Suspicion: Stole deceased friend's phone during shiva, erased photos
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 07.07.13, 14:27
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1. Maybe she deleted things to protect the deceased's privacy
Maybe ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.13)
Teenagers often have things on their phones that they wouldn't want their parents to see...maybe she did it to protect her friend's privacy.
2. The ugly face of G-dless israelis
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.07.13)
This is what you get when you have a cold cruel heartless education system based on new age euro trash and Ameri trash values. Materialism is the disease TORAH is the cure.
3. to steal from the dead is disgusting
PG ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.13)
#1 - what a moronic comment and an incredibly stupid "excuse" for stealing from the dead. She wanted the iPhone5 and that's all. She deleted everything hoping it couldn't be traced back. This girl should be tried and if proven, put in jail. It will be the only way she will learn. She is probably a sociopath and a low-life person. DISGUSTING. My heart goes out to Noy's parents - as they have now lost the last items of their daughter's tragically short life.
4. #1
לא ידוע ,   ישראל   (07.07.13)
The answer by the first poster makes a lot of sense. Maybe there was something on their that need not be seen by anyone outside of her friends circle. I can promise you that Torah doesn't solve anything. You have just as bad stories, possibly even worse coming out of religious and haredi communities.
5. Tragic phenomenon....
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (07.07.13)
Apparently Western societies have managed to raise a new generaltion of youngsters, a substantial number of whom (and who may not even be bad people as such) have a tendency to display a disturbing lack of morality and base conscience. This story is awful. Just what I needed on a sunday afternoon off.
6. Report incomplete!
What is the real cause of her death? Why the phone has been stolen? Why datas have been erased? Obviously there's more to the story... Heavy drugs? Journalists, WORK!!!
7. Oh yes number 1.
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (07.07.13)
So that would mean in this case that this poor girl had nothing but trash on her phone, since ALL data was deleted, not just some pics or recordings.
8. #2 An Ugly Letter
Arielush ,   RaMat Ha Golan   (07.07.13)
Excuse me. Religious are quite capable of stealing, cheating, and lying. . Are they also the product of a" cruel heartless education and Ameri trash values". Both religious teens and secular teens are capable of such callous behavior , I think your letter was rude, ignorant and very immature. Where were you educated?
9. Seeking the moral highground
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, ON, CA   (07.07.13)
Talkbacker #2 is doing just what I feared, smirking. The most popular Israeli sport is not soccer (football), it's "seeking the moral highground". The religious love to brag about how moral their way of life is. The "stupid seculars" could learn a lot from them, they say. Alright, so Miss Cohen got her phone stolen. Either it was to have her embarrassing photos erased before her parents could see them or it was sheer bloody-mindedness. We will not know. But the Orthodox have no right to smirk. When the next scandal erupts in the "Torah world" (and it will), we will be ready to have a good laugh. Someone will be caught with his hand in the cookie jar or with someone else's wife, or with one of his students (it has happened before). Hareidim who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. (I've got a better idea. Go to Beit Shemesh and harass secular children. It'll make you feel like a man. Then the kids' parents will finally take up arms and give you moral hypocrites the beatings you deserve!)
10. # 2 Dror Maybe you should join the Moslim Brotherhood?
Benny ,   Ramat Gan   (07.07.13)
Thats strange because im secular and the only crime i ever commited was a parking ticket. You might want to check out the statistics on religious prisoners currently serving time in prison, they even have special sections for them, which is strange as like you they claim to be "hollier than thou" Such people have nothing religious or worthy of them. Each of them spew hatred for mankind and especially for secular Jews, gays and foreign residents who reside in the state of Israel.. The real religious people speak of love, compassion, humility and healing the planet.
11. There could be more to this story.
Dror ,   Haifai, Israel   (07.07.13)
There is probably more to this story than is being reported. Drugs could be involved. When I suggest Torah as the cure I do not imply that Haredi and religious communities are the model to be imitated. When I suggest Torah I MEAN TORAH. Every Jew has the responsibility to know Torah, the religious communities do not have a monopoly on it.. It belongs to all of us. Silly Israelis, always making excuses and rationales.
12. to #2 than give my tax money back
lili   (07.07.13)
if you don't believe in stealing you should work for a change.
13. #1 and #4 - very weak excuse
Tahl   (07.07.13)
If indeed the girl only wanted to protect her deceased friend's privacy, then why did she not return the phone immediately? Why did she keep it at her room for nearly a month, and it took a police investigation to find it? And why did she delete ALL the photos and ALL the personal data? Maybe because she didn't want people to connect the phone to her friend? And how about the fact that other stolen goods were found in her possession? Clearly the silly excuse you brought up does not fly here. The girl is a conscienceless thief, and her sorry excuse for parents are to accomplices in crime. And #4 - what the heck does the Torah and Haredi communities have to do with this story???
14. OMG
Dror ,   Hafiai, Israel   (07.07.13)
This is exactly what I am talking about, this knee jerk reaction that people have when Torah is mentioned. Look you silly Israelis, Torah means Torah, not Haredim, not Ultra Orthodox, not the Torah world. Torah is UNIVERSAL FOR ALL JEWS, you fools... You are the smug a** kissers that gave up Torah values in exchange for Eurotrash Ameritrash values and now all of Israel's society is sick, religious included... they have been infected by the diseases you let in.
15. Dror and his weird torah...
Are you talking about the same Torah that makes you so violent and speak tongues?
16. To Dror #14 et al
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (07.07.13)
Why is fundamentalism the answer? Why is a 3000 year old text the only correct lifestyle guide and cure for everything that's wrong with society? If things were so great and the writers were so astute back then, why not do everything the way they did, and live the way they did, including no talkbacks on YNET, no electricity, no cures for most diseases, spoiled food, no dentistry (ouch!) I could go on and on. Get real! No one will follow your advice except for a few weirdos.
17. Another fine product of the FACEBOOK generation
Al   (07.07.13)
only in her case she is a product of the ASSWIPE generation.
18. talkbackers focus on wrong things
Israel   (07.07.13)
nobody seems to be disturbed, that parents just like that let their daughter go, and donate her organs. If there is a slight hope, it can be a total recover hope. This donating organs starting really taking a heavy ground in Israel. So soon they want a law, that everyone are donators, unless they inform to be excluded. You people really seem to miss the moral decadence of very life itself. So many miracles you hear and see, but you just dont care. Doctors knowledge is always limited, and what one doctor claims, the other is opposing! And all this is giving a base for moral corruption - who will live and who will no. You really think that all doctors are having such a high moral?
19. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS. another great example of
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (07.07.13)
secular-humanistic education. What a success story !! Keep it coming
20. 3
zionist forever   (07.07.13)
Sadly to many people see that when somebody dies its their chance to profit. My father had a good friend who was an old man. Who died last year, my father had been made executor of the estate and the old guy had left in his will some money to my folks, the furniture in his apartment to his nephew and some things like couple of old paintings to people who say they knew him about 50 years, although we never saw them. Well this old guy had an expensive watch which he gave my father as a gift about 101 years ago ( he was always giving away expensive things ). My father keeps the watch for best never told anybody about it. Well they were at the stone setting and these people who had supposedly known the guy for about 50 years well they wanted more. So even though nobody knew he had it during the service they were practicly accusing my father of stealing it saying the watch was promised to them and my father had to actually remind them they were at a service here and he didn't like their tone of voice. My father later went back to the apartment where this guy lived looked been ransacked like it was burglars but it was these people looking for the watch. All this because they wanted to profit out of a guys death and felt cheated about the fact he died and didn't leave them anything of value so they took it on themslves to try take an expensive item that wasn't even mentioned in the will. I can certainly imagine a bunch of teenagers taking the attitude of she is dead so she doesn't need the ephone anymore so I will keep it.
21. Sociopath
Mo ,   Israel   (07.07.13)
22. # 3 ,...
split ,   US   (07.07.13)
I bet it doesn't bother you a bit to steal a land from a dead Palis ;) ,...
23. # 5 ,...
split ,   US   (07.07.13)
Schnorring is a form of a theft and it's not an invention of western society ,...
24. ??? ,...
split ,   US   (07.07.13)
Are the parents required by law to report/incriminate their own child? ,...
25. Split your head in two
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.07.13)
Why don't you split out of here you polakus loser. You don't mind haveing muredered millions of Indians and dispossening them stealing their land? Polakus?
26. #24 an answer to your question.
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.07.13)
Perhaps her parents like your own didn't want to admit they had a child.
27. #22
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.07.13)
And I'll bet that PG doesn't really care what some village idiot thinks about what might and might not bother them.
28. #22 you should be the last to speak...
Tahl   (07.08.13)
It sure didn't bother the Poles to steal the property of dead Jews, as was the case in my family, or even kill them for this purpose.
29. Rush to judgment
Neal ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.08.13)
Leaving aside reactions by those who want to pummel Jews for not being religious/being religious/living in the Lands of Israel/living at all, I suggest everyone wait for more facts. Obviously, two few facts are known to rush to judge the phone-thief's actions. We readers simply don't know her motives. Period. It's investigators' jobs to find out. Meantime, the not-unlikely theory about erasing embarrassing information or photos or the not-impossible theory of just wanting the phone are almost equally possible. I say "almost" because I'm somewhat inclined toward the first theory. Ranting, raving and accusing at this point reminds me of the gag "Maven University" sweatshirt someone game me. The school's motto? "Opinion over Knowledge."
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