9 teenage boys suspected of raping 12-year-old girl
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 01.07.13, 15:54
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1. but of course
nyc usa   (07.01.13)
a 12 year old girl forced these boys to have sex with her. facebook is a disaster. parents need to monitor their children's internet usage. hello? common sense?
2. Rapists
El gato ,   Mexico   (07.01.13)
Are these people Jews or Arabs?
3. porn society... sick society
loli ,   jerusalem   (07.01.13)
with porn and sexism everywhere on the net and TV, expect this to repeat itself. Girls are romantic, young and naive, guys have seen double penetrations and zoophilia before being 10, and the result is (with parents not educating their kids to these dangers and not teaching them to respect girls) THIS. GIRLS BEWARE, You're not safe anymore, even in Israel.
4. "The girl had seduced the boys"
loli ,   jerusalem   (07.01.13)
this lawyer should be jailed. Doesn't he know the law? Under 18 you can't be consenting, because you don't know. How can he/she say a 12 YEARS OLD seduced them? I hope they get maximum sentence, like Beni Jaber. At 15, you can be VERY vicious, esp if you have been raised with porn, and your parents didn't teach you to respect EVERY being, including GIRLS AND WOMEN. Where is this country going with such lawyers? I hope the victim's family sue him/her for defamation and psychological damage.
5. So sad how sick this country is
Raptor   (07.01.13)
Every day we read of rape and murder and all sorts of bad things. Sick societies require surgery. Please don't tell me how it is in other countries, it does not concern me and anyway it is not in the same proportion. Murders, gang rapes, underworld killings, every day.
6. what would the headline b if 1 of the perps were Arab?
7. Israel must be proud
Dan   (07.01.13)
Speaking as an Israeli man, I am horrified that my country's outdated sexist macho culture produces little shits like this – but it does. Shame on you, Israel.
8. Moral decay causing massive loss of support
Rottenleaders ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.01.13)
Israeli state tv channells all the major Ones channells 1 2 10 and 8 could all be considered soft porn channells government leaders tolorate and even encourage it for economic reasons just Like America & Europe do and the General secular public is sadly indifferent even though it is now eating Their own children & decaying Israeli Society on general Israel once thought A model society by many is losing Massive sapport around the world
9. #4
Sane   (07.01.13)
Er no, if (and it is very unlikely) the girl initiated and encouraged this than the crime would be a much less serious one.
10. AHHH the beauty of secular humanism. Now thats an education!
lildoobird ,   Jerusalem   (07.01.13)
11. What does it matter? Rape's a crime.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (07.01.13)
12. # 2 Neither and it does not matter
Raptor   (07.01.13)
They are animals.
13. Oh riiiight....
Israeli ,   Haifa   (07.01.13)
A 12 year old girl seduced older boys. Um, 12 year old girls don't know enough to even think of such things.
14. Reminds me of the 13 year old girl
Avi Yisraeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.01.13)
...who was repeatedly raped back in 2006. No one ever went to trial. The rapists claimed that they thought she was 16 or 17 years old. The victim was deemed mentally retarded and not responsible for her actions. The rest of the story was even more shocking. Yuval Azoulay of Haaretz reported the incident on June 8, 2006.
15. at #9 Yes, 12 year old girl likes to be gang raped
loli ,   jerusalem   (07.01.13)
are you that stupid and sadistic to excuse a gang rape OF A 12 YEAR OLD????? 12 years old, in ANY CASE, even if she would have paid them to have sex with her IS A CRIME. 16 years old is sexual majority, I believe in Israel. And even though, A GANG RAPE, OK??? open your eyes man, you're in another dimension excusing such a thing. remember when you were 12, you were a kid (I hope for you). and before writing nonsense, think of her if she would read what you wrote. You're no better than the ex-judge Yeshua who said "that women sometimes like to be raped"!!
16. Disbar attorney now!
Ash ,   Tel aviv   (07.01.13)
The lawyer should be disbarred and never allowed to practice law again. Karma is a b***ch and maybe someday soon his daughter/sister/mother will fall victim of such crime and teach him a lesson. I pray the girl recovers and grows to be a brave honarable woman.
17. very wrong - but why did she
Bob ,   USA   (07.01.13)
keep continuing her pattern to allow this conduct to repeat and repeat. ??? Perhaps there is a mental limitation of limited capacity ???
18. #9, she is below the age of consent
Danny   (07.01.13)
She legally cannot give consent. Even if she ripped the clothes off the boy held him down at gunpoint whilst having sex, legally it is rape. The only thing the lawyer is trying to do is give some mitigating circumstances
19. Is it the hot weather or what?
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (07.01.13)
Yesterday, it was the story about the American tourist who was allegedly raped by two men in the Jaffa market. The day before that the brother of the BarNoar murderer is accused of raping his lawyer. Last week it was the Gan Hair rapist trial. Now this. I could go on but I'll get sick thinking about it.
20. To 17!
Because she is 12 years old!!! TWELVE - a child.
21. Dan #7
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.01.13)
I would be concerned about a culture that produces lawyers like that as well. We have the same problem here.
22. israeli's high moral values?
z   (07.01.13)
23. #5 raptor
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.02.13)
It is much less, even considering proportion. The news you claim is “every day”, very simply is not.
24. do the people protest against the group rape!!!
eritrean refugee ,   telaviv,israel   (07.02.13)
I am very much surprised when I saw the news. Because last year it has been shouted that 6eritreans raped a girl and was considered abnormal from the world. What about now? 9.............!!! It is astrange. May the Almighty bless us!!!!
25. several weeks...visited...
Jake LL ,   NYC, USA   (07.02.13)
Interesting, this girl repeatably WENT to the boys over SEVERAL WEEKs. Something does not add up about her story. Sex remorse after the fact? But the law is the law, the girl and the boys were minors.
26. It's very easy to know if the girl "seduced" the boys or not
Tahl   (07.03.13)
Simply publish the facebook conversations between them. If the lawyer's accusations are as bogus and outrageous as they appear, and the girl didn't seduce the boys, then she has nothing to lose from this, right?
27. a 12 year old cannot consent
Tyla ,   Winthrop Harbor USA   (07.07.13)
A 12 CHILD cannot "seduce an 18 year old MAN.
28. Do like Dina's bothers.
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