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Halachic ruling: Women may say Kaddish
Akiva Novick
Published: 25.06.13, 14:40
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31. 12 On the contrary 80% of Israelis are not secular
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (06.26.13)
80% of the jewish population are traditional or observant. Polls have consistently shown this. But seculars insist on claiming the traditionals are seculars. As for the article it is just a bit of fluff that can be ignored. These Rabbi's carry no influence. However there is something in what they say. But a halachic ruling! are you serious. It has the same value as a halachic ruling form Lapid.
32. What #2 said, I am right there with her!
an Israeli Woman ,   Israel   (06.26.13)
My husband was murdered in a terrorist attack when our children where all under the age of Bar Mitzvah. Despite the fact that my father-in-law said Kaddish for his son (my husband) I chose to recite Kaddish for my husband. Initially it started out that I was reciting Kaddish on behalf of my children...they were always present in shul but since they didn't know how to read I recited the Kaddish on their behalf...they knew to answer "Amen". As time went by, I realized that I was reciting the Kaddish for two other reasons: 1. to honor the memory of my husband and 2. to receive consolation from G-d and my congregation. My congregation is 100% Orthodox and there was a period of time when I was the only person reciting Kaddish...during that period of time my congregation showed me a beautiful kindness...when Kaddish time came in prayers a Minyan (10 men) on the men's side would stand up and recited the Kaddish with me. Not to drown out my voice but just because as human beings they were on the same page with me. To this day, my children and I remember this loving-kindness "Ben adam l'havero".
33. Nr 20. You are ignorant of the Fact that -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.26.13)
- I wright from and about the Old Testament - and the Will of HASHEM reardinf the Israeli Society on Earth. As a New Testament Christian, I am not as the Israelis given a Promised Land, as HASHEM has promised to the descandants of Abraham-Isak and Jacob. My Promise in NT scripture is, a Cityzenship in the Heavenly Jerusalm, my Spiritual Mother. But even in NT Assembly of Christ, the Woman according to Scripture, are comanded to the Submission to Her Husband and, all Ruling Offices are for the Men Only, and there is a Spiritual Secrecy in this. You seems lost Regarding bouth Those matters. Further - As an Oslo Cityzen - Oslo has fallen from Her former Name - Christiania. I Suggest You try to conver Her back again - beginning with Youself. Arn.sweden.
34. New Innovation???
Charlie Hall ,   Bronx, NY, USA   (06.26.13)
Women have been saying kaddish for 300 years!
35. the infectious gangrene of feminism is unstoppable
Nexomia   (06.26.13)
it will not stop until all in the world is disfigured and dead.
36. 1 small step
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (06.27.13)
It is about time that the 16th century ideas of women be updated to the 21st century. This is just 1 small step-in that direction. The status of women in society has taken new meaning. Women are no longer chattel, does any one today really believe hat a women's mind is inferior and there fore can not be a reliable witness? To just mention 2 of the old time 16th century ideas. In the days of the "Shulchan Aruch" women were not educated and had to be dependent on male sustenance. There is no Torah restrictions against women. It is in fact ridiculous to cling to the 16th century we must move forward to the 21st century.
37. Women Rabbis
Daniel M. Meyer ,   Israel   (06.27.13)
Beit Hillel does not include women Rabbis - if does include very learned modern Orthodox women who are scholars and teachers - please correct this inaccuracy as it blurs the whole direction of this article.
38. And why shouldn't women say kaddish?
Rivkah F. ,   jerusalem   (06.27.13)
I always regret that I did not say kaddish for my parents during the 11 months of mourning over 25 and 22 years ago. I do say kaddish in synagogue on the anniversaries of their deaths (yahrzeit) and no one has ever told me to stop or that it is not acceptable according to Jewish law. This is at an Orthodox synagogue. And I am not the only one. It happens all the time.
39. Short Memories
David ,   Seattle   (06.29.13)
Rav Soloveitchik, when asked about women saying kaddish, stated that he recalls women having done so in orthodox synagogues in pre-war Europe when he was a young man. See R' Rakeffet's book "The Rav."
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