Leave Morsi alone
Amar Zachary
Published: 30.06.13, 20:00
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1. There's more to democracy than (barely) winning an election
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.30.13)
It's true that Morsi obtained about 50.5% but that hardly constitutes a mandate to promote an agenda contrary to the rights of Egypt's minorities or the "losing side" generally. Morsi hasn't (yet) achieved the Brotherhood's goal of an Islamic state, but the advance of sharia is proceeding, with increasing attacks on Egypt's Christian population (including convictions for "blasphemy"), restrictions on alcohol, and attacks on even Muslims for "insufficient modesty". Meanwhile, Egypt's economy is struggling, with rapidly declining foreign currency reserves required to import food for Egypt's teeming masses and shortages of essential fuel. When everything collapses, Morsi and his Brotherhood cohorts can't simply claim "We were too inexperienced to know what we were doing."
2. Exchange Morsi for Mubarak.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (06.30.13)
Morsi has made enemies of the Egyptian people. Only Mubarak kept the peace and kept the Egyptian's fed. One way or another if the people want him gone, he will be gone. KEEP BUILDING !!!
3. Democracy Versus Basic Human Rights .
Zechariah   (06.30.13)
A democracy without the basic Huan Rights is Flawed the Two are Mandated to go Together.So if a Human Rights Democracy cannot be established that's Trouble .Safe food Safe Water Shelter Protection from Crime and Medical and educationa
4. what a stupid article !!!!!!
Fad Egypt   (06.30.13)
all what is written in that article is nonsense, first of all, the running of Mohamed Morsi the MB member in the elections was a mistake in the fisrt place, the MB is terrorist political organization which doesnt deserve any political rights, Morsi himself was in prison during the revolution and fled the prison with Hamas and Hizbullah help. he won the elections in a fraud vote, after more than million votes were rigged in favor of him and the results were results in a very terrible atmosphere during which the MB was threatening the national security saying unless Morsi wins they will destroy the country, and these threats were supported by Obama who pressured the Scaf to declare Morsi the winner a weak before the results, anyway during that year of Morsi presidency Morsi took many decisions which made him losing legitmicy, for a year he has been doing his best to empower himself and empower the MB and his islamic allies and that at the expense of the democracy and the neutrality of the state apparatus, he removed the attorney general and replaced him with a close assosiate of the MB, he supported the panel of the constitution although it didnt represent the people till the last moment till an islamic constitution was written !!!! he made the upper house which was elected with only 7 percent of the population as the offical legislative council just because it is controlled by the islamists, he took many dictatorial decrees and when the people protested, the MB sent their gangs and killed scores of them, and many of them were arrested, many activists and journalists were subjected to investigations and arrests, so where is the F*** democracy which Morsi promised to deliever, he is liar, corrupt, dictator and murderer, if Mubarak was forced to leave and put in prison for the same reason, why Morsi is allowed to stay ????!!!! so Morsi must leave because he lost his legitmicy, because his elections and running in the elections were terrible mistakes in the first place, even if we want to judge his performance, he is a disaster, he destroyed the economy, he promised huge investments while in the reality he did his best to drive away the investors, right now there is no investments in the country, the tourism collapsed, the L.E lost its value and is collapsing, the prices rocketed up, the unemployement is rising, the economy is collapsing, in the national security, he is a terrorist , he is supporting the jihadists in Sinai, and tieing the army hands so that no military action can be taken in sinai, perhaps the only position point is the lack of desire to confront Israel although Morsi was so eager and quick to recall the ambassador when Israel assissanated a hamas figure at the beginning of the piller of defense operation, but he cant have free hand in his policies towards Israel, because such sensetive issue is still in the hands of the defense establishment, of course during that year hamas benifited alot, hamas has been smuggling illegally our money, goods, oil, gas and solar which causes severe economic problems here and shortage of energy and electricity and causes paralysis to our life and all of that approved by the MB and Morsi, actually it is the MB which is running the country, the MB guide is the defacto president like whats going in Iran, finally, i am calling on the decent Israelis, please pray for Egypt, whats going on now, is a true revolution against Morsi, the people are no longer stand or tolerate this man, they just want him go, please pray for Egypt, pray until something happenes, pray so that Morsi leaves, thank you and God bless you, shalom
5. you lie with: "they are trying to please everyone"
Ze'ev   (06.30.13)
The Muslim Brothers try and tried all to silence the oppostion, to supress women, non religious and christs!
6. His voters are outnumbered by his opponents
Andrew ,   Delhi, Canada   (07.01.13)
The petition to remove him from office has millions more signatures than the number that voted for him. He wasn't elected by the majority. He won because the Muslim Brotherhood was the only sufficiently organized organization that had a chance of winning. There were no other major political forces in the country. He won by default. After he won, he moved to consolidate his power, expand his authority, and erode what little democracy existed during the election. He won because the Muslim segment of the population rallied behind the brotherhood while the secular majority didn't have any political parties past their infancy. The election was called far too soon for there to be any other result. This is partially due to America's meddling and pressure to hold such an election. There was no time for other parties to get off the ground. Egypt's secular population as well as the religious majorities are now in a struggle for their very survival. If Sharia law is enacted as they desire then according to that law any insult of Islam is punishable by death. Apostacy is punishable by death. The entire secular population would technically and effectively be considered apostates because Islam is the religion of their fathers. The Coptic population will face even worse oppression than it does now. They cannot afford to let him stay in office, if they want to live freely or even live at all in Egypt.
7. A theocratic based ideology cannot lead to democracy
Alan ,   Canada   (07.01.13)
The Muslim Brotherhood idea of running a country is not to rule by consensus on the long term. It is to impose its religious tenets. The ups & downs of its short term decisions cannot hide the fundamental trend of imposing illegally a rushed constitution twisted towards its objectives . It does not hide the positioning of governors, military chiefs subservient to the regime. It does not hide its disregard of high court decisions. Even some of its elected supporters are resigning their seats as a protest against the Brotherhood's illegal actions. Its remaining support is in the less educated part of the people who see it as a protector of Islam & of traditions they are used to (which includes a somewhat lower status for women & for Copts). It also benefits from the lack of a popular leader among the protestors.
8. According to the Author, the fact that war didn't break out
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.01.13)
yet(!?) is a sure sign of Morsi's "honorable" intentions towards Israel. Are you on drugs, Sir?!!
9. Yes, what a really stupid article!!!!
Israel Guy ,   Herzilya, Israel   (07.01.13)
Totally agree with Talkback 4 from Fad in Egypt. The article is written in a fantasy vacuum, devoid of any of the very relevant factual background that came before and after " winning the election". It is a stupid article.
10. Faking Truth and Believing it
Egyptian ,   Alexandria   (07.01.13)
As an Egyptian, I'm in utter disbelief at some of the important issues the author chooses to ignore in his "analysis". Egyptians voted for MORSI (just over 50%) when they were positioned between very difficult choices- first, a person from an Islamist party (MORSI) that appeared to help the poor during MOBARAK’s era and second, a person who was related to Mobarak's era. People decided to watch and see what MORSI could deliver and thus voted for the Islamist party. Until now, none of his promises have been delivered. After a revolution, people have a heightened expectation of seeing some sensible changes or at least SOME promises being delivered. Before the revolution, the country had a high level of poverty, poor education system, corruption which was surely not expected to improve in only 1 year. However, instead of showing some evidence of work being done to push the country forward, MORSI was giving a BLIND eye (or the green light) to religious intolerances like radical Islamists issuing extreme hate speeches against minorities and even mainstream “secular” Egyptians were called “infidels”. Terrorists were being negotiated with at the Sinai at the expense of lost lives from our soldiers and police force. He got more involved in external affairs of countries like Syria and Iran meanwhile ignoring URGENT internal issues. More recently, he appointed a FORMER TERRORIST accused of planning an attack against tourists, to be the minister for LUXOR! - one of the most popular tourist areas in Egypt. And yet, the author talks about democracy and "waiting" for the president till 4 years lapse. Did you mean waiting till the Islamists form their new Terrorist army that plans to eventually destroy the National Egyptian Army? "Democracy" was a man-made understanding of politics. Egyptians will redefine the meaning of democracy - a democracy that does not give way to radicals on the base of a voting system in a population of which many lack basic education and political awareness.
11. The Kiss of Death
Leon ,   Algonquin Land   (07.01.13)
When a Zionist newspaper defends a Muslim, you know that something is wrong. When Ynet supports Morsi you know that something is fishy.
12. Democracy?
Volvi   (07.01.13)
Egypt a true Democracy? who are you kidding. The MB played and rigged everything. Do you really want Egypt to go backward to the 7th century as Iran? The MB is not an honest broker, they are not legitimate. You would do well for yourselves to be rid of all of them, for your own sakes not ours.
13. m amar zachary, with all due respect
elections first and foremost DO NOT MEAN THAT A COUNTRY IS DEMOCRATIC IN ANY SENSE. after all, HITLER won by democratic vote and so did HAMAS. BUT THEY WERE BOTH TOTALITARIAN MURDEROUS THUGS. do not excuse morsi and do not pull the wool over the egyptian people and the israeli people's eyes. do not be a spokesperson for morsi and the muslim brotherhood which are basically muslim thugs with no experience in handling a country and its social and economic needs since their expertise was always TERRORISM, ISLAMIC JIHAD AGAINST INFIDELS AND SUPPORTING OF THUG AND KILLER ORGANIZATIONS LIKE HAMAS AND HIZBULLAH. the muslim brotherhood is a jihad organization that has no clue how to run a country, much less any practice in human rights and individual freedom. you are fooling yourself, sir. the only thing this thug brotherhood wants is not to uplift egypt, but to sink it into the quagmire of islamism, sharia law, jihadism, etc.. this is all they know and these are their thug values. once they get power, they will not relinquish it and they will be worse than any mubarak person ever was. and if you claim the brotherhood has no experience or knowhow in running a country, then tell us WHY THE HELL WOULD EGYPTIANS ELECT SUCH INCOMPETENT PEOPLE TO RUN THEIR COUNTRY DURING THE MOST DIRE ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL CONDITION IN EGYPT. no, don't tell me, i know! arabs are so stupid that they never ever learn from their mistakes. thousands of egyptian will be murdered and killed before your, oh so nice morsi, will ever be unseated. have you seen what has been going on in syria so far? YOU ARE NOT FAR BEHIND. THE SAME WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, MARK MY WORD. and by the way, what is that business with the burning of the israeli flag in tahrir square this time around. no, don't tell me, the brotherhood blames israel and jews again...the boogyman of the arab muslim world. what does israel have to do with the primitivism in your country?
14. just an other apologist....
les ,   canada   (07.01.13)
for radical islam, hijacking a country as the ayatollahs did in iran. egypt was a great country, regardless of their hate for israel and the jews. i don't think they are ready to go back to the 7th century.
15. he eliminated the democracy. ..
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (07.01.13)
that supposedly elected him. However , that the"hood" fixed election is demonstrated by two indicators. One, the grab of power after the election; 2) is the strength of the demonstration now running through the street of Egypt.
16. And when will your country leave US alone?
Tahl   (07.01.13)
Why do Egyptians have to burn our flag to each and every protest they make? We find this act to be extremely offensive! And the same goes for your media who constantly demonizes our country, often using extreme antisemitic motifs. When will you finally keep us out of your internal conflicts?
17. Nice to see Egyptians reading Ynet
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.01.13)
and responding. It is an entirely Egyptian affair but I believe #4 and #10 are correct in fearing a MB totalitarian regime if left long enough in power. The MB do not believe in democracy and once in power will do everything to stay in power,which will of course be God's will. Obviously Morsi had no chance to improve Egypt's condition in just one year. It is a massive country in a fragile state and nobody is going to invest there in the current atmosphere. I wish you all the best for a speedy and bloodless change.
18. Will the army finally force Morsi down?
Cameron ,   USA   (07.01.13)
Public faith in the man seems to have finally collapsed. How long can the army resist the pull to end this dysfunctional MB regime?
19. Dear #4, Fad
Scott ,   Haifa   (07.01.13)
Yes, many of us in Israel do pray for you in Egypt...I pray that God makes the highway between Egypt and Syria according to Isaiah 19, with Israel in the middle, a blessing. I also pray continually that Mubarak becomes as his name sake says in Arabic, "A Blessing". I was pretty sceptical when I read the article, it sounds like a bunch of lies...now I'm convinced after reading your comment. You can see on Youtube the police in Egypt beating protesters unconscious.
20. Leave Morsi alone
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (07.01.13)
I am surprised and disappointed that Ynet would publish such a terrible article. Please raise your standards (if you have standards).
21. #4 Should run for President
Lior ,   Jerusalem   (07.01.13)
That was a great comment on a stupidly written article. Stand up for your rights. Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. Abraham Lincoln
22. Several EU governments recently served shortened terms ..
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (07.03.13)
Amar Zachary clearly doesn't understand what a democracy is. Several EU countries recently had to have new elections before their full terms had been served. Morsi should have stepped down and rescheduled elections after the massive protests. Now he will either step down or maybe be gunned down.
23. 4. Fad - Egypt, thanks...
Raoul ,   Israel   (07.03.13)
for a great description. Explains a lot. Which I can't say about Zachary's article.
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