Egyptians believe Morsi in cahoots with US, Israel
Eldad Beck
Published: 06.07.13, 09:32
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1. above
moishe   (07.06.13)
you can't expect democracy in a country with a lot of stupid people! Islam and democracy are incompatible. same for rest of Moslem ME. and don't blame the West for your problems. and don't expect West to solve your problems. I am not optimistic.
2. This is why Egypt is doomed to fail
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.06.13)
And not just Egypt, the whole Arab world: there is not a single piece of self-criticism in these people. Everything that is wrong was and is blamed on the US and Israel. The regular procedure is, on the left as well on the right, with both the 'seculars' and the religious fanatics: we hate somebody, he must be Jewish, therefore he's a zionist agent and an american spy. As long as antisemitism is the one common denominator for all groups in the Arab world, they will continue to sink deeper and deeper into their mess. Israel, meanwhile, will be doing better than ever.
3. and we were worried??
galilean ,   Israel   (07.06.13) I can relax. I couldn't figure out why the Egyptians were not blaming the Zionists for their problems. For moment we all thought that perhaps the extremely bad condition of their economy and society was actually more important than trying to blame Israel. So we see now...same same....still going on. Thank you Egyptians for reinforcing your standard idiotic mentality for us here in Israel. And even with this we are still eager to live in PEACE with you and wish you a quick recovery to law and order. Maybe, just maybe if you spend some time on yourselves and your own condition, you might start finding the road to freedom and democracy.
4. Democracy Overnight ?
James McKinlay ,   Israel   (07.06.13)
It took a civil war and more than 200 years for America to gain civil rights and Democracy for all and Evan that is not exact. African Americans and other minorities are still ridiculed today, Democracy will not work in the mid east,at least not in our lifetime. I also am not optimistic .
5. Egyptians stupid? nah!
tiki ,   belgium   (07.06.13)
6. "Zionist, American, Brotherhood pact"
Cameron ,   USA   (07.06.13)
LOL...the ME nonsense never ends. A vast population of rabble stewing in conspiracy for want of solutions to the troubles that plague them.
7. There is no recepe against dumbness!
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.06.13)
But one can watch this as an empiric probe that antisemitism was internalised through the century ans now is part of those peoples genetic code! I hardly have seen one country in ME in trouble which did NOT blame it on the Jews! Muslims are Muslims are Muslims, liberal or conservative, does not matter!
8. Egyptian friends-Please dont take any notice of Ha'aretz.
Alan ,   SA   (07.06.13)
9. Food for thought
Israel   (07.06.13)
The Egyptians read Israeli publications- so perhaps we should not call them stupid or degrade the civilians in anyway because we are only promoting hatred and anti-semitism. Israelis/jews bashing them will not make them more intelligent but it will make them hate us more.
10. Wait a minute .......
mike ,   NZ   (07.06.13)
A Pali state in Sinai . . . thats an idea worth thinking about . . Israel will reclaim Gaza ... deport all to Sinai and the palis can have El Arish as their capital. That would leave Israel with the West bank as well. . . . . No need for peace talks either ! .Folks ... we are on to something good here . . . thank you Egypt for a bloody good idea !
11. In Cairo's narrow, dusty, hot alleyways
JoemoerIsrael ,   iSrael   (07.06.13)
the people are smoking too much gunja.....they are not ready for freedom...they need a guy in charge wearing big hat ....when they are ready for change they will cut the big hat wearing guys head off around the streets yelling until the next big hat is found....nothing new here
12. Too much Hubble bubble
Harvey ,   London   (07.06.13)
1001 Nights road show hits town . Arabs have been telling each other whoppers from the dawn of time . In 67 Nasser was telling the world on day 1 of the war that 300 Israeli planes had been destroyed and that his troops were rampaging through Tel Aviv . Israel remained silent and got on with the job . Let them live in La La land . It's the way we have seen off their evil designs on us before and will work for us in future . Their rulers have maintained their grip on the masses by scapegoating Israel just the same as hitler did with the Jews . Meanwhile the vast majority of Arab states are failed repressive third world disasters .
13. @9
Daniel ,   Tel aviv   (07.06.13)
Ghetto mentality at work. So they are allowed to blame us for all the world's woes and insult us in every possible way but we are not allowed to call them stupid because that might make them hate us even more(I don't think that's possible). If these Egyptians truly read Israeli publications they would know that their conspiracy theories are nuts and that the Israelis want nothing more than peace and friendly relations with Egypt. But they only read publications that fit their twisted worldview and pull them out of their context. As long as they continue to demonstrate a level of ignorance, bigotry and antisemitism that reminds one of pre-war Europe, the least we can do is call them stupid.
14. Palestinian Issue
Edan ,   Memphis USA   (07.06.13)
Well, they did get one thing right. The Palestinian issue has lingered for 63 years, without a resolution. Arabs/Muslim want to blame the US and Israel. But the problem could have been solved years ago but for the Arab League. They have continued to hold the Palestinians out as Israel's problem. The US has integrated MILLIONS of refugees in it's short history. Why haven't the Arabs been able to solve the issue? They don't want to!!!
15. Sinai, a palestinian territory?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (07.06.13)
Why not? The peninsula was under turkish rule until in 1906 (only 11 years before the Balfour Declaration), the Brits grabbed it and annexed it to Egypt so as to protect the Suez Canal. It is the natural backyard of the overcrowded Gaza strip, and there is no international law forbidding the Pals to take it back, as they see themselves as legitimate owners of Jerusalem and Haifa...
16. "Palestine" in Sinai is a good idea, but
A ,   Belgium   (07.06.13)
the "palestinians" would still probably prefer a modern, thriving, successful state handed to them on a silver platter, as apparantly Bibi is preparing to do.
17. Move all Palis to Sinai??? Actually this is a GREAT IDEA!!!!
Wallid ,   Lebanon   (07.06.13)
Start NOW. It is the best option.
18. 17
by th conduct of lebanese people towards palestinians that they profess to fight for and love so much, you lebanese hate the palestinians more that you hate israel it seems. i have another great idea of how lebanon can get rid of the cancer below the litani river. deport all your hizbullah to the sinai as well. the hamas, hizbulah and the plo would be great residents there.
19. Any little as to kindle the hatred of Israel!
Taz Man ,   USA   (07.06.13)
In the eyes of a Muslim savage, it'll always be Israel's fault. Israel is the common denominator for their continued hatred. Without like life without the very breath that sustains it. It's in their blood...their very DNA!
20. If You've Ever Wondered Why Islamic Countries Fail...
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (07.06.13)
21. Egyptians are a stupid, ignorant people!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (07.06.13)
22. Great Idea
Abu Yussef al Yahudi ,   Bue_Aires-Argentina   (07.06.13)
Despite the fact that they are a bunch of idiots, they have only one very positive thought. What a great idea is that of moving the Pals, including Hamas and Fatah, to the Sinai Peninsula! - It must start RIGTH NOW, in this very Iom Rishon night ! Thank you, Egyptian people, for giving to Israel a posible solution for the issue of the Palis !! - He-He-He !
23. lsd
albert snow ,   sweden   (07.06.13)
It seems like the Egyptians in the article above have been taking LSD. A common drug in Egypt I guess.
24. Oh no please , not La La Land!
Claude ,   London UK   (07.06.13)
It's such a nice relaxing beach cafe on Gordon Beach.
25. Claude # 24 Goldstars are on you
Harvey ,   London   (07.06.13)
26. One agreement
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.06.13)
with the Egyptian people, obama IS trying to set up a sharia law caliphate in the ME including parts of ancient Israel Judea and Samaria by handing them over to the terrorist pals. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
27. how can the whole nation be so stupid and missled?
David ,   Kiev   (07.06.13)
28. Cairo Cafe -goers, YNET talkbackers
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.06.13)
The Cairo chatters sound as if they are no less intelligent and brilliant as most of the YNET talkbackers.
29. What about Syria?
Mark ,   London, UK   (07.06.13)
Don't they know that Syria is on the road to partition into three statelets: alawite, sunni and kurd? This will be the natural outcome after the established separation of Lebanon as a statelet for Christians. There will be a space for a fourth statelet for the Pallys since the one they have in Jordan isn't good sufficient. They do claim to come from SYRIA Palesttina after all. It's evident that the Egyptians want the Pallys as far away from them as possible.
30. egyptian "useful idiots" deserve to be played
Bernard Ross   (07.06.13)
If you need support for anything in egypt blame the jews and US. Do you blame whoever is using them? they are so incredibly stupid.
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