AG: Haredi draft deferment to age 21 unjust
Moran Azulay
Published: 02.07.13, 13:16
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1. equality? hypocrits!
Dave   (07.02.13)
Where's the equality if 50% chilonim don't enlist? In the meantime, this is all foolish talk because charedim will never enlist, Rabbis will never permit it no matter the threats. If you need soldiers get chiloni draft dodgers parasites.
2. For once th AG is RIGHT!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (07.02.13)
The Haredim have held this country to ransom and leeched of it for years. Now it is time to give back to the country that protects you from another Holocaust!
3. To #1
Robert ,   Romania   (07.02.13)
Parasites? The chilonim? I am pretty sure that they pay most of the taxes, including the ones that support many haredim to live without working.
4. Eretz Nehderet
Edgar ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (07.02.13)
What a wonderful country!!!.
5. You have no idea what are you dealing with ,...
split ,   US   (07.02.13)
At the age of 21 they are going to have a bunch of kids already ,... Their rebbes made sure that they are not prepared for work or service, are not ashamed of schorring and can't survive without handouts - You're stuck ,... Why at 2020 AND not today? It looks like a sweeping the problem under the rug of next generation to deal with, considering their (haredi) birth rate, mission impossible ,...
6. they have 7 years start planning
alan ash ,   nyc   (07.02.13)
they have 7 years start planning , this will be the best thing . they have 7 years to start planning , that is a major gift . build the medina ,
7. question
Maybe the defermant should be age 21 for everyone. 18 year olds are still children and have not fully dveloped their own personality and sense of morality. Their brains are still developing. Maybe it is too young to be sent away from your families to become warriors?
8. # 7 - There's a calculated reason for it ,...
split ,   US   (07.02.13)
That's why they draft at 18, at 21 you may think and conclude that's better to be alive an average dude than dead hero warrior ,...
9. Is Art students and pub singers draft delay Just ?
hadad ,   U.K   (07.02.13)
10. #7: 18 perfect age
david ,   new york   (07.02.13)
the frontal lobe of the brain is not fully developed until about age 25. that is the part of the brain in charge of reason and judgement. the insurance companies know that and therefore its nearly impossible to rent a car under 25 (unless you pay exhorbitant insurance). a soldier with a fully developed frontal lobe is not a very good soldier. 18 is the perfect age
11. true antisemitism
david ,   new york   (07.02.13)
it is quite clear that this has nothing to do with any "burden" and everything to do with trying to destroy haredi culture. anyone hear about drafting arabs to national service?? - didnt think so. extending national religious hesder to what the rest serve? - aint happening since haredi culture is based upon immersion of young adults in religion, of course they need to drop the age to 18. why not draft them at 12 like the czars did?? you could kidnap them from their homes and "re-educate" them.
12. 11 David true antisemitism bis
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (07.02.13)
Ag Weinstein said the law is legal. Antisemitism, the way you see it is wrong. You could better formulate it by saying that escaping military duty in Israƫl and letting other Jews risk their life is also antisemitism
13. The Holy Scriptures gives 20 as the age for military service
Rivkah   (07.02.13)
The problem with military conscripts younger than 20 is also described in Scriptures: he would not draw his sword (kill the enemy so he was killed instead) because he was a youth and because of his youth, he was afraid.
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