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Gaza: Hamas 'biggest loser' of Morsi's overthrow
Elior Levy
Published: 04.07.13, 23:49
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1. now the turn of gazian and pa to overthrow corrupt incompete
ralph   (07.05.13)
incompetent leaders.
2. obama now faces crisis of competence. everything he touched
ralph   (07.05.13)
turned to lead.
3. Too late
Zyx ,   US   (07.05.13)
It is way too late for "palestianian" reconciliation. The fatah will never accept it now that the hamas is about to collapse. The fatah has not interest in the reconciliation. It just needs to wait for the rotten fruit to fall from the tree. Issue is that the fatah is not in a much better position.
4. Ummmmmmmm !!
Mike ,   NZ   (07.05.13)
We are living in interesting times !!!
5. Morsi Out, Hamas out, Assad in.
Ibrahim el-Awal ,   Dearborn Michigan   (07.05.13)
There is no question that Hamas will have to answer to Egypt military and they will not get money and Egypt support. Radical Islam was defeated so far. Assad tells the Syrians: You want to replace me with someone such as Morsi?
6. Such brotherly love!
7. Good time for Israel to destroy Hamas once and for all
8. Hamas
Get Real ,   UK   (07.05.13)
Seems like Hamas has made a hablt of making the wrong decisions. Where has it got them and the population it controls?
9. To: Mike at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.13)
Did you know that "may you live in interesting times" is an ancient Chinese curse?
10. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.05.13)
Neither Egypt nor Syria is afraid of internal revolt. On the other hand, both are very, very afraid of Israel -- and for good reason. Anything that Israel perceives to be a genuine threat (as opposed to chattering chipmunks playing with weapons) will be dealt with by Israel. Did you think those three massive explosions in Syria were "accidents?" Do you think that Israel isn't watching? Assad knows. al Sisi knows. No stupidity -- or else. It won't take much. We've proven that, time and again. Best not come up too high on Israel's radar. We are watching.
11. #10. You're behind the times; - wake up!
Tom W ,   USA   (07.05.13)
The "valiant generation" that built Israel and fought for her is gone now: those people were the Eurasian Jewish Holocaust survivors. Today is the ascent of the Soros, Jstreet, and assorted self-loathing leftist Jewry - mostly Anglo-s - who hate Israel and adore Obama and his Court Jews. These people will not fight for Israel; - they did not do in '67 and won't do it ever. Their goal is the Marxist Utopia on earth in which Israel shall not exist. I did not say that: prominent American Jews promulgated publicly million times in the Magnificent U.S.A.
12. #10 #11 There is a new type of Israeli today
Al   (07.05.13)
coming on the scene. Tough, selfless, determined, committed and wanting a strong Israel to be their home. Whining and moaning is not their middle name. Don't underestimate them. I speak to my younger Canadian born kid and I am proud of what he has accomplished in the IDF in a very short period of time. Yes there many like him, some who are foreign born who are all determined to make Israel a strong Jewish country. There is hope as long as these young men and women are allowed to do what has to be done to ensure the countries security. Yes there is hope.
13. how long......
alsky ,   Toronto   (07.05.13)
will it take before they start throwing each other off of tall buildings ?
14. #12 I sure hope you are right, for the sake of
A ,   Belgium   (07.06.13)
every Israeli son and daughter, sabra or oleh/olah. Israel can never bend to the lies and treachery of the arabs.
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