Million Palestinians to enter Israel during Ramadan
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 10.07.13, 09:54
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1. Israel During Ramadan
Nili ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.13)
I'm all for cohesion, but it would be nice if the government started educating the security forces on Jewish holidays and beliefs with a goal to showing respect for us. Remember, Israel is still Jewish!
2. Why the heck can't the "loved ones" visit them instead? What
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.10.13)
is the reason for letting a MILLION potential enemies into Israel? Why is their Ramadan our headache? Jerusalem has almost no significance in Islam, so spare me the BS about it's being sacrosanct. All this Jewish fawning and posturing: what is it for? To prove to the World (that couldn't give a damn), that we are oh-so humane and enlightened? Unless we slit our own throats (Masada-style) the "world"/Muslims will continue to despise us, so please keep the food for the needy where it belongs. Saudis can take care of the rest.
3. Eid Mubarak to the Israeli Muslim Community
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.10.13)
And to all our friends in the wider Muslim World Peace be upon you and Shalom
4. Bring it on
Gilad ,   Holy land   (07.10.13)
Question is can we terrorize them like they terrorize us? Should I polish my kitchen knives and collect some rocks?
5. Ramadan in Israel
Then, the Arabs will call Israel & THE JEWS RACIST & APARTHEID STATE
6. What?
James ,   London   (07.10.13)
When did Jerusalem become Israel, am i missing something
7. Arabs do not respect Jewish Festivals
Be fair to the Jews ,   Arabs not fair   (07.10.13)
Every Jewish holidays, the Arabs make problems for the Jews. Why should the Jews co-operate with Muslims festivals ?
8. #2 Tom
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (07.10.13)
Tom, Tom... where to start...? A million potential enemies? For sure, some will be. That's why both Palestinian and Israeli security forces are being beefed up at the checkpoints. Most of 'em just want to celebrate and reunite with their families. Why is their Ramadan our headache? Well, ~20% of Israel's population is Muslim, with family ties to Palestinians. So folk want to visit and reconnect with their families - and visit their holy places. Like it or not, Jews and Arabs share a connection to this land. I don't know what makes Jews a better authority on the significance of Jerusalem to Islam than the Muslims themselves. It's evident that the Temple Mount is holy to them - why do you think you know better? All this Jewish posturing and fawning? Not sure I'd use those terms. I'd call it humanity and compassion, and those for me are core to the Jewish faith. I'm not sure that we're doing this to make the world love us more - that's fairly unlikely, although a few PR points in the more enlightened countries won't hurt us. It's also an opportunity for the Palestinians to see that Israelis (by and large) are pleasant people, don't have horns, comprise the same number of arms and legs. And for Israelis to get a better understanding of our neighbors on the other side of the fence. Food for the needy? Humanity and compassion again. Rabbi Eckstein seems to have the right idea. Always better than hatred. Finally, last year's Ramadan went extremely well. The government and security forces have presumably done the groundwork to make sure this year's celebrations go smoothly. All in all, it seems very worthwhile. Unless you hate Arabs of course.
9. BS!
G ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.13)
Huh, I guess I will not be going to the beach for a month. Thank you Israeli government for protecting your enemy before your loyal citizen.
10. What the f
Just this week there have been numerous articles reporting terror plots or infiltratration from Palestianians. Very negligent and irresponsible on behalf of our government. Go to Mecca Muslim worshipers you have no business coming to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.
12. Send them all to MECCA, the holy site for Muslims......!!!!!
Angel ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.13)
Free our holy Temple Mount from the Arab occupation..... AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE JEWS. The current unholy situation is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13. #8:Really? Arab "authority" regarding this part of the World
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.10.13)
is well known&documented,so unless you've been hiding in your bomb shelter since the Gulf-War you should know better. The all too high percentage of Arabs in Israel is something we must discourage, even if it means being not-so-nice. Bringing "humanity&compassion" into any equation that has Islam as one of the ingredients is insincere. Stating that love is better than hatred is, choose the adjective.Of course not all of them are enemies that'd take up arms, some of them are satisfied with breeding & bringing up "shahids" and generally being silent in the face of Islamic barbarism that's sweeping this Planet. I couldn't care if my next door neighbors were Arabs or Chinese or Haredi. Funny, that after all the mayhem& murder the Arabs have done to "our" people I do not hate them: I just don't want them around me. Unless you point to me a place(country) where Islam rules, that you'd be willing to live in I am not buying any of it. But, if it makes you happy & Human and evolved...go for it young man. Spread the gospel.
14. Ramadan, eh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.10.13)
Perfect time to strike our Moslem enemies. Remember Yom Kippur, 1973? Why should we be any more respectful of their faith than we are of theirs? And -- given the events of Yom Kippur, 1973 -- they are not exactly in a position to complain, now, are they?
15. James London no 6
No James, you are not missing nothing. Israel and its capital city called JERUSALEM is Jewish. This land belong to Jews, thousands of years before Mohammed or Islam were born. Read your bible and read history before making stupid and arrogant comments
16. Troops not eating or drinking.
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (07.10.13)
Let me get this straight. Out of respect our troops, who are working on the hot sun for hours on end can't eat or drink for fear that an Arab will be offended! That is pure lunacy. The Arabs have no problem eating and drinking on Jewish fast days. --Even the Jewish troops who are at the kotel etc, on T'sha B'Av eat and drink in front of worshippers. Why isn't anyone concerned about offending ME!! I am all for respect--but it should be a two way street. Right now it isn't anything to do with respect and loads to do with groveling!!
17. While we have every right to reject this, there are positive
jrebecca ,   modiin   (07.10.13)
Yes, the potential for terrorism increases. Yes, they have no respect for us, so why should we respect them etc etc. But we do allow for other religions, and being tolerant of their peaceful visits is good for both of us. Plus it really messes with the PA's "no normalization" policy.
18. Checkpoint soldiers not allowed to drink and eat?
Edna ,   Haifa   (07.10.13)
This is really too much! There should be a limit of what can be demanded of people and soldiers in particular! Perhaps all the restaurants etc. should be closed when this tsunami of visitors visits Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other places?
19. Respect
Respect should be from both sides, not one side. MUST BE TWO WAYS NOT ONE WAY.
20. Another example of government negligence.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.10.13)
Can you think of any other government which would allow huge numbers of enemies to stream into its nation? This is yet another example of the negligence of Israel's government towards the basic life and death needs of its citizens.
21. to#2
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.13)
Tom, why so much hatred and onesidedness? Should all Jews compared to Baruch Goldstein,or othe guy who murdered Rabin? You really need to think of "people" before you label collectively. Did the 80 year old sahepherd who was assaulted on the West bank,minding his sheep and his own business deserve this?He and his family probably lived there for much longer than the ignorant people who assaulted him. You really need to start to think of the majoroty of normal Arabs who do a hard day's work in order to feed their families;who build settlements for Jews on what THEY consider to be their land.In fact most do not even consider this or politics.It is a shame that their(and our) leaders have got us all into this impasse. I wish all Arabs a good healthy and happy Ramadan.
22. #14
laughable ,   Thornhil, Ontario   (07.10.13)
2nd sentence. Because Jewish mentality is different. We cherish life.
23. Tomer, Tomer, why ignore facts?
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (07.10.13)
There is no part of Israel, including the Temple Mount, that is holy to muslims. Didn't you see the picture of them praying towards Mecca and with their butts to the Temple Mount? How much more insulting and sacriligious do you want them to be? Remember when they had full control of the Temp;e Mount and had it full of trash and human waste? How about they play soccer(kadur regel) as if it were some field? Because we(especially seculars like Dayan) that run to the goyim to lick their shoes shiny, is why the government runs to do their will and for some to give them gifts, food and so on. Truth is not hate, it is truth. The muslims want us all dead or muslim. What don't you understand. Ein-leha sehel?
24. 1million!!G-d help & bless the soldiers
ThankU.IsraeliSoldjr ,   Jerusalem Israel   (07.10.13)
25. # 21 When pals love their kids more than they hate Jews.....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.10.13)
A Primer for your bad memory Fogel Family. Shalit kidnapping. Terror on Israeli's cafes, buses, Yom Kipper. arafat's psycho 'museum of the teen 'martyrs' Countless Gaza missiles? What, are you nuts? YES!!! KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
26. Arabs don't care about Temple Mount
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko, Israel   (07.10.13)
Why are we risking the security of Israel on a people that don't even care about the Temple Mount? You can see from the photo above that they pray with their butt facing the Mosque. I say, don't let them in!
27. Can Someone Tell Me When
Bibi will Preside over Pasach or Yom Kipur or Purum at The Temple of Our Late KINGS David And Solomon????
28. To the "palestinians"
Devorah   (07.10.13)
Notwithstanding the expense of ensuring you behave in a civil manner, Israel thanks you for increasing her 2013 GDP.
29. Squatters
Ron ,   oc us   (07.10.13)
I bet Israel gets about 10,000 new Arab squatters. Israel let 65,000 illegal African/Moslems into Israel what will be the excuse when thousands of Arabs are squatting in Israel. The Arabs that want to visit loved ones, then they travel out of Israel.
30. Why noT for 9AV
Aavram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.10.13)
What 's your priorities????? Shame of you.
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