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Arafat's Jewish-Palestinian advisor passes away
Elior Levy, AFP
Published: 10.07.13, 22:15
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1. Just another self-hating ones...
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.10.13)
I never stop beeing surprised...
2. Oxymoron to say the least
DA ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.13)
Sadly, he didnt get to see the conflict get resolved before his passing.
3. 100% Jewish? I doubt it!
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (07.10.13)
4. How times have changed: "newspeak"
Tom W ,   USA   (07.10.13)
Once upon a time the proper words to describe these people were "kapo", collaborator, traitors, - not to mention more vulgar ones... Today these scum are called "intellectuals". Radical leftists and islamofascist sympathizers are "highly respected intellectuals" like their doyen, Chomsky. What a Kafkaesque "Metamorphosis" - life imitates art: the human turns into vermin.
5. Who cares? Certainly not I
Al   (07.10.13)
6. traitor
rjh ,   tel aviv   (07.10.13)
7. Baruch HaShem
Yoni ,   Israel   (07.10.13)
Piece of RUBBISH
8. Why?
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (07.10.13)
Why is Halevi worthy of the space in your newspaper? Did you create a new section dedicated to "traitors." Intellectual my ass!
9. I bet you
Gimpel the fool ,   Jhb, S.A.   (07.10.13)
I am willing to bet that he never married a Jew or had Jewish offspring. I always am fascinated by these self haters.
10. He will finally meet Arafat again
Shalom ,   Ashdod, IL   (07.10.13)
11. Jew plo adviser
Steve Goodman ,   Israel   (07.10.13)
Good Riddance......Great News.......there is a G-d.........
12. intellectual ?
david gilmour ,   cambridge, uk   (07.10.13)
Did this moron advise Arafat to use terror instead of making peace ? Did he rejoice the murder of thousands of Jews ? One wonders about this misguided idiot's parents. Oh the shame ! He advised Yasser, one of the most disgusting beings on the planet. Well, good riddance loser !
13. That reminds me
Devorah   (07.10.13)
Why haven't we heard anything about the test results of Arafat's body after it was exhumed in November, 2012 because traces of Polonium were found on his clothing? The results should have been made available about three months ago.
14. 69 years overdue
BH ,   Iowa   (07.10.13)
15. "Intellectual"
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (07.10.13)
Ynet becoming more like the self-hating, not-widely-read Ha'aretz every day.
16. French
A.P. ,   Israel   (07.10.13)
The French are quite anti-Semitic (fact). Perhaps he was only French and not Jewish at all... Otherwise the only other explanation would be a mental disorder.
17. No difference between secular left and Netura Karta.
Shalom   (07.11.13)
Both hate Zionists and Israel. But the secular left hate all religious Jews as well, which is one positive point for NK.
18. #13 Devorah
MR   (07.11.13)
Excellent question!
19. "Socialist International" like his fellow mosser
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls   (07.11.13)
Crazy uncle Simon Perske/Peres
20. Any News of Arafat's Dig! Aids or what?
21. Hyria has been converted to a monument
Ilan   (07.11.13)
No burial in Israel for him
22. Useful idiot !
Jeffrey Marlowe ,   Leeds   (07.11.13)
May his dear departed soul wander a black hole for eternity. Intellectual academic = Naive fool
23. all his miserable life was a total failure !
24. #13
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (07.11.13)
I've been wondering the same thing. Not a peep out of anyone. Where is the media's efforts to dig out the story? They seem to be present anytime an Israeli soldier sneezes on someone about to throw a piece of concrete at Zahal.
25. Maybe
Tony ,   USA   (07.11.13)
Or maybe he worked for the Mossad So I suggest give him the benefit of the doubt Trust me whatever he advised Arafat was good for israel Think about it
26. Mastered self hating? Not worth noting.
Mea   (07.11.13)
27. Israel should rejoice
Eli ,   Israe   (07.11.13)
It is permissible to rejoice when your enemies perish from the earth, he was no intellectual just a self hating murderous Jew who wanted to see the end of his people, there is nothing lower than a traitor, rejoice all Israel.
28. Stop the evil lies! There is no "Palestinian President".
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.11.13)
Why on earth would Ynet choose to elevate despicable Holocaust Denier and Munich Massacre Mastermind Abbas by calling him "Palestinian President"? This horrid creature has the blood of countless innocent Jews on his hands. There is no Palestine and never will be one. Stop the disgusting lies!
29. Traitors
johnrobey ,   austin texas   (07.11.13)
I don't know who is a traitor anymore---was Dreyfus a traitor, The Rosenbergs? Snowden---traitor or hero? Pollard now Halevi...or maybe Jews from Australia who turn over their passports and allegiance to another country, maybe the members of AIPAC....are they traitors to America? I suppose we can all agree that the Jews who helped the Nazis were traitors...right?
30. Look on a bright side - guys is irreplaceable.
leo ,   usa   (07.11.13)
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