TA Mayor: Months before Shabbat business law enforced
Shahar Chai
Published: 01.07.13, 23:20
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1. Wrong way! Go back!
Dan   (07.02.13)
This is a terrible move in the wrong direction by Israel. While the rest of the civilized world is liberalizing trading hours and setting fundamentalist religion aside, supposedly secular Israel is forcing its secular citizens to live a fundamentalist life. Those who want to can stay in synagogue on Saturday, others should have the choice of a normal life.
2. The Huge Arrogance Of Huldai
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (07.02.13)
B"H - Huldai said: "The Supreme Court ruling forces us to revisit the municipal bylaw, established 33 years ago, so that it fits life in today's Tel Aviv-Jaffa – an open, free and pluralistic city – a city that never sleeps". - ABY says: No Huldai, the court actually said to stop discriminating immediately against smaller operators by allowing the big boys to pay off their ridiculous fines and basically do whatever they want.
3. "Serious&great matter" that may bring 21-st Century Israel
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.02.13)
out of the 16-th... This has to be done with very deep thoughts and considerations, otherwise the population may suffer a Time Whiplash!
4. Voice of reason!
I hope that come October, there will be a loop hole found and stores and cafes will continue to operate in Tel Aviv. Otherwise, this will not be a 'reality a public can endure.'
5. Oh G-d, The 10 Commandments are much too difficult
Ron   (07.02.13)
for us to keep. Why did You have to include Shabbat as part of those 10commandments? Couldn't You just have hide it in somewhere in the Talmud so that we won't feel obligated to keep it, or have given it to the non-Jews including it in their 7 Noahide Laws? It's because You gave us soooo many laws, 613 of them, that we decided to drop most of them. After all we do live in our own country that the UN gave us for free and we can do whatever we want. You know G-d, You're an old guy with old-fashioned laws, we now have a supreme court who's changing the laws to suit the 21st century better.
6. Tel Avis is a free city - no to religious coercion
Haim ,   TA   (07.02.13)
Those that want to live by religious rules can go move to Jerusalem. Keep religion out of Tel Aviv, shops, resturants, cinemas and buses should be free to operate on Saturdays without medevil religious laws which have place in Tel Aviv
7. hands off TA
Zuriel ,   Holon Israel   (07.02.13)
Please don't turn TA to a Taliban
8. Haim #6
Dave   (07.02.13)
There's no religous coercion but plenty of secular coercion all over Israel including Jerusalem, especially in the military.
9. # 5,6,and 7 I LOVE Tel Aviv
Israeli 2   (07.02.13)
for many reasons. One reason is because it is part of Israel, obviously. I also love Israelis from wherever they may be in Israel because they say in that sweet yet strong Israeli accent: "Theze iz Izrael." YES! This IS Israel. "Medina Yehudit"! Torah, Talmud and at least the 10 commandments. NO? Come on, guys! Theze iz Izrael! Tel Aviv is part and parcel of ISRAEL! The home of the Torah.
10. No one is 'forced' to stay open on shabbat
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.02.13)
And no one should be 'forced' to stay closed. Let the shop owner decide. If the income helps the store survive, let it stay open. If the owner wants the day off, keep it closed. But the municipality shouldn't dictate this. Observant people won't shop on Shabbat. That's fine. If the simple presence of an open store offends them, then they have to look the other way. To those who are Shabbat-observing, do so. To those who don't, don't, and leave each other alone. Who's trying to take over Tel Aviv??
11. Israel 2
Israel will NEVER be like Iran ! No Tora cohercion! You'll have to shove it cause it ain't gonna happen. If it does, god forbid, prepare to see the most massive yerida in history ! your Izrael iz RA' el !!!
12. So it is now ok to ignore the Supreme Court
Mordechai   (07.02.13)
So next time the Supreme Court tells settlers they have to leave their homes they can ignore them because Supreme Court rulings are optional now. If Jerusalem bans secular Jews from driving in a area and the court orders the road opened it can be ignored. If a bus segregates women in the back and the court rules it must be integrated the court can be ignored. What you don't like this. Do you think court rulings only apply when you agree with them or should they apply even when you don't like them.
13. TA Mayor
Nissim Lerner ,   Givat Zeev, Israel   (07.02.13)
Where is the outcry to arrest the mayor for refusing to abide by the decision of the Supreme Court. We are always reminded by the leftists that ALL Israelis must follow the laws of the Supreme Court. Another example of the hypocrisy of the left and the journalists in this country.
14. #11: I agree completely
Israeli 2   (07.02.13)
Coercion will never be allowed in Israel. The Rabanut will be dissolved and instead the Torah laws will be instituted. You will be free to go and do as you please. IsRA el is RA with bad people who go against Torah. So for those RA people there isno EL and yerida is a welcoming sign.
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