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Panama sees 2 anti-Semitic incidents
Published: 10.07.13, 07:53
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1. Panama shelter for old Nazis
ky   (07.10.13)
They only know about their canals. You really don't want to go there. A very smelly place, I hear.
2. Everybody in the goverment asked for an apology
Yuval ,   Panama City, Panama   (07.10.13)
Even the Latin American Parlament, it's a desgrace what happend, much more from such a friendly country of Israel. But mostly, panamenians a not anti semitic, but there's always a few black sheeps...
3. Error
Juan ,   Panama   (07.11.13)
Only One Person say something and you generalize, you are a big ignorant too.
4. #3 Juan
Beer ,   Germany   (07.11.13)
You're right. One person is not counted. Especially when this person is Juan from Panama.
5. to #1
daniela   (07.11.13)
Im sorry to say to you and all those readers that only know about a Canal in Panama, that there is much more to that in this country. It is one the Central American country that has a growth that none other has had. The jewsih community is one of the strongest wit very little assimilation and strong jewish traditions. Panama and its community are looked by many other jewish communites in the world as a strong supporter of Israel and its institutions. And, by the way, Panama was one of those very few countries that were against the vote for a Palestinian acceptance as a member of the UN. it is unfortunate that a governor has spoken in that way about one of the members of our community that dared to criticize the government and it is also sad to see one of the leading newspapers in the country allow an antisemitic opinion to be published, but it doesnt mean that all Panama is anti semitic and that most of its citizens agree with Omaira Correa or with the article written in La Prensa. I believe that those are things that happen in every country in the world, and we have to fight those situations whenever they appear, but we also have to differentiate when those are isolated cases or when they are imbued in the mentality of the citizens of a country. And I do not believe it is the case in Panama. So.. KY... i reccomend that one day you visit us in Panama, and you will find out more than a canal and a smelly place for sure
6. # 4 Or, the Governor he defends....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.11.13)
How's the beer?
7. #1
Babaganush ,   PANAMA   (07.12.13)
#1 you are a big ignorant, I live in Panama, just read what #5 said.
8. #4 Most people in Latin America are Israel's Friendly
DianaK ,   Germany   (07.12.13)
Most people in Latin America are Israel's Friendly, the opposite to germany where every second citizen is an antisemite , in my daily experience here in germany Not a week goes by without hearing an antisemitic slur. and without dealing with people like you.
9. #6
DianaK ,   Germany   (07.12.13)
people like you , don´t help to improve Israel´s reputation , to the contrary your ranting full of hatred multiply the enemies of Israel. people like you make it very difficult for us in the Diaspora to defend and support Israel.
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