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Foreign reporter raped in Tahrir Square
Roi Kais
Published: 01.07.13, 09:41
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1. Such a nice civilized people those Muslims!
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (07.01.13)
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.01.13)
MB or Morsi?
3. #2, did you consider the possibility
Zoe ,   Israel   (07.01.13)
that they are MB?
4. Ellen, if you really knew Muslims
Actually you would realize how nice people they are. I work with them in northern Israel. They are polite (more than Israeli Jews), dress well, are very nice and make lot of efforts to be part of the Israeli society.
5. Dina Zakaria - look her up on Google.
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (07.01.13)
Sure sounds like an act of revenge on the part of anti-Morsi forces for her support of the Muslim Brotherhood and its Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). Tough being a woman these days in Egypt. It's also tough being an American knowing that my government is sending billions of tax dollars to prop up yet another totalitarian regime.
6. To #5
schlem ,   londson   (07.01.13)
I dont think the article meant that she was the victim but rather that she reported it
7. @1 what can you do...
Miron ,   USA   (07.01.13)
There are many husbands who beat their wives in Israel for supporting or not supporting their favorite politician(s). It's life. The more I hear about Egypt troubles the more I think they are as a nation much better off than Israel. At least nobody demands of them to divide Cairo in half with... 2nd people ( whatever the heck that means ) As far as rapes and such... There is a lot going on in Israel that is never reported. So, again, at least Egypt got something right. They got their women going to court to nail attackers. If only Israel could get same going on... As far as your talk about civilization, I am reminded of recent case against 3 football players in rural Ohio, Steubenville.
8. Firstly- I feel for the victim
Sane   (07.01.13)
Secondly, no woman should go anywhere near Egypt, never mind tahir square. The animals have taken control of the streets and this is a common occurance.
9. So it's a "Sexual Revolution" we're witnessing??
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.01.13)
10. #7 - Did your ex-Israeli husband abuse you?
Avi Yisraeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.01.13)
Is it just me or do a sense a tone of bitterness in your post, Miron? As to your comment:"The more I hear about Egypt troubles the more I think they are as a nation much better off than Israel"... Would you mind telling us in what respect? Education? Health? Religious rights for minorities? GNP? GDP? Life expectancy? Israel's past president was sentenced to seven years for rape. Last week a rapist was sentenced to 30 years for the Gan-Ha'ir rapes. What are you proposing, the death penalty? Be thankful you weren't married to someone from a different Middle Eastern country - the would have been just another honor killing statistic.
11. #3 Zoe
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.01.13)
They could be, but why MB is not fighting back the protesters then? If Morsi was democratically elected, then where the heck are all of his supporters? So Morsi was installed by Mubarak to calm these idiots down. I guess the plan did not really work.
12. #4 You mean those Arabs that have to
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (07.01.13)
respect Jews under an Israeli government? Why don't you put them in charge of the government and see what happens then? Ellen said those muslims who raped and not every single muslim on earth. Please try to be more open and look at the whole picture than a few Arab friends who respect you only because Jews are in charge.
13. Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Elvis Costello silent
Ken Kelso   (07.01.13)
Alice Walker, Roger Waters, Elvis Costello silent on women being raped in Egypt for protesting. More hypocrisy from the Israel haters
14. Imagine if this happened in ISR?????????
Brett ,   London England   (07.01.13)
CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and all would report it no stop!!! But because its in an Arab country, not a peep.....
15. null and void
caligula ,   MURICA   (07.01.13)
i like how you unnecessarily threw in "more than Israeli Jews" everything you say is negated because of that little antisemitic slight
16. Reporter WAS a member of the Brotherhood!
Rich ,   USA   (07.01.13)
This 'Danish" reporter became a member of the Muslim Brotherhood while at college, Google her name and she tells it on Youtube how wonderful the membership is, This report makes it sound like a classy Danish traveled down south to make reports, while in truth she's one of them. Proof that they eat there own, so much for following the prophet.
17. Article re: sexual assault of Dutch reporter in Tahrir squar
Rick Marsh ,   Charlotte, USA   (07.01.13)
It is extremely unfortunate that the reporter could write "Sexual harassment is not new within the conservative Egyptian society," as though conservatives would be more likely to tolerate sexual assaults. Are Israeli women more at risk in the Netanyahu years than during Barak's term? Certainly American women had more to fear from the liberal Clinton than the conservative Bush.
18. Foreign reporter raped in Tahrir Square
Susan ,   U.S.A.   (07.01.13)
Some societies/cultures are so broken and evil.... they cannot be saved or salvaged no matter how hard you try to help.
19. Gang Rapes in Cario
It is open season for gang rapes in Cario? No hunting license required! If a woman is stupid enough to go down to Tahrir Square she must want to be gang raped?
20. Tolerence,
Rick ,   USA   (07.01.13)
It is not our business if she was raped or had her head severed off. That is the beauty of the Islamic culture. I cannot say it is bad or good. Just a different culture.
21. Western women continue to insult the Musliums
Nick Thompson ,   Annapolis   (07.01.13)
WHy do the western women continue to insult Muslims by pretending to be reporters or other professional. Don't they know this is not a place for a woman?
22. 4
alsky ,   Toronto   (07.01.13)
Many Muslims are good people. Its their ideology that must be eradicated from the planet
23. # 14
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (07.01.13)
How naive you are Brett. Two comments: 1. You are reading about it so therefore there is a "peep". 2. Do you think that things like this don't happen in Israel? I suggest you take off your rose-coloured specs.
24. Rape
Nooge ,   Pomona CA   (07.01.13)
Your U.S. taxes helped Obama arm and aid these Al-Queda militants (remember 9-11) in Egypt, and helped gang rape this reporter. Obama this gang rape is on you, you Globalist pig.
25. rape
John ,   Sunbury USA   (07.01.13)
So much for the religion of peace
26. #14.
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.01.13)
Not even in Norway. The norwegian leftist newspaper act as normal. And, thereby, on behalf of the norwegian leftist newpaper and state controlled media; who cares if an islamic followers just act as an islamic follower.??
27. Woman should not be in the Square
Scooter Van Neuter ,   Phoenix, Arizona   (07.01.13)
Why would any female venture into this square? These men are Godless sex perverts right out of Sodom and Gomorrah - put them in prison and let them sexually attack each other.
28. Media is cheap on security
Duude ,   Oceanside,ca   (07.01.13)
Why does the media still send female reporters to Egypt or any other third world nation where law enforcement is so deficient? Its not being sexist to keep them away unless the media outlet is willing to send enough security personnel to scare off 50 or more Egyptian men.
29. Insulting Muslims?
Boosa ,   CT USA   (07.01.13)
#21, it's not "women insulting Muslim" males by "pretending" to be journalists. It's Muslim males insulting the rest of the world pretending to be civilized. Backwards, misogynistic, ignorant cowards and perverts is what they are.
30. 23 Mike....not exactly
alsky ,   Toronto   (07.01.13)
the difference is------in Muslim naiions, it is the norm. Yes, it happens in Israel, but definately not the norm.
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