IDF spokesman: Hezbollah is Lebanon's destroyer
Yoav Zitun
Published: 10.07.13, 08:46
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1. "Hezbollah is Lebanon's destroyer"
dr harry ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.10.13)
No problem. Arafat also destroyed Lebanon. Israel chased him out & Arafat went to Tunis, until Peres, the Dreamer, invited him to live in the Heart of Israel. I am sure Peres will do the same humanitarian outreach with Hezbollah. They could become our Partners in Piece.
2. But are they now Out of Control?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.10.13)
Time and again over the last four weeks there has been word from the Lebanese Street of an imminent Hezbollah Coup of the whole of Lebanon The notion that the Lebanese Army and Militias are no match for Hezbollah and Iran would turn a blind eye to a Coup is being talked about at every level in Hezbollah Circles And as if that isnt enough, they even have a name for this new Country..The Hezbollah Republic of Lebanon with its Supreme Leader Hassan Nasrallah So the so called self appointed 'Protectors' of Lebanon have transformed into Lebanons Destroyers - the ultimate treachery
3. Lebanon put out a big tourism campaign last
Benjy   (07.10.13)
year with every other ad break on some programs (foriegn) showing the clubbing and bikina clad women on the beaches , no Hizzbolla in sight! Was that a waste of money or what? Maybe a place for a real cheap vacation???! Its sad because Lebanon was beautiful, Beruit the Paris of the middle east.....look what this hizzbo vermin has done to it!
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