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Lebanon: Israel capable of stealing our gas
Doron Peskin
Published: 08.07.13, 07:36
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1. A poem for Lebanon
Devorah   (07.08.13)
Israel can steal your gas She can also whoop your ass If I was you, I'd take a pass 'Cause her baytzim are made of brass
2. Why don't you DEVELOP it instead of WHINING about it?
Zvi   (07.08.13)
3. To No1. NICE POEM !!!
Mabsurfing ,   Nahariya, Israel   (07.08.13)
4. If the gas fields overlap....
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (07.08.13)
If the gas fields overlap, doesn't it stand to reason that Lebanon could steal our gas too? Also, awesome poem #1, posted it to my facebook.
5. #3 - Thank you, Mabsurfing!
Devorah   (07.08.13)
6. #4 - Jacob E
Devorah   (07.08.13)
Thank you, Jacob, and wow, you posted it to FB! I'm so glad you like it.
7. first the humus, and now the gas
tom ,   toronto, canada   (07.08.13)
first the humus, and now the gas, where will it end? hurry, lock up the goats, and especially the good-looking one!
8. Nice Poem Devorah!
Koose E Mack ,   NY US Caliphate   (07.08.13)
I would like to write another one.... Bees May Kiss a Butterfly Lover's may kiss and say goodbye Wine lovers kiss the sparkling glass... Since Israel has discovered gas, the rest of the world may kiss our ass!!!!
9. #8 Koose E Mack - LOL!!!!!
Devorah   (07.08.13)
Koose E Mack, that is the best poem ever!!! I can't stop laughing!
10. To No1 & No8. Both poems excelent
Mabsurfing ,   Nahariya, Israel   (07.09.13)
Posted both of them on my FB account and got good feedback too (I gave you the credit for them)
11. #10 - Mabsurfing
Devorah   (07.09.13)
Bless your heart, Mabsurfing! Thank you for posting our poems on FB, and so glad the responses were good. This matter regarding the oil is pretty much quiet for now, but I don't have to tell you that it can become a great big deal in a flash. You know how these things go. And sometimes it's nice to take a respite from the bad news and have a little fun. Thank you so much for joining in, Mabsurfing!
12. Hey Lebanon S-H
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.09.13)
According to international law - the country that develops the fields OWNS them. You have neither the technical nor financial ability to do much about it
13. To Devorah
Mabsurfing ,   Nahariya, Israel   (07.09.13)
Hi Devorah. You are 100% right, this is a volatile zone but it is our zone, everything we'll do will be enough for our "nice" neighbors and the rest of the world to find an excuse to complain about us, that is why both poems were very nice. It is good to show the rest of the world who we are so they cannot forget it, and if it is done in such wonderful way, it is much better. Kudos to you and Koose E Mack.
14. Thanks Devorah-!!!!!! LOL
Koose E Mack ,   NY US Caliphate   (07.09.13)
15. Lebanon Gas
Argyll ,   Columbia, MD   (07.21.13)
They could always make peace with Israel and agree on the border and how the resources should be developed. Would that be too much to ask?
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