Teens who assaulted Arabs get jail time
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 08.07.13, 14:02
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1. Good!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.08.13)
Actually better than I expected. At least they weren't given parole. Congratulations to Judge Yaakov Zaban.
2. getting away with terrorizim
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.08.13)
Had it been Palestinians attacking a jew, they would have been called terrorists and put in jail for an extended period. This slap on the wrist sentence will only encourage more jewish terror attacks.
3. R u kidding us? Lynch, Racially motivated and max. 8 months?
JayZ ,   Jerusalem   (07.08.13)
4. Fair
stuart ,   South Africa   (07.08.13)
This proves that Israel is not an apartheid state. The rule of law is fairly applied and therefore it is within the contexts of a democratic state. For those of you who question the actual length of term, you question out of prejudice and not fact. There are many reasons for a judge to determine this or that and in order to be fair, one needs to understand the details of the case. The fact that there is jail time for assault to me is more than fair. In my country, if a conviction had been achieved, then persons would most likely have got a suspended sentence.
5. Good indeed.
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (07.08.13)
It is NOT acceptable to beat someone up because they are Arab (or Jewish, or Christian...etc) . I am glad these individuals get to to see a prison cell. For demographics sake... i am a "right of center" winged Jewish male in the US. Hopefully these people will think about their actions in prison. Also i pray a speed recovery for the victim.
6. #2 Are you kidding me?
Alex   (07.08.13)
They'd have been released in the next prisoner transfer, one dead Israeli vs. 1000 palestinian prisoners. Meanwhile they can go on strikes to improve their situation even more, in a couple of year any Arab inmate will just be tranferred to a mansion instead, waiting for their release comfortably...
7. Imagine if the kid died!
David ,   San Diego   (07.09.13)
Then the punishment would have been really harsh! 9 months and maybe some community service! But seriously, 10 year old Arab kids get longer sentences for throwing rocks. Alex- you're simply delusional and didn't even address Rami's point. Rami- realize that Israeli's aren't your countrymen, They don't like you more simply because you're a Palestinian Christian. You pander to them far too much.
8. unfair
frank ,   israel, south africa   (07.09.13)
don't kid yourself. for racialistic attacts those kids got light sentances. as for the development of the apartheid nation, there are plenty of palestinian detainees being held indefinitely, without trial, for lesser deeds.
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