Dagan: Israel would benefit if Assad falls
Gilad Morag
Published: 26.06.13, 23:50
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1. Israel will benefit from a prolonged war
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (06.27.13)
with assad falling at the end. The war of attrition will weaken all military interests in Syria, the rebels hate Hezbollah now, so the possibility of transferring weapons to them after assad falls is nil, and if we keep helping refugees and the injured, there might be a chance of them recognizing the good will. However what we really need to do is shut the f up and not taunt or make threats. Just stay out of it as much as possible.
2. More noise from the peanut gallery
What happened to the days when Mossad chiefs were anonymous and kept their mouths shut?
3. Seems like a good summary
Az   (06.27.13)
of the situation. On the one hand you have a dictator who's content with his patch of turf in Syria, on the other hand you have Al-Quaeda and other factions vying for control (and receiving material support from US govt.). Probably better to let them destroy each other rather than draw ire. As for Iran why not just open up trade relations with them? I'm sure they would be less angry if they weren't so hungry. If they can forgive you, that is.
4. semantic quibblings
CJK   (06.27.13)
the truth is that dagan wants assad to fall, and has said so openly. yet he criticizes netanyahu for doing the same. one gets the impression that dagan's only problem with netanyahu is that the latter is prime minister, whereas dagan is the retired head of the mossad.
5. Dagan, on Iran, Rohwani and the bomb
CJK   (06.27.13)
"anyway, they are making progress with the bomb." so, even dagan admits that regardless of who is president of iran, and despite sanctions on iran, the shia terror entity is continuing with its nuclear weapons program. what dagan did not say, but what must be said, is that iran will accumulate an arsenal of nuclear bombs before unveiling even one.
6. So Nice To See M.Dagan Back
Wasn't syrian territory The Home of hamas, hizbullah and the Terrorist Entity in tehran? Once the Butcher of syria falls And He Will Fall the Noose Tightens Around The Necks of Israel Arch Enemy's? No more play ground for the shi'a's Then Let the saudi house and qatari's Deal the final Blow to the mad mullahs of tehran and Israel can come out of this Smelling Like A Rose!!! Baruch Ha Shem
7. Evidently a fan of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Eastwoodfan ,   Hamilton, Canada   (06.27.13)
Dagan asserted: "If you want to shoot – shoot – don't talk". Tuco Ramirez: "When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk".
8. Syrians, by now, have no fear of death.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.27.13)
9. Assad another Arab Nazi
Salahuddin Azam ,   Chicgo, USA   (06.27.13)
Assad, "late"Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein are all one kind of ruthless war criminals and are/were communists, racists under the garb of "Islam". Assad and Mursi are the same Arab Nazi but in hiding. Both should go and they will go to Hell. Amen.
10. Iranian bombs would be suicide, nonsense!
Az   (06.27.13)
Iran is angry, not stupid. This bombs stuff is political posturing, rhetoric, and angry defensiveness. There would be no point, for Iran to actually pose a real nuclear threat - it would be suicidal and they know this. It's the US fanning these "push Iran into the desert" flames.
11. Bibi talks tough because he wants to avoid.
Israeli 2   (06.27.13)
Just scare them!! Scare those Syrians!!! Let them be afraid of us!!! Please be afraid of us...because we will not do a thing....Obama does not allow it and...what can I do? AAAHR! = Miauw!!!
12. The Syrian rebels are WORSE than Assad. The rebels
Rivkah   (06.27.13)
told Christians to leave Syria or be killed. They chained a toddler to a fence and forced the girl to watch her parents executed. Israel would be WORSE off with Al Quaida next door.
13. Be careful what you wish
Harri ,   EU   (06.27.13)
I don't like Assad either, but if Assad falls, another Hezbollah will born in Syria. Weakened Assad would be much better than SILF armed with Syrian missiles and fighting jets. Syria and it's neighbors are fronts of massive covert wars. Everyone is spreading chaos and pulling strings on his direction, but I fear that everything will blow up and Israel will be dragged into multiple wars. There are very few good options left on the table.
14. Dagan
Rozy   (06.27.13)
Cannot keep his big mouth shut. Why does he need to voice his opinion??? He really enjoys taking a stand against the government. Amazing how these high level Israeli ex-leaders have the need to expose things that only are harmful to Israel.
15. Be careful what you wish for
ab5678 ,   USA   (06.27.13)
as Sunnis don't have any love for the Jews either. Iran's monetary support to Syria and Hezbollah is peanut comparing to Saudi's funding if and when they can install a Sunni puppet to rule Syria. You will be surrounded by a band of Sunnis from Egypt to Syria, to Turkey all supported by Saudis, Qataris and UAE. Time will tell the history yet to come.
16. More than Egypt from Morsi? Mr. Dagan wife
Miron ,   USA   (06.27.13)
cooked him falafel with too much hummus?
17. On this one Dagan is righ-totally !
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.27.13)
All Netanyahu has done is talk, utter threats and never matched his talk with action. Iran a case in point, Gaza another.
18. Dagan...
Nili ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.13)
Loose the saying goes. We could well loose this country and the reason will be a Knessest full of flapping gums.
19. I agree with #1
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.27.13)
We need to keep our mouths shut and play it cool. Let God sort out the mess in Syria. We need to just observe and decide what to do when the conflict ends and we have a clear victor. Then we need to start making public statements. Threatening Assad at this point is futile.
20. 19, Dror
CJK   (06.27.13)
it hardly matters what they say. the liberofascists will do all in their power to eliminate the jewish state. all they will achieve is much more bloodshed.
21. As such - Yes !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (06.27.13)
22. Psycho for pm
myconius ,   L'wd, Nl   (06.27.13)
Only psycho's talk like Bibi....Unless he's only acting and imitating Hollywood movies...What a nutter
23. 22
CJK   (06.27.13)
compared to obama, netanyahu is a trappist monk.
24. CJK
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.27.13)
No matter what happens I am fully convinced that what we are witnessing and experiencing is nothing less than END TIMES PROPHECY COMING TO LIGHT. I am FULLY convinced. No matter who does what the end results will be achieved. How we get there is not written in absolutes. The end results are guaranteed and absolute. We will be FREE from the grip of all nations. We will have our sovereignty and independence because Melech Mashiach will be the Revealed Sovereign and not any politician.
25. #24
Dik ,   Spijkenisse, Holland   (06.27.13)
Israel stay strong, we will continue to pray for you. Shalom from Holland
26. Dagen is looking at black & white not unknown shades of gray
zionist forever   (06.27.13)
Bibi's speech was made on the context of a politician visiting the Golani Brigade facilities and praising the soldiers in the sense of you mess with Israel you mess with these guys. Its not trying to threaten Assad. As far as Assad's downfall goes nobody really knows yet if it will be good or bad for Israel. Hezbollah & Iran will be driven out of Syria but the Hezbollah stronghold has always been Lebanon so there won't be any revolutionary changes on the Hezbollah front . What Dagen has not considered is who will rule Syria after Assad and what will they be like. The rebels are not an organised group like an army, they are a collection of fighters who have come from all over the place including Al Quida affilliated ones so there may well be a fight for power in a post Assad Syria. If there is a fight for power and there are no chemical weapons then an internal power struggle would be good for Israel If the MODERATE western backed puppet government will need to be strengthened against all the other groups and the only way to do that is with a political prize, the Golan. The US and everybody else will who backed this new government will turn on Israel supposedly to advance the peace process. To make it worse its probable that Labor will win the next election in Israel because Bibi doesn't have what it takes to win another election and with a socialist like Shelly no price is to high for the peace process. We saw after Desert Storm 1n 1991 that the best solution was containment. Saddam Hussain's army was smashed and he was allowed to sell oil for food Best for Israel and the region as a whole is a contained Assad until a long term political solution can be found. Dagen is just looking at this in a black and white attitude without considering all the unknown shades of gray
27. Melech Schmelech!
Az   (06.27.13)
While this might be the BABYLON'S END prophecy coming true, this Babylonian idea of some guy coming and saving the day while you sit around and pray is part of the problem, not the solution! Part of that prophecy calls you people "fugitives from the sword" and gives some specific instructions... and they're not "do nothing and keep hoping that Mr. Great Hero will save the day for everyone else." Besides, there's someone who fits those Mr. Great Hero criteria way better than anyone today, but he died about 70 years ago. It's all up to you now.
28. Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan
Frankly as a military officer with much better knowledge than you have I offer you advice: Keep your mouth shut and fade away.
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