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History of India's Jewish beauty queens
Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi, Tazpit
Published: 03.08.13, 08:54
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1. Jewish Girls :-)
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.03.13)
..simply the best.
David ,   On this planet   (08.03.13)
All those so called beauties married Muslims , like we don't have any successful Jewish men in this world. Who cares it's their bed
3. Look like "Plain Janes" to me
Linda ,   New Haven, Conn.   (08.03.13)
Plus they are of the light skinned Holywood, Bollywood racist style prototype. The majority of Indians on the continent are either brown or black skinned,,, what hasbara ensheouded in a cutural event that does not represent the Indian continent's majority population, similar to America and their early racist beauty pagents. Beauty is, as beauty does and it,s not color conscious. Seen some arcive photos of some black Jewish, Cochin Jewish women and they are/were beautiful, very beautiful straight hair, curly hair, aquiline noses, big noses, thin lips, big lips and all. Yes Jewish/Hebrew women are very beautiful, every time I see an Ethiopian woman, I see Rachel and Leah, I see Esther and Deborah, I see Rebekah and Dinah. Indians Jews stretch back to the days of Soloman unto the Assyrian, Babylonian captivities.
4. 5 thousand out of 1.3 billion
Raptor   (08.03.13)
No chance of the Jews "controlling" the banks and industry and all financial institutions, no Jewish lawyers and doctors. Tough to take a shot at us there.
5. Dear Raptor # 4
American Hindu ,   USA   (08.03.13)
I believe that Mahatma Gandhi's personal physician was a Jew, Dr. Erulkar. Many of the landmarks in Bombay are named after Jacob Circle, Flora (Sasson) Fountain. The architect of India's defeat of Pakistan in 1971 was a Jewish General, Gen Jacobs.....We are proud of our Indian Jews. Most left for spiritual or economic reasons, and not to escape persecution.
6. #3 Wow!
Edwin ,   Canada   (08.03.13)
Maybe Plain Janes compared with you. But, none-the-less they are stunning!
7. I know some of these Benei Israel
Edwin ,   Canada   (08.03.13)
There are a lot of Christian converts among them. Some converts trace back to Vasco da Gama and yet others to 1st century Aramaic-speaking Palestinians (Jews). The ones I know have no interest in Judaism other than a few vestiges of Jewish traditions and are now considered Syriac Catholics.
8. # 7
Nate ,   Mumbai   (08.03.13)
Edwin, you seem to be missing out on the awesome part of the bene israel people. you really know only SOME.
9. # 5 American Hindu
Raptor   (08.03.13)
Thank you Sir. I already knew that, I am very familiar with India and with the Indian Nation and its attitudes, Ghandi was an exceptional human being, one in a billion. I was being sarcastic rather than critical.
10. Jewish beauty queens in India
Syd Sopher ,   Toronto, Canada   (08.04.13)
You also failed to mention my cousin Anabelle Crawford who was the Miss India runner-up back in the late '60's or early '70s. She lost to Persis Khambatta who eventually had a role in one of the earlier Star Wars movies. Annabelle lives in L. A. and unlike the other beauty queens mentioned she is married to a Jew.
11. Anabelle Crawford, Miss India Runner-up
Navras Jaat Aafreedi ,   NOIDA, India   (08.04.13)
Dear Syd: Thank you very much, indeed, for letting us know about your cousin Anabelle Crawford. I would be most grateful if you could kindly put me in touch with her. My email address is Best wishes, Navras
12. Where's their Jewishness in marrying whom they did?
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (08.04.13)
13. #8 Nate
Edwin ,   Canada   (08.04.13)
I have no doubt!
14. #9: Gandhi was not supportive of founding Israel. ...
Jacob ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.04.13) your history before you glorify your enemies.
15. #5: yet Gandhi was against founding of State of Israel.
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (08.04.13)
16. #5 & #9: Gandhi's grandson Arun is biggest Jew hater...
Gershon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.04.13)
...his grandfather Mahatama Gandhi was no different. Research your facts before you praise so called "friends of Jews".
17. Gandhi had gay affair with South African Jew
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (08.05.13)
Gandhi had gay affair with South African Jew.
18. Gandhi was no saint
American Hindu ,   USA   (08.06.13)
And Nehru, the father of Indira Gandhi had an affair with Lady Mountbatten, who was Jewish. All this gossip aside, it is true, that Gandhi was naive, and his attitude led to the death of MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs at the hands of the Muslims. And yes, his grandson is no friend of Israel. However most Indians are!
19. I doubt it.
John A Goldberg ,   America   (08.13.13)
Everywhere you go you see that light skin is considered beautiful, look at Korea and Japan, areas that have never experienced "racism." "every time I see an Ethiopian woman, I see Rachel and Leah, I see Esther and Deborah, I see Rebekah and Dinah" Funny, the historical record says nothing about them being Black. You think the Greeks or Romans would have made a note of it.
20. Indian buffet meals
USA   (08.17.13)
I love to eat at Indian buffet restaurants. I go once a week. On the TVs in the restaurants are lots of Bollywood silly moves :))
21. LMAO,,,,, article 10 days old
Linda ,   New Haven, Conn.   (08.18.13)
You waited 10 days to respond to this article and my comment,,,,, LMAO,,,, now how old is your racism and deep seated hatred of peoples of color, possibly Ethiopian peoples. There was an ancient world before your "Greek" and "Roman" and it wasn't white. Bereshit(Genesis) opens up, first few pages in the Tanakh,,, we hear of Ethiopia, nothing of your "Greek", "Roman",,,, Mr. John A. Golberg????????
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