Report: Kerry's plan for restarting talks calls for release of 103 Palestinian inmates
Elor Levy
Published: 06.07.13, 12:15
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1. Shuttle diplomacy
Alf Red ,   Londonistansk   (07.06.13)
Last time we had this "shuttle diplomacy" was 40 years ago with another wizard of Oz, herr Kissinger. As a result, we lost Sinai. This time, with another moron at helm, we stand to lose our country. Time for our own Tahrir square revolt, at Kikar Malkhey Israel! Bibi is a frightened hare of PM, if he agrees to such revolting deal. It's a disaster!
2. If they want peace, not extortion, they ought to come to the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.06.13)
table and talk peace: Peace-for-peace, through direct talks with the freely elected representatives of the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, without any preconditions, and strictly based on UN Security Council, 242, 1967, which commenced the process in 1991. America ought not to assist these extortionists - mafiosi - in their criminal behavior!!
3. I have a great idea
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.06.13)
Let's just tell the United States that as soon as they release Charles Manson, the Manson Family groupies, and an assortment of other violent criminals -- exactly the same number as they want Israel to release -- the State of Israel will entertain the latest absurd ersatz "Palestinian" prisoner release demand. Hey -- why not? Lead by example, right? To the unknowing and/or uneducated -- the United States, under Hussein Obama's dictate -- seems to think that "peace" can be accomplished by releasing mass murderers into the body politic. Well, I invite the United States to put its money -- and actions -- where its mouth is. Free Charles Manson. Free another 103 mass murderers. Sadly, no shortage of those in the United States. Show us you mean business. Or else -- get lost. C'mon -- lead by example!
4. Finally a believable article
JJ ,   SA/USA   (07.06.13)
The only way peace talks will begin is when 20 years from now a younger generation of leaders comes in that cares less about settlement activitiy
5. As predicted and on schedule
On the Balcony ,   Akko/NY/Kyiv   (07.06.13)
Why Abbas should demand the release of 103 prisoners, many with blood on their hands and who are no friends to his regime, and why such a release will be viewed by Palestinians as a major coup strengthening Abbas' hand is hard to understand. But it is a reality, so... n'aseh ve nishma. As before, the more dangerous of those who are released will quickly end up back in one prison or another , the other's will fade into obscurity. A small price to pay for real negotiations. The real concession is the purported public commitment that Bibi will shortly make. This is why Shin Bet is now moving quickly under recently expanded powers to deal with the anticipated response from more extremist settlers. Over the next few months we can expect more attempts to disrupt the negotiations from Jews than from the Palestinians. They will not succeed. All Israelis should welcome Kerry's efforts and hope for their success.
6. No conditions, Period!
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (07.06.13)
The Arabs lost the War, they want peace come to the table and talk no preconditions. These terms not good enough for them? Set up further settlements and I am in favour of a 2 State solution but will not be dictated to.
7. Have you no shame, Sir? Whoever suggests "negotiations" at
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.06.13)
this stage in Middle Eastern history should have his driver's license revoked & undergo psychiatric evaluation.
8. Double standard
Anshel ,   Canada   (07.06.13)
First thing USA must do before Israel even considers Kerry's proposal, is to unconditionally release Jonathan Pollard. Otherwise, it is time for Bibi to tell Kerry to stay home. Right now USA has no more credibility in the Middle East.
9. Every sane Israeli must demand immediate end of this evil.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.06.13)
To unleash murderous terrorists against Israelis civilians is the epitome of evil. No other state on earth would tolerate such pure criminal negligence. The short term goal of the genocidal P.A. is to turn Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. The long term goal is to destroy Israel. They make no attempt to hide their genocidal goals. They shout them out every single day. Every sane Israel must demand the immediate end of Israel's complicity in this monstrous evil.
mr kerry Please Tell b.H.o. To Release Johnathan Pollard!!! mr kerry Please tell b.H.o. NO PRECONDITIONS!!! Shabbat Shalom/Baruch Ha Shem
11.  Sarah
Cameron ,   USA   (07.06.13)
Cease that fussing', ye ole New York harpy. A perfectly reasonable proposal this releasing a 100+ Arabs. After all, did you not establish this precedent of holy warrior release in groups some time back? Refresh my many knuckleheads with blood on their hands did you agree to spring in order to please Hamas & get the Israeli kid out of his dungeon? You yourselves set the example in the largest way. Did you honestly think this issue of mass release would not be rising up again to haunt you?
12. madness
Madeleine ,   Israel   (07.06.13)
Release of 103 prisoners as a precondition - or as any condition down the line. How many prisoners have we released over the years as "goodwill gestures" only to have some of them come back at us with more terrorist acts? Enough that even one of them would commit one act of terro and that's too much. And what "goodwill gestures" are the Palestinians going to make? Whydoesn't the stupid U.S. get real? We are not going to sell out our homeland, certainly not to please any wimpy U.S. officials.
13. #3 How's this for a deal?
A ,   Belgium   (07.06.13)
Sirhan Sirhan, the "palestinian" murderer of Bobby Kennedy, gets a free ticket in business class to gazastan, courtesy of the USA, and Israel gets Jonathan Pollard.
14. #5 You don't understand Abbas' prisoner release demand?
A ,   Belgium   (07.06.13)
Simple, he wants all the experienced murderers he can gather, because if the Israeli government will be stupid enough to allow a "palestinian" terrorist state in Judah and Samaria ( as it appears to be heading in that direction), the next step will be simply to cut Israel through the middle, as was Arafats plan and remains Fatahs plan. And moslem mercenaries from all over the world will be happy to help. Why not, they hate Israel no less than the "palestinians". Won't happen, you say? How about when Abbas demands access to the sea through gazastan, Israel with its weak and cowardly present leadership will be more than happy to oblige him, maybe even help him build the "trans- palestine" expressway.
15. Thurston Howell
Gideon Reader   (07.06.13)
Lovey will be arriving on the Wookies bird
16. NO
DM ,   Israel   (07.06.13)
Someone please tell me that this just just political rhetoric and none of this occurs. Release of prisoners= another spell of suicide bombers like we had through the 1990s and early 2000s. 1967 borders= literally a Jewish ghetto with no room to move. 4 billion donation to Palestinian economy= poverty for Israeli people. Should I plan on moving my family to US?
17. face facts-bibi is gutless
hy   (07.06.13)
whatever his past. he follows the line of cowards of peres, olmert and livni and even ehud barak. Concessions are what israel has been doing forever, appeasement. It is not possible to live in side by side state relations as there is not enough room as well as the palestinians are an artificial non national pan arab mix. Now we know why of the 6 million, more did not escape and fight, and they show themselves as the coward peaceniks of israel.
18. No More Compromise
Bill Stein ,   USA   (07.06.13)
Withdrawing back to the settlement bloc borders will cause a binational state within 5 years and is undefenseable. Area C is the holy Grail of Israel's security religious and legal claims in Judea and Samaria. If Bibi gives up areas of Area C his Goverment will be finished and there will be whole sale revolt within the Likud party who will bolt the party and more than likely join Jewish Home just as Kadima left Likud. Bibi will be out of a job and Naftali Bennett will win the next election. The Israeli people will never accept wholesale surrender of Israeli Legal Security and religious rights. Israelis will never allow Israel to go back to the 67 borders with millions of Palestinians within walking distance of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. No more compromise. Annex Area C and low populated areas of Area B to streignten border have the Arab residents remain as permanent residents but PA or Jordanian citizens.
19. The parsha of today.......
mindRider ,   The Free World   (07.06.13)
....quotes a number of things Israeli leadership in modern times did wrong: All palestinian arabs should have been evicted, less they become a thorn in your side. Murderers should be punished by death-penalty, had Israel done so and not fallen for leftwing modern times law concerned more with the perpetrator than with the victim, it could never have been pressed to release such scum for whatever reason. Further I recommend everybody to read the parsha because it also shows the exactly where the borders of the Jewish state should be.
20. Our children have no future
Israel   (07.06.13)
We must protest. This is so wrong behind any words or explanations. How can Kerry insinuate this and more so how can the Prime Minister of Israel agree to it? Unless Bibi plans to immigrate to US or elsewhere and let us get eaten by Arabs, I do not understand how this can happen.
21. Huh?
'Kerry's peace process'?????? Unless I slept through his naturalization ceremonies, I don't recall Kerry being a citizen of either Isreal nor Palestine. What right does he have to do this? And what the hell is wrong with Bibi for not objecting?!
22. Peace Talks
max ,   washington dc   (07.06.13)
Does this plan of releasing terrorists from Israeli Prisons also apply to releasing Al Quaedi and Taliban terrorists as a condition to bringing them to "Peace" negotiations?
23. This has become more and more silly..
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.06.13)
The pals should start with recognising Israel as a suvereign state. Until that has been done, there should be no negotiations. And foreigns negotiators should step out of the scene, since they always ends up with Israel give-aways, land -areas or islamic murderers/ terrorists. Then the platform is settled for discussions.
24. #2, two points!
David Dunn   (07.06.13)
25. Hard times coming
TLV   (07.06.13)
My Polish grandmother to whom I read this article said if this comes to fruition then she will be more scared for me and my children than she ever was in Poland of the Nazi regime. Israeli government is pathetic. Way to protect the Jews! And to those who always laugh and comment about Israel not needing US well the joke is on you isn't? Obviously Israel cannot fart without approval from Obama first.
26. Jehudah, number 2, I couldn't put it better.
Deb J. Goldfarb ,   Washington, DC USA   (07.06.13)
27. The problem is the "Pals" have too much to lose
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.06.13)
in handouts by giving up the "occupation". The role of victim has become very addicting to them over the years... At the end of the day, they don't really want a state, so they can afford to hold out forever.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.06.13)
Why have so many Israeli's died? Because of stupid agreements that gets them killed by stupid politicians such as these making stupid choices they know will do nothing but get Jews killed. Bibi, hide your face in shame if you agree to more loss of Jewish blood and handed to your be a once was Jew now working for Israelis enemy, obama. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
29.  an absurd precondition for peace negotiation
Alex ,   Boston, USA   (07.06.13)
To free 103 mass murderers is an absurd precondition for "peace" negotiation. Palestinian children taught at their schools to hate and to kill the Jews. Mr. Kerry must tell the Palestinians to stop this nonsense and start giving the children real education. This precondition will make sense.
30. a different timetable
tiki ,   belgium   (07.06.13)
Isn't it more logical to release prisoners, bring in the money, stop building AFTER a peace deal? Haven't the Israeli's learned from past experience? Don't they know whom they are dealing with? Arabs who have sworn to fight till eternity to change the flag of Israel with the flag of "Palestine" don't get bonuses beforehand for agreeing to come to the negotiating table. Israel's government has gone completely mad & suicidal for even opting this possibility!
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