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Syria's Assad declares fall of 'political Islam'
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Published: 04.07.13, 12:13
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1. Wondering...
Golani ,   Harezt   (07.04.13)
"Anywhere in the world, , or to benefit some and not others, will fall," Assad said. Does he count Hamas and Hezbollah with "whoever uses religion for political aims"?
2. Do your Ayatotllah, Mullah and Hezbollah friends approve?!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.04.13)
3. Try telling that...
Nice Bloke ,   Rochdale, UK   (07.04.13)
***"What is happening in Egypt is the fall of what is known as political Islam," Assad said in an interview.*** Try telling that to your allies the Mullahs in Teheran upon whom the survival of your murderous dictatorship depends Mr Assad.
4. "Political" Islam is Barack Obama's Islam
Steve   (07.04.13)
"Political" Islam is authoritative Islam. It is the Islam of the prophet Muhammad. Islam is an all-encompassing, political, cultural, religious, economic ideology. "Political" (authoritative / sharia) Islam is what Obama is trying to further throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Look what he has done in Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.
5. #1: Excellent point!
Steve   (07.04.13)
6. what about iran and hamas mr assad
adam adam ,   earth planet   (07.04.13)
does assad know that political islam in iran as well
7. That's exactly what Iran is doing
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.04.13)
The regime will fall there soon. It may have fallen in 2009 if Obama hadn't turned his back on the Iranian people.
8. If the Turks start a spring
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.04.13)
that will be the end of 7th century in Middle East! They are deadly scared, you can see that by their reactions, lunatic! they even try to interfere and incite a war between the gropus!
9. Integration of Religion and State
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.13)
was never very glorious in Islam. It was dominated by oppression, lack of individual freedom, and endless cruelty to achieve stability. The only time integration of Religion and State in history was successful was during the period of Judges and early Monarchies of David and Shlomo. Islam has tried to emulate that formula using Sharia Law, resulting in very pitiful results for the populations, especially minorities. There is no substitute for Torah Law, therefore Islam will never achieve a state of peace . Not until they renounce their failures in both their Political and Spiritual institutions, can ever peace be implemented.
10. Assad forgot to mention his best friends.
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (07.04.13)
Iran and Hezbullah that use religion to advance their political and terror plots. Assad is right in general but one advise for him, he should distance himself from Iran and Nassrallah first then he will get a huge support.
11. Assad
Edouard ,   Canada   (07.04.13)
I did not know that one day I would agree with you. Mr Assad I hope that your friends from Iran and soth Lebanon will understand that they are next on the list Religion is a privat mater that should never alow out of your personel house No distentive sign of appartenance should be alow Religion is a poison in this ONLY MAO , lenine, STALINE,and other dictators were completely right
12. Assad- knows how to survive?
Get Real ,   UK   (07.04.13)
Maybe in the full version Assad will say that Iran and Hezbollah are using religion for political aims to benefit all and not just some. Be interesting to see how or if some clarification is given for him to save face on this one.
13. Mira from Vienna
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (07.04.13)
Unfortunately in Turkey the Islamist government has created a strong police force that is also Islamist and already put all the secular and modernist military officers in jail at Silivri replacing them with Islamist officers. Only a popular revolt or maybe the ballot box can create change which would be better then a military take over.
14. kneeslapper
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (07.04.13)
The unelected Mickey Mouse dictator of Syria "declares" something? Who listens to anything this war criminal has to say?
15. Assad quips a "western" quote
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (07.04.13)
Assad's use of the notable quote: "You can fool some of the people . . . etc." has been attributed to Abraham Lincoln, P.T. Barnum, and James Thurber; but whomever originated this insightful observation, I find it interesting that a die-hard ME dictator chose a "western" quote, rather than voicing a phrase out of [his] Koran.
16. now that MB has fallen in Egypt.....
Jorge Stern ,   Mex   (07.04.13)
lets hope voice of reason sheds light in Syria and elsehwere. Pray for the Coptics in Egypt. Im not convinced they are safe.
17. death to political islam long live civil war islam
zionist forever   (07.04.13)
When Assad does fall Syria may well have a sectarian problem and political islam will fight for control of the country The fun has not even began in syria yet.
18. Religion and the State
Sagi   (07.04.13)
are incompatible, religion and democracy are incompatible, certainly Islam and democracy are not only incompatible, they negate each other. Between 1536 and 1541 Henry viii and Parliament enacted a series of laws called the Act of Supremacy and The Act of Dissolution, these stripped the clergy and all institutions such as monastries and convents etc, not only from their land and possessions, but from their power and hold over the land and the people, they themselves started paying taxes instead of levying a tithe on the people. One of the first things that The Etats General did in 1789 was to strip the church of all its land, power and possessions, effectively rendering them as normal citizens subject to the rule of law the same as all others. Mark my words, this is a process that will continue throughout the Arab world, albeit laboriously and not without ressurection and counter ressurection, but it will transpire. The same thing will happen in Israel, one day there will be an end to religious insitutions that have control over every day life. "Political Judaism" in the form of the religious parties will end. All religious citizens who wish to participate in parliament and government will be welcome to do so as members of any party they wish, a party which has an ideology as its manifesto and not religion. Religion is an ideology, but as I said before, it is incompatible with democracy and the running of a society.It shall end.
19. #4 chapeau- obammas brotherhood
miriam ,   eilat   (07.04.13)
20. obama has no clue about anything
carlb ,   orlando usa   (07.04.13)
all obama has done is radicalize the entire middle east. making it more unsafe than at any time since the 6 day war. but he wont be around when the powder keg explodes!
21. Saggy
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.04.13)
How much do you want to bet that your vision of the future is so absolutley mistaken? You keep referncing European history. You are not in Europe. Israel is not the same as the Arab world or Europe. You will live long enough to see many many things that will smack in the face of your atheism.
22. to # 18
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto   (07.04.13)
Judaism is not per say a "RELIGION " only, is law of life as law of nature , you are breaking the law inviting upon you catastrophe one aftr other. You analogy HAVE NOTING TANGIBLE WITH JUDAISM.
23. re: Hezbollah
cmolster ,   NC, USA   (07.04.13)
Since Assad is fighting AGAINST Hezbollah and other Iranian proxies in his own country, clearly they are not his "friends." Half of the comments on this board seem to be completely ignorant of the geopolitical realities in the ME. Also, Zionism in all its forms is a perfect example of the kind of religious-based fascism/racism that is doomed to eventual failure. The world continues to progress, and such medieval intolerances will eventually be eradicated.
24. Assad inconsistent?
Santiago Matamoros ,   Constantinople   (07.04.13)
He's right about "political Islam" (really, just "Islam"), but would he say the same about Iran?
25. #23 You exposed your ignorance
Benji ,   US   (07.04.13)
Iran has acknowledged funding Hezbollah to fight in Syria for Assad, The Iranian regime recently announced they were sending 4000 more Revolutionary Guards to fight in Syria for Assad. Nasrallah has acknowledged Hezbollah is in Syria to fight for Assad. This is not new information. Zionism is not "religious based", in fact, the original Zionists were secular. It's based on a love for Israel and includes people from various religious and political sectors. It's medieval to be threatened by a belief system you don't understand. Your lack of knowledge is apparent.
26. # 21 Dror
Sagi   (07.04.13)
Why are you disrespectful to me, no matter what your opinion is I shall not disrespect you. I have lived long enough and I have been round the block more than a couple of times. I have predicted many outcomes in my life, based on pure logic and experience, both in micro and in macro. I have never been wrong. The reason for me never being wrong is very simple, it is not because I am blessed with ESP or any other nonsense, it is simply logic. Logic and reason and truth always prevail, always.
27. Assad's announcement
fthoma ,   Melbourne, USA   (07.04.13)
What an odd thing for Assad to say, considering that his whole future is predicated on the support of Political Islam to defeat another group of political Islamists.
28. Remove Extremists
mike smartas ,   SLC USA   (07.04.13)
Good job Egypt! Now how do we remove the gitmo torturing and lying Islamic President of the US?
29. Sagi, Saggy, Sagigi
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.04.13)
Dude, for someone that has been around the block you sure don't have a sense of humor. For someone that was a prisoner of war that had to go through hell and back I would assume that you would have developed some sort of faith in a higher power and a sense of humor. As distasteful as it may seem to you to believe in something other than your animal senses which you classify as logic and reason there are many many Jews that are becoming stronger in their faith day by day because they can discern the time that we are living in,and they don't need to be geniuses to see that what God promises He delivers, both GOOD and BAD. How sad it is that you and many of your generation are stuck in their ways, It is truly Biblical. You are like the generation of the desert exile. Sagi, I am joking with you, no humor? don't tell me you are that square.
30. 13-Turkish Govt. will fall-from corruption
David ,   Sf-USA   (07.04.13)
If reports from leaked US embassy reports are true,Mr Erdogan is surrounded by corrupt and incompetent synchophants, has 8 Swiss bank accounts and makes about $1mil a month on his "investments". Every foreign policy has been a failure, even the recent "peace" with the Kurds. Erdogan is a good salesman but he can't close a deal. His support of terrorists will "blow-back" on Turkey (like Reyhanli bombings).and probably the Gulf oil States too. Their days in power are numbered. Mr Erdogan's policies (and support of terrorists like Hamas and al-nusra) threatens Turkey's security.
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