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Gunmen attack Sinai checkpoints close to Israel border
Associated Press
Published: 07.07.13, 23:26
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1. we support them
dogan ,   istanbul   (07.08.13)
80% of turkey is with egypt and mursi. there was demonstrations to support mursi in more than 40 cities of turkey.
2. Why is the Israeli media not reporting this?
American Hindu ,   USA   (07.08.13)
The most important Buddhist shrine, Bodh Gaya in North Indian has been hit by terrorist blasts. How is it the Israeli media did not report on this? We are facing the same fanatics........
3. Islamist terrorists want to kill the Egyptian revolution
CJK   (07.08.13)
the islamists want to install a totalitarian theocratic regime to suppress the egyptian people, deprive women of all freedoms and murder minorities, including the coptic christians. these islamists terrorists want to incite against the egyptian army and people, they want civil strife. they want to start a war against Israel and light a fire in the entire middle east.
4. #2 American Hindu
Madeleine ,   Israel   (07.08.13)
Indeed, we are all facing the same islamic fanatics and I, as one of several million Israelis, deplore the wanton acts of sacrilege perpetrated by these animals in India. Was this act reported in Western media (British, European and American)? here in Israel we are keeping the closest possible watch on events in Egypt, particularly those in Sinai which has become a hotbed of lawlessness with the Beduin "freedom fighters" now calling themselves Beduin jihadists. This of course directly affects our security, actions to be taken - or not - etc. And on the other side we have Syria, with occasional accusations being hurled at us of bombing, blasting and interfering in the war going on in that country. And as always - Hezbollah in the north, Gaza in the south. And of course, if you were to believe the Palestinians and the EU, the sole obstacle to peace is the building of more homes for Israelis in land that has been undisputedly ours since time (almost) immemorial, excpet for the years 1948-1967 when it was illegally occupied by Jordan in a bid to exterminate Israel.
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