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Morsi supporters, opponents clash in Cairo
Roi Kais
Published: 06.07.13, 08:17
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1. get the popcorn out guys
and watch the show.
2. Let it all hang loose
Israeli 2   (07.05.13)
Let it all hang out and let Israel take over until everyone is satisfied
3. Sure looks like civil war.
Ron ,   oc us   (07.05.13)
Also, Egypt is a disfunctional state not so much in the short term but in the long term. Besides the obvious breakdown of public order Egypt grows enough food for about 75% of its population with the Americans feeding the rest. Simply put Egypt is a disaster. The rest of the Arab mid east will follow. Springtime.
4. Israel should take over at least half the Sinai
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.06.13)
and make those tourist areas safe again.
5. heard multi. Times "looking out for religion"
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (07.06.13)
so far I've heard these pro Morsi protestors say they are looking out for religion. well that's exactly why Morsi was ousted, if he put the Egyptian people before religion, he'd probably still be in power. ill give the Seculars this. with a million + strong protests, they kept it relatively non violent. But now watch the Islamists protest, theres gonna be many many dead because of their violent tendencies. no more good is gonna come from here on out. the best part already happened, morsi was overthrown. I really hope someone can step up and lead Egypt to prosperity. good thing is that the next leader is gonna be scared $hi!less and will be on his best behavior after witnessing the mobs aren't afraid to $hi! kick. good luck Egypt, I truly hope everything works out. would love to visit the pyramids again one day
6. This is Isaiah chapter 19 with Egyptians against Egyptians
Rivkah   (07.06.13)
and a deliverer sent to deliver YHWH's people, the Coptic Christians who were being martyred under the cruel reign of the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. Good riddance to the persecutors of the Coptics. May the persecutors of the Coptic all die in a civil war if it comes to that.
7. Obama's silence is deafening
Devorah   (07.06.13)
He must be planning something.
8. Now I am really confused
frank ,   rehovot   (07.06.13)
obama supported the democractically elected morsi. The elections were monitored by americans, declared a wonderful expression in democracy and now because times are a little hard everyone is "throwing morsi under the bus". Confused, if that were the case and america is so very upset about the situtation in egypt, why are americans not rioting in the streets to oust obama. He certainly hasn't done any better than morsi. But the point being, does american support ouster of an american sponsored democratically elected leader or has the US decided that democracy doesn't matter and all that "nonsense talk" of america about how democracy is wonderful etc etc simply talk and america doesn't even believe in themselves or even listening to what they are saying. Can't have it both ways, either you believe in an ideal or you don't. You can't one day and not the consistency, no about a US policy that actually has some integrity and are willing to do the right thing and not something that will get them more donations to a future library....and you wonder why the world thinks you are not really the be all and end all....
9. Nr 6.The real persecutor is Al-Mahdi.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.06.13)
Daniel chapter 11/The King of the North/Irak, Isajah chapter 14/Lucifer/The Son of the New Moon(arabic). Arn.Sweden.
10. 7
CJK   (07.06.13)
he is waiting for instructions from his brothers.
11. The Morsi faction is attacking Coptic Christians with a
Rivkah   (07.06.13)
vengeance since losing power according to evangelist Walid Shoebat. But at least there is hope of an end of the persecutions with Morsi out. It will take time.
12. Obama WHO?
St. Patrick ,   NY, NY, NY ;-)   (07.06.13)
I vaguely remember that name...
13. The best Islam can offer these days
Watching Islam ,   Macca   (07.06.13)
Everybody has to accept the fact that Muslims are better than anybody at killing each other. They simply are more violent, live according to a religion that hasn't adapted to any modern value (sorry for disappointing the Leftist idiots), they have no conscience and of course, most are simply frustrated, uneducated bipeds.
14. to 1. popocorn and lets enjoy.
richard ,   hague holland   (07.06.13) Egyp. Its time to rock and roll1
15. Dr. Cancer
Visurtanz Smackemwel ,   Cancerville, NY, USA   (07.06.13)
If you don't treat Cancer soon enough or are not determinated enough to remove it, you eventually die. Egypt has to treat itself from the Islamist Cancer, otherwise Egypt as most of the Egyptians love and know, WILL BE DESTROYED BY ISLAM.
16. 12
obama is saying nothing because he is 100% irrelevant to the arabs and he knows it very well. his mid east policies ignited an otherwise stable region. the idiot is way in over his head. has no answer and has disastorus foreign policies, not to mention economic and social engineering policies in the usa. he is no better here in our country than he is in the middle east.
17. Democracy in Egypt.
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.06.13)
What democracy? Islam and Islamic Laws cannot be the basis of any real democracy. Not everyone is a Muslim. Some Muslims do not wish to live by Islamic Laws and it curtails their personal choice and freedom. Any real democracy with Islam as its basis is doomed to failure. The Egyptians were not deceived like the Persians to allow the Islamic clergy gradually infiltrate in all the institutions of power and decision making. The Egyptian Army and Security have also realized that these bunch of lunatics will sooner and later start purging them and their heads will start rolling.
18. #7
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.06.13)
Obama lost his face by initially supporting the muslim brotherhood. No, he has nothing left of value in Egypt. The nuclear traitor of the world, elBaradai, needs an excuse from him to play on the team of Sotero, or a kiss of the hand...
19. Agree #17
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.06.13)
Islam is a way of no return. Islam is in the forefront of evilness, destructive to anyone who ever touches that ideology.
20. islam is
real vision ,   usa   (07.06.13)
every day muslims prove that islam is cancer on humanity... when will they prove it different by contributing something to humanity
21. #18 - Beary White
Devorah   (07.06.13)
I think it's a tough call at this point. As CJK (#10) wrote, "he is waiting for instructions from his brothers," and that certainly falls within the realm of possibility. Also, as of yesterday, it is said that his administration is working to regain the MB's leadership in Egypt. The only thing we can be certain of is that, whatever he does, it will be to Israel's detriment. Oh, and I wonder how the Egypt situation will affect his big plans to assist and arm Al-Q in Syria if at all. At least the world has seen his true colours. I hope the U.S. taxpayers are paying attention.
22. the battle is on
ky   (07.06.13)
between the forces of the past and the present. The primitives will win as their numbers are greater but their days are also numbered as the the future can only be in the possession of those who believe in the progress of humanity.
23. Legal Argument Aganist Morsi & MB.
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.06.13)
1) Not everyone in Egypt is Muslim, 10% are Coptic. 2) Not all Muslims would wish to live under Islamic Law. 3) He is not and will not represent the interests of all Egyptians. 4) He was assuming more powers every month, putting his MB Pals in position of Power. 5) He was trying to implement Sharia Law which is racist as it does now give equal rights to minorities, women it also curtails everyone's civil liberties. 6) Political Islam has room in today's lives of government. As a personal choice for people who would like to practice it for themselves without forcing on others in the name of Allah is wrong and forbidden. ............... ............... Would anyone care to add more? These can be passed to the Egyptians Supreme Court to make it totally Halal to get rid of this vermin.
24. 9 Arn, Sweden: Thanks for the information.
The Muslim Mahdi is so similar to the Anti-Christ in Scriptures that it is believed to be the same person.
25. morsi ouster
Big G. ,   dayton, ohio USA   (07.06.13)
poor obama. i guess he & the globalist new world order don't get their way. now if this country would grow a backbone & oust obama,we'd all be better off!
26. Nr 24. Hmmm -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (07.06.13)
- the "Antichrist" ,the "Lawless One", is a NewTestament Term, and has nothing to do with the Mideast as such or even Israel. It denotes a False Christian Leader/False Christians, in the local Assembly of Christ. It denotes Lawless Christians living in the "Secresy of Lawlessnes" , Those who dont do the WILL OF GOD. The will of GOD is the Law in the New testament. Matthew chapter 7:21-23. In Short. Arn.Sweden.
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