in the desert either. But times have changed, and fortunately, most people adapt to the times, except for people like you.
22. #8 above me the Hand of G-d
a Jewish Woman ,   Israel   (06.25.13)
and in the creation chain below me man. Women are the crown of the Torah and of G-d's creation for we were the last thing He created.
23. Caskets and cremation
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.26.13)
In Israel the minhag is NOT to use caskets. People are wrapped in shrouds and placed directly in the holy ground. Cremation is an abomination and disgrace to the dead. Enough Jews have been cremated.
24. No connection
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (06.26.13)
Firstly, this is nothing new. All that has been done is to make sure that the publicv are aware of the halacha. What I really want to know is why the photo that is attached to the article is of one of the "Women of the Wall" wearing tefillin. There is no connection between wearing tefillin and saying kaddish. Also, the Women of the Wall are a Reform/Conservative group. This ruling is an Orthodox one. You really ought to get better editors.
25. Exactly WHAT constitutes "Orthodox" about this organization?
Ah -- this is yet another tactic in the attack against Torah law in Israel, ala Women of the Wall pretending that they are a religious group as opposed to a political group. This is probably another maneuvering of "Rabbi" Gilad Kariv and his (anti-) Religious Action Committee -- but going the "we're 'Orthodox'" route in the hopes of legitimizing the illegitimate. People see you clearly for who you are no matter what label you try to stick on yourselves. You're outed.
26. When my paretnst doed I found it hard to say the Kaddish
Al   (06.26.13)
It was just too emotional for me so I paid someone to do it. Today years after they have passed I say it from time to time whenever the feeling passes me by. My prayers are between me and God and that's no ones business but mine alone. Thank you all especially to the self anointed Rebbes. I don't need you to tell me when to pray and how to pray.
27. Beit Hillel's halakhic ruling
yoel ,   jerusalem, israel   (06.26.13)
First time I ever heard of an orthodox Jewish rabbinical organization with female rabbis. Something new?
28. kaddish
david ,   jerusalem   (06.26.13)
this halachic ruling is no surprise to me. Over 40 years ago, Rabbi Shraga Feivel Frank O"H, who had no sons, permitted his daughters to say kaddish for his wife, their mother.
29. to #25
Gershon ,   Kfar Saba, Israel   (06.26.13)
1) Beit Hillel has nothing to do with Women of the Wall. It is made up of dati leumi Rabbis and Rebbitzens. 2) There is nothing in "Torah law" against a woman saying kaddish. As Hillel himself might have said, "Go and learn".
30. I say Kaddish privately
בת חנה ע׳ה   (06.26.13)
every year at my mother's ע׳ה grave. I go with with my immediate family, or alone. So pleased and grateful that I don't need a minyan. Thank G-d that at home or the Kotel, I don't need a minyan. Wonderful הלכה. Quite brilliant actually. You guys , wait for nine. I don't need to. I don't have to.
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