Armed and uniformed: Hezbollah watching IDF movements
Yoav Zitun
Published: 30.06.13, 14:53
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1. Hezbollah
Etienne Prinsloo ,   Nova Scotia Canada   (06.30.13)
Nasrallah publically anounced military support for Assad and what did the international community do- nothing. The EU liberals won't even classify Hezbollah a terrorist organization. The next attack on Israel is a case of when, not if. They know where the liberal Western world stands, squarely behind them. Thus, they have nothing to lose. Israel however will have every Islamic apologist accusing it of war crimes, excessive force etc. Not to mention British academic institutions and every second Christian church group. Sickening.
2. constant vigilance is needed
zionist forever   (06.30.13)
We should not take Hezbollah intelligence gathering for granted and think we are the smart ones because we have all the hi-tec nobody else does. Google Earth is the terrorists spy satellite with a resolution comparable to many spy satellites so terrorist do have the kind of capabilities. Now we need to invest much more in intelligence gathering than ever before because even terrorist enemies are getting smarter and better armed than ever. With any luck for now the war in Lebanon will keep dragging on and Hezbollah thousands of hundreds of top Hezbollah fighters will be killed
3. Hezbollah watching
Get Real ,   UK   (06.30.13)
With attention on Syria it is good that the IDF does not become complacent with regard to the Lebanese border. Ignore the 'if' 'but work on the basis of 'when'. No doubt the IDF knows it is being watched and this sends a message to Hezbollah that it remans vigilant. It is the IDF training and planning that Hezbollah cannot see but they will feel if they attack Israel. Hope for peace but always prepare for war whilst the terror entities threaten to destroy the State. Hezbollah,,with experience gained in Syria and weapons supplied by Assad and Iran, may feel just emboldened enough to strike at Israel if only to show it is still a force to be reckoned with and to draw attention away from the mounting slaughter in Syria.
4. hezbollah dress code reminds me of arafats
zionist forever   (06.30.13)
They are not part of the Lebanese army so they don't wear their uniforms. They are not part of the Syrian army so they don't wear their uniforms. They are not part of the Iranian army so they don't wear uniforms. Reminds me of Arafat he was always going around in a military uniform but it was not the uniform of any existing national army. Hezbollah wear military uniform but its not the uniform of any national army. What is it with arabs loving to dress like soldiers and pinning lots of campaign ribbons on their uniforms even if they were not earned in war?
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (06.30.13)
It is good news to know Hizbullah is still vigilant and alert regarding borders with Israel ... Hizbullah remains a piece of broken glass in the throat of Israel , and I'm glad it has survived that long... Hizbullah is , right now , what is left of Arab pride...
6. #5 Conflicted allegiance
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.30.13)
I realize Abdel that you've written many posts where you express appreciation for being an Israeli citizen and the freedom you have in Israel. The last person murdered by rocket fire from Hezbollah during the 2006 War in Lebanon was an Israeli Arab man. Hezbollah didn't care if they murdered Arabs or destroyed their lives. Just like Hezbollah is doing in Syria as the paid assassins of Iran. I really can't imagine any Arab being proud of Hezbollah at this time.
7. #5
Justjams ,   Jerusalem   (06.30.13)
I agree .
8. # 5 Arab pride
Airdrone pilot ,   World   (06.30.13)
Arabs always have their pride under the spot. There is NO arab nation, you spend all your lives getting rid of yourselves, and belonging to a fantasy where a colective ego replaces the individual ego. This is why you hate the Western civilization. We in the West belong and respond for ourselves, we pursue self accomplishments. You arabs pursue collective accomplishments. your callifate and big nation will not concquer the world.
9. #5 If Hezbollah is all you have left of your pride, Abdel
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.30.13)
..then I feel sorry for you. Hez are major drug traffickers out of Paraguay....Is that something to be proud of? Nasrallah bangs his chest and rattles his sabre from his bunker..worthy of pride? Now if you really want to be proud of something Arab...for starters, why not look towards your food and music
10. they an watch all they like
but if they believe for a minute that it will be an israeli repeat of 2006, they are fully mistaken. this time, the gloves are off. with hizbullah's standing in the world and in lebanon now where they are hated and accused of helping the butcher of damascus slaughter his people, no one will ever stop israel from destroying the entire southern lebanon and killing as many of these terrorists as the idf and iaf wish. israel will include the other lebanese territories because hizbullah is part of the lebanese government and this time, no matter how much the arabs cry, israel will finish them off without any mercy.
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