Israel to trade arms for migrants with African countries
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.07.13, 15:15
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1. Not ideal
Kate   (07.09.13)
This is ridiculous! Just send them back to their countries of origin. We will create more enemies by arming these Africans who will turn on us eventually with our own weapons. Israel has never been politically correct, why now?
2. Send them back send them Now
MB ,   US/Israel   (07.09.13)
The term African migrants irritates me to pieces. Until I moved to Israel the 'n' word has never crossed my mind, now living here I want to shout it at their ugly smirky faces everyday.
3. Good!! Whatever it takes!!
Yochanan ,   Y'layim, IL   (07.09.13)
4. Real face of zionism ,...
split ,   US   (07.09.13)
Bribe and return them to the regimes they were running from ,...
5. Unbelievable
jim ,   uk   (07.09.13)
You could not make it up. Israel human trafficking for arms. Utterly disgusting
6. Wrong move
These will increase the AIDS epidemic in S.Sudan! Soldiers there already have double rates of HIV compared to the rest if their population. I dont think I need to specify what soldiers possessing weapons do to women there and how the disease spreads.
7. The Euro-Cracker Jew in the Holy Land
Danny ,   Pittsburg, Penn.   (07.09.13)
This is the results.
8. Euro and UK talkbacks funny
RJSUSA ,   USA   (07.09.13)
I love the talkbacks from the European and UK commentators. Their native cultures are literally dying because they are importing 3rd world multiculturalists, but they're not satisfied with their own deaths - they're trying to make Israel follow them. Israel lives. It will not allow African migrants to settle in its midst and dilute the one Jewish state. Now go die peacefully and leave the Jews alone.
9. above comments
CJK   (07.09.13)
your jew hatred knows no limit. israel is finding homes for these african migrants but still you are complaining. they are not being sent back to their countries. at the same time, some african countries will receive technological and agricultural help. yes, they will also receive weapons.
10. genius
zionist forever   (07.09.13)
We give them weapons as part of a deal to get the migrants off our hands then not only do we get rid of the migrants but we are at the same time creating new allies and finding potential future customers for Israeii weapons. Today they get given some surplus IDF weapons which would have been sold off anyway, tomorrow they become an Israeli client. its certainly controversial but the African countries have military needs just same as Israel does and they have a right to buy weapons and if we do not sell them then somebody else will so how do we benefit from refusing to sell or give weapons to African countries?
11. Excellent idea- Good to send the illegal foreigners back!
Eilon ,   IL   (07.09.13)
Illegals ARE illegal !!!!!
12. number 4
A V ,   london .UK   (07.09.13)
in the USA you do it everyday to the Mexican ,don't forget you stole texas and california from them (all the towns names are in spanish i.e... los angeles)as a prove
13. It's what the Israeli's wanted GOOD!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.09.13)
If any one wants to immigrate legally that's fine. No nation as small as Israel can take in countless refugees who've crossed into Egypt first ( where by law they must be returned ) and expect to live in Israel. Meanwhile, KEEP BUILDING !!!!
14. trafficking
khulud ,   haifa   (07.09.13)
I'm sorry, but there's no other term for "trading" people for arms other than "trafficking in human beings".
15. re:trafficking
mike ,   US   (07.09.13)
It's not trading arms for people, it's trading people with arms! totally different! For each African you take we will give you a tank and 200 uzis! Act now!
16. #14
Kind of sad actually that we have to pay to get these unwanted, unwelcomed creatures out of our country.
17. #14 Really? How about
A ,   Belgium   (07.09.13)
these are your people, take them back. They came to us expecting handouts, but they aen't getting any. These people are not Jews but they expect the Jewish State of Israel to give them shelter. You should really think about the meaning of. your claim ""trafficking in human beings". That means slavery, and Israel did NOT bring Africans to Israel to work as slaves. They came in desparation to escape ISLAM, and Israel wants to send them home. What's the problem?
18. #2 funny
Sara ,   Israel   (07.09.13)
The N word is polite in comparison to the names I want to call them every time they stare at my young daughter. I pray this deal doesn't fall through and they will be gone shortly.
19. Israel sending arms to dubious countries
with insecure political and human rights situations, but is complaining if others do likewise. If it's okay selling weapons to countries like Sudan or Eritrea, why shouldn't it be okay to sell arms to Iran?
20. @19
the usa is sending arms not only to dubious countries, but some of the most fanatic, unstable, violent, repressive, backwards, death cults, mysoginistic, lacking human rights, murderers and despots and autocrats.....need i say more? sudan egypt saudi arabia jordan afghanistan pakistan india (less so) niger morocco (less so) lebanon south africa zair botswana need i continue??????
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