Tourism at record high in 1st half of 2013
Published: 12.07.13, 07:30
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1. Was at an Exhibition yesterday in London
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.12.13)
Came across an Israel Tourist Board Stand Very busy But yet again people at the Stand were asking 'Are there any affordable 'Family Activity/Water Resorts' in Israel? To build up Tourism we need to offer a Spectrum of Experiences - that include the Religious Excursions, Kibbutz Holidays, Sight Seeing Holidays, Beach Holidays but most important dedicated self contained affordable Family Resorts that provide water and other activities, entertainment and good connectivity which could be located around Beersheba North Negev. In addition we need to improve the Shopping Experience for Tourists in Israel - for Quality Foodstuffs, Israeli Designer Fashion Jewellery and Accessories and Art But in addition we need to develop the niche markets of Health Tourism and Learning Tourism - everything from 2 Week Torah Learning, to Boot Camps, Martial Arts, Art, Cooking, Computing.... Remember that 1.8m Visitors in 6 months is a great achievement but a drop in the ocean when compared with even tiny Hong Kong on 11m Visitors over a six month period so we have a long way to go but lots and lots of gold star business opportunities for Israeli and Overseas Investors along the way
2. Every Credit to Landau
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.12.13)
Suggest that he organises a Conference of Invited Israeli and Overseas Investors to explore the idea of Inland Desert Family Resorts and what the Government needs to provide in terms of Support and Infrastucture Suggest that Landau organises a Conference of potential Israeli Providers of Learning Holidays and what the Government needs to provide in terms of Support and Infrastucture - Annual Directory/Catalogue of Providers, Marketing etc etc. There are many many people in S E Asia who would love for example to spend a week or two learning about Judaism Suggest that Landau organises a Conference of potential Israeli Providers of Health Services - especially Dental Services and determine what the Government needs to provide in terms of Support and Infrastucture Suggest that Landau organises a Conference of Israeli Retail to explore how the Retail Offering can be improved for the Aspirational Tourist Shopper interested in Top of the Range Merchandise. Tourist Shopping in London, Hong King, New York etc for Luxury Brands in first class surroundings is huge and Israel has to start catering more seriously for that end of the market And that's just for starters!
3. Tourism to Israel
chilli.Raveh ,   Israel   (07.12.13)
Essential to improve tourist services starting with train service from Ben Gurion Airport. 30 mins between trains is not acceptable and the crush of travellors and baggage on the platform is not a good introduction to Israel.
4. #3....Im sure Landau takes on board these comments
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.12.13)
Just a simple improvement as you've suggested can make a big difference! Perhaps Landau should invite Talkbackers to offer their Top suggestions for improvements to Tourist Infrastructure and best 10 suggestions qualify for a prize?
5. Buses ans trains on shabbat
Stop being a third world country and tourists will flow in!
6. #1 yeah right, water resorts
Dmitry ,   Israel   (07.12.13)
We don't have enough water to drink at the end of the summer, and did you forget the drought that lasted for five years? Yeah, I've got a water resort for you. It's called the beach. Water is warm all year round if you're from Brighton. Even in the Kinneret probably.
7. Surprised
TA   (07.12.13)
Oddly, while walking on Rothchild blvd yesterday I made a comment about the lack of tourist buses. Glad I was wrong and people are not shunning Israel as its often reported in other media.
8. #6 Yes and No!
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.15.13)
Your point about Water is of course valid but the hope and expectation is that as Desal Supplies grow then this would be possible... Beaches - sure BUT the point I was trying to make was that TA and Ashkelon and Netanya Beaches are just that Beaches. They are not Family Friendly Resorts that can easily cater for Affordable Family Holidays And if there is any doubt about the potential demand the MOT should do some Market Surveys in Europe and N America to corroborate...and let the figures speak for themselves!
9. Water & Family Friendly Resorts
Christy ,   Boston, US   (08.03.13)
Would it be possible to fill any water facilities with sea water? Why does it need to be scarce fresh water? (I'm asking because I don't know.) I think a self-contained, family friendly resort with some water attractions would be a great idea. Not everyone loves the beach. I live fairly close to an ocean - the Atlantic - and there are many nice beaches I could go to. However, I've always preferred a pool. I also like water slides - tame ones.
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