Orthodox soldier sues cartoonist for demonizing haredi servicemen
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 26.06.13, 23:15
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1. Jail the Jewish Quaker Mafia!
Israeili Jew ,   Israel   (06.27.13)
2. Good for him!
Shalom Hartman   (06.27.13)
A very stupid thing to do - they should be sued for a lot more than 30,000nis
3. Where is the tollerance that this country and religion
jrebecca ,   modiin   (06.27.13)
should have? Tolerance on all sides is missing. And the religious should know this better than the chelonim. They claim to honour our Torah and our past, yet they have not learned the lessons of Rabbi Akiva and his students, the destruction of the temples etc.
4. Its freedom of speech vs. the Zionist version of communism
Zalman   (06.27.13)
5. I dare any one of these bogus Haredi
Al   (06.27.13)
garbage to touch my frum soldier son. He will end up with a mouthful of broken teeth. My son has more trust in his fellow soldiers who stand on guard 24/7 protecting Israel than these bogus Haredi schnorrers who all need an ass kicking. Its god damn bloody time that that welfare teat be yanked out of their mouths and that they start being men instead of the tinif they currently are, Enough is enough.
6. Well
Sane   (06.27.13)
Look at the picture and what it says. That is hardly incitement. Meanwhile Ynet talkbackers etc call a segment of the population 'parasites'....
7. #4 - would it be "freedom of speech"
Mike   (06.27.13)
Would it still be "freedom of speech" if it depicted a Jewish soldier running after Pali kids? Or if in the USA, a Jewish soldier was depicted running after Christian kids? I doubt it. Suddenly your "freedom of speech" wouldn't count and you'd scream "anti-Semitism".
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