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Iranian official signals no early scaling back in nuclear
Published: 28.06.13, 21:27
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1. While Obama flies over Africa looking for
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (06.29.13)
the nearest golf course. Everything is being taken care of.
2. What is Bibi waiting for???
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (06.28.13)
3. Why should they scale back.....
Dan ,   USA   (06.29.13)
when they know no country is going to stop them. It's as simple as that.
4. Israelis will soon have to choose ...
spyguy ,   Seattle   (06.29.13)
Very soon, Israelis will have to choose between (1) living with a nuclear Iran, or (2) starting a very bloody war that Israel has an over 50% chance of losing. Whether Israel "wins" or "loses," this war will result in severe devastation of the Israeli infrastructure and economy. So which is it Israel - learn to live with your neighbors or risk a brutal war where even if Israel does not "lose," the entire country is devastated? BTW - if you choose war, there is a high probability the US will NOT go along with you leaving Israel completely isolated.
5. the shia terror entity will continue on its set path
CJK   (06.29.13)
there is nothing obama can do to persuade the shia terror entity to stop its nuclear weapons program, its participation in assad's genocide, or in using lebanon as a its province to carry out ongoing terror attacks.
6. I cant wait what Israel will do!
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (06.28.13)
Dont rely on the Americans - they are only talking - I can only imagine somthing spectacular will happen very soon - what? - cant think - do you ?
7. YEAH! Bomb- Bomb- Bomb Iran!
Israeli 2   (06.28.13)
Boy, am I tired of this already.
8. No early scaling back
Get Real ,   UK   (06.29.13)
does leave them the option to do so at some future time of their own choosing and to be able to obtain an easing of the sanctions. But would be unwise to trust them as they progress their enrichment programmes.
9. The Terrorist Entity In tehran
Has Very Little Time Left? They Have Denied, Delayed And Deceived The World And Their People! All know that Israel Can Destroy persian arabs Utterly And Totally!!! After a decade old war between iraq's and persian arabs Dragged On Because Of Antiquated equipment! Israel Has The Most Technological Equipment Cutting Edge Weapons!!! So how A little Nobody from Seattle Who thinks he's a spy Thinks Antiquated weapons With some homemade armament Can Even Compare To The Awsome Power Israel Can UNLEASH on tehran Is Uncomprehenable? We will have to wait and see?
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