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Gaza terrorists infiltrate Sinai
Roi Kais
Published: 08.07.13, 16:29
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1. Good they go to Egypt......
Benjy   (07.08.13)
Gazans go join the Islamic brotherhood Just like the hizbollas "fighters " go to Syria.....well rid of them.
2. You don´t speak with terrorists.
albert snow ,   sweden   (07.08.13)
Either you jail them or kill them. Hope the egyptian army is taking on the hard gloves and don´t listen to protests from Obama or EU. There is no "including" of islamists in the process if Egypt want to be a democratic state. Water and fire don´t match.
3. Egypt
Jose ,   Seville,Spain   (07.08.13)
Whats staggering about all this is how Obama backed these MB terrorists and now wants "inclusion" of all parties. A rigged election that bought the MB to power doesnt represent democracy. Obama sympathises with radical islam, his vision of this demonic cult ruling the ME could have been real if it werent for the Egyptians waking up and realising their culture that has existed for thousands of years had been hijacked by Islamo fascism. And now these MB lunatics cry the same old hysteria" this is a war on islam".
4.  Nothing better than seeing Ishmaelites
A ,   Belgium   (07.08.13)
destroying themselves. Keep up the good work!
5. It is starting
oliver ,   eilat   (07.08.13)
It is starting the end of egypt
6. #4 your sick
aiman ,   jersey   (07.08.13)
A real classy civilized person you are enjoy watching people die. sicko. Egypt will be okay after we deal with these scum. and after all set and done youll still be a scum bag.
7. #6 Who is going to deal with this scum...YOU?
A ,   Belgium   (07.09.13)
So do it! Prove me wrong, Egypt has never been "ok". Egypt had a history, but modern Egypt is nothing but a tourist attraction of past glory and modern failure, and a poor one at that. Go kill yourselves for allah, or for whatever reason. I'll enjoy being a scumbag watching Egypt DIE.
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