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Turkey PM blasts Egypt 'coup' as enemy of democracy
Published: 05.07.13, 18:40
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1. Hopefully Erdogan will be the next to go!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (07.05.13)
2. 1) It was not a coup, 2) He's afraid he's next
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.05.13)
It is not a military coup if millions of people are demanding a tyrant steps down & he ignores them. The army was enforcing the will of the people & has stated that new elections will be held.
3. ... says the Mongol occupier of Greek, Armenian & Kurd Lands
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.05.13)
4. E is an Arch Islamist..One dayTurks will also get rid of him
Alan ,   SA   (07.05.13)
5. Erdogan is afraid - very afraid
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.05.13)
He too is a two-bit Islamic thug who thinks that he has arrested enough military officers to prevent them from restoring democracy. It might yet happen, but I believe the Islamists in Turkey will make it a real civil war before that happens
6. Sounds like he is praying to be spared
Ze'ev ,   USA   (07.05.13)
"No matter where they are" please let it no happen to me "military coups are bad".
7. Ueber islamist Erdogad is afraid
tiger ,   Vienna, Austria   (07.05.13)
that he might face the people's wrath and eventually the same fate as the muslim brotherhood let's hope he does
8. Erdogan
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (07.05.13)
Those who recently protested in Turkey for Freedom and Democracy will be heartened by the events in Egypt. As with the Egyptian protests against the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama said and did nothing to support them. Rather, he sent F-16s and riot control gear to Egypt, and waived the human rights requirements to provide increased aid to Egypt. It remains to be seen if he will be more responsive to those in Turkey who protest for Freedom and Democracy.
9. turkish army get rid of erdogan
milson   (07.05.13)
turkish army should be planning to dump erdogan and gul, who have userped the constitution in futhurance of ottoman islamic goals. Erdogan is a pathological liar and also a coward as he ran like a chicken to nato begging for troops and weapons systems because poor 75 million turkey is afraid of 23 million syria. Erdogan reminds me of olmert, a pathetic miserable coward who may yet find the court ruling against him.
10. Erdogan should mind his own business
CJK   (07.05.13)
obama's good friend should mind his own business as should obama.
11. you're next
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (07.05.13)
Excellent action by Egypt's Armed forces. Now it's time for th eTurkish Armed Forces to remove this idiot from his post and ban headscarves in public and outlaw the AKP.
12. You're next baby........
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.05.13)
Of course he blasts the "coup" he knows he's next!!
13. Erdogan is next!
Yanky Pipchick ,   Charm City Baltimore   (07.05.13)
The Turks already started something. Its a matter of time til the Hummus hits the fan. -- For anyone who had doubts, now you know who he really is. Explains his anti-Israel attitude. He will go down screaming... "The Jews are at fault".
14. Turks must now show that they are just
Israeli 2   (07.05.13)
as brave ( not cowardly ) as their Egyptian counterpart. Replace their idiot with just anyone not fanatical Muslim...or better yet, non-Muslim. They must do it soon.
15. 2,3
anton ,   istanbul   (07.05.13)
that is coup :) dont hold your breathe 3 i petty attempt benassi , whose lands are you occupying now, in states?
16. Turkey
albert snow ,   sweden   (07.05.13)
Ha, Erdogan is afraid the same thing will happen in Turkey! Good, because he´s doing the same thing as Morsi, only at a slower pace. So, turks, where are the limits for you take to actions like the egytptians?
17. Look who is talking, the man that hides
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (07.05.13)
Behind the word democracy and crashed every demonstration with brutal power, the man that throwing hundreds of army officers and journalists behind bars and silenced the freedom, he is sad because he himself has a nasty Islamic agenda, what a joke!!
18. erdoğan afraid from what ???
caglar ,   antalya TURKİYE   (07.05.13)
coup in Türkey ?? im sorry dear israeli friends..Turkish army not controlled by israel.. they all in Turkish prisons now.. ..but in 1980 yess.. shalom :)
19. Poor President Erdogan
Mark ,   London, UK   (07.05.13)
He dumped all his country's long-standing friends, and every one of his new-found allies has hit the dust. Hey ho!
20. ıts time to Turkish Army remove erdoğan??
caglar ,   antalya TURKİYE   (07.05.13)
maybe IDF can remove BIBI ?? its just empathy :)
21. #20 - May be...not
Oleg ,   Canada   (07.05.13)
When Bibi starts jailing journalists for criticizing him, or jail people for insulting Judaism, or brutally suppress the demonstrations against him or selling out Israel to its enemies, probably yes. But I have doubt as Israel has other means of getting rid of politicians, who do not meet expectations or do wrong. Israeli former President Moshe Katsav is in jail, so nobody is beyond the law...Mr. Erdogan doesn't understand that having just elections does not guarantee democracy...Adolf Hitler had won elections too, which were free and fair.
22. To: Arkadash Caglar
Yanky Pipchick ,   Charm City Baltimore   (07.05.13)
Erdogan will leave and Turkey will never be accepted by Europe. Forget it. -- Time to say Goodbye. You know that song?
23. #19
Poco Loco ,   London   (07.05.13)
That's not correct Mark, he still have Ismail Haniyah and Khaled Mashal from Hamas. Erdogan will visit them soon, only Gazza doesn't have an airport and now he cannot enter Gazza from Egypt, he can from Israel on his own peril, I guess. Most likely he will jump with a parachute to see his two best friends.
24. Erdogan is scared
Buckwheat ,   US   (07.05.13)
We all know why he is huffing and puffing: the fate of Adnan Menderes is on his mind. That's why he emasculated Turkish military first and foremost. But does he have 100% guarantee that the spirit of Ataturk was totally extinguished from the Army? What if not thousands, but millions of disaffected Turks get out on the streets? What will Turkish Army do?
25. Time for Turkish Army to remove Erdogan
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (07.05.13)
Would the Turkish People want a strict Islamic State under Erdogan - Let the Turkish People voice be heard like the ones in Egypt Tahrir Square - Time to act now in Turkey
26. Erdogan = the next Morsi...oh well...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.05.13)
27. Caglar
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (07.05.13)
1. Erdogan may not be afraid from anyone but he should be. The many Turks of all walks of life including some women with head scarves and man praying 5 Rekat Namaz at the demonstrations show that Turkish people want real democracy not Ileri democracy of AKP, and they do not count on the military. 2. IDF does not need to remove Bibi. In Israel people are free to demonstrate against Bibi or any government without being afraid to be accused of Ergenekon or having to face the TOMAs and the pepper gas straight into their face or head. If the Israeli people want to remove Bibi they can do it democratically by voting against him or freely demonstrating against him. I hope that the same happens ini Turkey and teh people vote AKP out in the ballots.
28. #20 Chaghlar
Poco Loco ,   London   (07.05.13)
Bibi is not perfect like apologising when it is not due just to please Obama. But, we like him. Beside what will he do if he is deposed ? I don't think he'll go back to sell furniture in The States.
29. to 22
caglar ,   antalya TURKİYE   (07.05.13)
if you ask Turks do you want to be in EU ? % 80 will say NO..why.. Turkish economy is very better than 18 european country if you look statics..everything is just for european standarts..everbody know in Türkiye europe never accept us..its just a game for european standarts.. :)
30. im secular and i will support erdoğan against any coup
caglar ,   antalya TURKİYE   (07.05.13)
because Türkiye is democratic country.there is 2 coup in Türkish history.and this coups seriously damaged Turkish economy..maybe so many people know nothing about Türkiye but still secular country..alcohol is free you can go night clubs or can see erdoğan is antisemitic but do you know 43 synougoge open and repair in erdoğan times..maybe yes erdoğan is religious.but Türkiye is still secular and will be secular...shalom.. :)
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