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Egypt: Interim president sworn in; Morsi held by army
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Published: 04.07.13, 12:34
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1. morsi shmorsi
david wolgroch ,   london   (07.04.13)
Morsi knew the game was up and the military provided him with a face saving way of leaving. Nothing happens in Egypt without military support, even democracy. Happy that Israel is keeping its distance and realises the problem in signing, and depending upon, any agreement with Arabs in the tempest, even Jordan and certainly the Palesinians. Also interesting to see how USA simply go with who they think will come out on top.
2. # 1
mike ,   nz   (07.04.13)
Dont worry about the Americans . . . Obama will set a (syrian type) of red line which means nothing will happen !
3. Whoever is interested
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.04.13)
in what the losers and hypocrites of US or UN think. They alway tend to rather support dictatorship instead of freedom. An elected, wh turns out to be a dictator still remains a dictator and the People of Egypt were damned right to oust him and they knew they could rely on the army. I wish the Egyptians the very best going on with REAL democracy
4. Put him on trial like he did to Mubarak. Hang him for
Rivkah   (07.04.13)
colluding with BHO on Benghazi.
5. its a real revolution and not army coup
reham ,   egypt   (07.04.13)
Dear all: Reference to above article me as an Egyptian citizen i would like to confirm that removing morsi and brotherhood regime is not an army coup. Its the real will of egyptians and what we want. We are v annoyed from what is being transmitted through the foreign media that its a coup. Egyptian army is one of the biggest armies world wide and what they did saved egypt and egyptians. It is well known through years the violence of brotherhood and that they r terrorists.plz stop rumers that what happenned in egypt is army coup. Plz stop that !! Thank you.
6. Walk your talk, Barry
Devorah   (07.04.13)
"During this uncertain period, we expect the military to ensure that the rights of all Egyptian men and women are protected, including the right to peaceful assembly, due process, and free and fair trials in civilian courts," he said. You are putting a noose around these things in the U.S., so stop trying to fool anyone. "Due process" is Barry Hussein signing one of his Executive Orders. "Due process" is a drone attack on a U.S. civilian. "Due process" is Barry Hussein's NDAA where people can be detained indefinitely with no trial.
7. Lord of War Quotes
Avi Yisraeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.13)
"You know who's going to inherit the world? Arms dealers. Because everyone else is too busy killing each other." Yuri Orlov; From the movie Lord of War (2005)
8. #5 Reham, don't worry we understand very well what happens
Yossef   (07.04.13)
and we wish you/us good luck.
9. Egypt
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (07.04.13)
No country should be govern by religious institutions If israel would be in this terrible situation I hope that the army would do the same thing the Egypt did
10. No.5 Egypts people have shown their strength
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (07.04.13)
Lets just hope that fragile peace with had before will now move forward to a stronger bond where we respect each other for our differences both with faith and culture. Please G-d the people of all faiths in your country will be free to decide for yourselves.
11. #5 Reham: Tamarod : a brave revolution
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (07.04.13)
Honour and Greetings to all concerned in the defiance of tyrany and ignorance. Egypt needs all the help it can get to fight its way out of starvation and thirst Islamist agendas and dividing society will not feed 84 millions. Egypt does not need o keep military factories in USA busy. It needs Pitta bread, Dates, Onions, and water Israel people Look in the Torah and read you must respect Egyptians because they were your hosts Israel can help mend your broken country. Reach out in peace, and peace will find you, O brave Youth of Egypt. Look to a better future in peace not war and strife
12. Personal letter from Adli Mansour to Washington
Jake B. ,   Cleveland, OH   (07.04.13)
To my dearest friend and brother, Barack Hussein (and your few remaining European allies): 1. Send Money. We need lots of money (who doesn't these days?). 2. Send weapons. Our citizens trust only in our military. We don't want to have a shortage of weapons if the next elected president should fail to deliver on *his* promises. Like the famous bumper sticker says "If governments thought elections would changes anything, they would make it illegal". LOL. 3. Send a kill switch for all social media - what got us into all this trouble in the first place! 4. Tell your boys at The NY Times, WaPo and CNN to stop calling this a coup d'├ętat. This change in Government was the true will of the Egyptian people - it was a popular revolution. Look at it as if 'Occupy Wall Street' movement would have achieved their goals and succeeded in putting the bangsters behind bars. It would have made you the most popular president ever! Now wouldn't that be cause for millions of Americans to celebrate! Happy 4th of July and Let Freedom Ring! Warm regards, Adli
13. CNN reports:
Johannes ,   Norway   (07.04.13)
Egyptians Blame Obama for Morsi Repression! Again America under that man's leadership has backed the wrong horse. What a president they've got over there...
14. yeah
Ali ,   Turkey   (07.04.13)
30 years with a tyrant, 1 year with an elected official, Egypt gets what it deserves!
15. #14 Yeah, Yeah
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (07.04.13)
And Turkey under Erdogan? Creeping tyrany over ten years is what you have. Do protesters have the guts to uproot ERdogan and revert to Ataturk wisdom
16. Good luck to the nation of Egypt
2013Fortune   (07.04.13)
After the tragedies of the last 200 years, try to modernize Egypt. Develop and build an enlightened civil society. Base it on the Greco-Roman philosophy of justice - minus injustice for the slaves.
17. When will Muslims that Israel is not what hurt them?
Alan ,   Canada   (07.04.13)
Can we hope that the events of Egypt, Syria & Iran among others, will open the eyes of Muslims about what keeps most of them in very unhappy conditions? Will they eventually change their education systems & separate state from religion? Will they allow 50% of their population, that is the women, to fully contribute to the economy by eradicating religious & traditional restraints on their freedom?
18. @ 5
i agree with you 100% you deserve better than an islamist monster like morsi. congratulations to egyptians from israel and from all jews in israel. you deserve the best and please know that the peace we have should not be just between our leaders, but between people like us as well. salam my friend and good luck in your much needed revolution. israel will like nothing better than to have a wonderful democratic egypt as our friend. from our israeli hearts to all egyptians GOOD LUCK AND FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND FOR A LIFE WITHOUT RELIGION, SHARIA LAW AND FULL DEMOCRACY. tel aviv israeli.
19. #5
20. 5
lets the israeli people and all the egyptian people join hands in peace. there is so much we can do to help one another and israel, especially, to help egypt in all ways of life and economy, water, energy and everything. why not? why not use this revolution to tie all our hands together in peace and work together for a prosperous and stable egypt. why not? let's do it together, our two nations, in peace and prosperity and joint effort. we can do this together and succeed. israeli
21. Jake #12
DavidR ,   USA   (07.04.13)
I read your talkback with much interest. Then I asked myself, How can one with this obvious intelligence choose to live in the big filthy? Cleveland? You got to be kidding me. You must be there on a humanitarian mission.
22. @5 Be Honost!
Abdullah ,   Jordan   (07.04.13)
First of all dont forget that throughout the whole year morsi was never able to do his job because the whole time army would disband this, or challange that. Remnants of Mubarak regime would not even let him disband the prosecuter who let all those mubarak criminals with blood on their hands go free!! Then consider this scenario, Your guy gets elected but the other half of egyptian society that supports morsi legitimacy. Theyre unhappy with the new pres. In fact they hate him. If they took to the streets would you think that this is fair. Just cause their guy lost they can protest in the streets stop business and traffic. And Another question, do you think that the army will enforce the new will of the people. I dont think so. You've been duped, you just supported the counter-revolution to your own revolution.
23. 22
what do you know about election and democracy. you people live under a tyrant as well. a midget king that has never been elected.
24. Mabruk!
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.05.13)
As a dual American/Israeli citizen, with many friends from Egypt, I want to say how proud you should be! You risked your lives to rid yourself of tyranny and with G-d's help, you will have a better government. I pray that the new changes bring you much prosperity, freedom, liberty, and a better life. Egypt has suffered enough, let better times begin for us all. This was not a military coup by any means! This was a revolution of the people for a better way of life.
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