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New law to ban smoking in soccer grounds
Tova Zimuki
Published: 08.07.13, 13:12
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1. Good! Keep it going
Brian ,   Los Angeles USA   (07.08.13)
Smoking is revolting. I hope Israel continues to ban smoking in public places. It's harmful to just about everyone involved and costs tax payers a fortune in healthcare costs. Yuck!
2. Ban
Joe ,   Israel   (07.09.13)
Could we include a ban on alcoholic beverages?
3. Laws seem to be infrequently enforced here
British Oleh ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.09.13)
While it's great to have laws, enforcing them is another matter. I went to a concert recently where there were signs everywhere saying 'no smoking' but girls were walking around with trays selling cigarettes. Also, announcements state that one can only smoke in certain areas of train stations - but the cigarette vending machines are in the no-smoking areas! Awareness and enforcement are what is needed!
4. #2 No Joe but you could always move to Saudi Arabia
benny   (07.11.13)
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