Rape victim asks State to recognize crime as terror act
Yoram Yarkoni
Published: 25.06.13, 16:51
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1. I feel sorry for the victim
Sane   (06.25.13)
But how on earth is this meant to be a terror attack?
Frank ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.13)
Ask anyone who has been a victim.
3. In all fairness
Dov   (06.25.13)
shouldn't you add "hiloni" to the header like you always do adding "haredi" when the accused wears a kipa? Is the reason you leave "hiloni" out because it would almost be on every report daily and look ridiculous, whereas for a kipa wearer, since it happens so rarely, you feel "obligated" to scream it in the headlines?
4. #3 Dov - Did you even read the article?
SNS   (06.25.13)
Did you even read the article? The rapist was an Arab.
5. Mr. Yarkoni a question about the following:
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (06.25.13)
you wrote: "If her request is granted, she will be considered a victim of a terror attack, thereby eligible to disability benefits by the Defense Ministry." The young couple were both civilians at the time of the rape against them, therefore if I understand the law which defines civilian acts of terrorism then they will be eligible for disability benefits from the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) and not for benefits from the Defense Ministry. This is the same law which covers all acts of terrorism against civilians. The Defense Ministry covers soldiers exclusively and NOT civilians.
W. Turner ,   Israel   (06.25.13)
in this case it may be defined as an act of terror or a terrorist attack because the perpetrator was an Arab. I do appreciate your use of the word terror in its other meaning but instead of supporting this young woman's claim your comment diminishes it.
7. As sad as it is this victim wants to reap financial benefits
Shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.13)
From tax payers . Let her claim the money the PA in The Hague . But I do feel sorry for both of them.
8. #4 Sol let them mention it in the headlines
Dov   (06.25.13)
like they do for a kipa wearer.
9. it WAS an act of terror
C   (06.25.13)
the rape was meant to terrorise, was used as an act of war.
10. #9
Sane   (06.26.13)
Where do you get that from?
11. I support the girl. But I think that publishing
Miron ,   USA   (06.26.13)
this story wasn't exactly in the best interest of fair trial. In the end the important part to any court is to arrive to fair judgment. And in my humble opinion popularity constests in public may not possibly be used for such an delicate decision making process. In the end it boils down to evidence. And this public opinion solicitation effort, where evidence is carefully consealed, but he ethnic roots of the victim and criminal published in bold text in the title is an act of extremism and belligerence on behalf of media. Such actions in public provoke backlash and upheaval, something all societies must strive to reduce. It seems to me YNet, under disguise of interesting story trying to cause trouble to Israel and thus to the very raped woman. Well, I support both very much. And hope voice of reason and carefull judgment will prevail.
12. very sorry
rm ,   Amsterdan, NL   (06.26.13)
for the victim but this is not terror. It's just that that the perpetrator was Arab. He'll be punished, but it shouldn't be considered an act of terror
13. Why not to consider it terror.
R ,   Israel   (06.26.13)
Perhaps better to find another way to support the victims and help them get back on their feet, however long it takes, because if this terrible crime is recognized as terror, the perpetrator will be out of jail in a few years with the next deal.
14. #3 Dov try reading the article
Benny ,   Tel Aviv   (06.26.13)
Apparenlty you didnt even read the article yet are so quick to slander others and in this case your fellow Israeli and Jew who dont share the same religious views as yourself yet you feel it your religious duty to slander them as well. What an example of a religious man you are.
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