Arab-Israelis: 'We'll give our lives for Morsi'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 13.07.13, 16:50
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1. Please supporters and opponents of Mursi
Mira ,   Vienna   (07.13.13)
Kill each other and don't forget to shout "allahu akhbar while doing so!
2. Deport them immediately
Benoa   (07.13.13)
Push them out into Egypt. Stop the weaky-meeky nonsense.
3. Kafr Kanna
Jim ,   Chicago, USA   (07.13.13)
Residents are more loyal to Islam than Israel, "invite" them out of Israel, perhaps Gaza is a good place for them.
4. No 3 - what do you expect?
when a whole country sets them aside and doesn't consider them as part of the society? Would you be loyal to a country like that?
5. "We'd give our lives for Morsi"
Avi   (07.13.13)
Let no one says there's no full freedom of religion. Please exercise that religious right in Egypt.
6. did anyone get shot while praying?
american american ,   istanbul   (07.13.13)
7. #4:Just as they are "set aside" in every European country
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.13.13)
they've set their filthy boots in, right?! Poor & very flammable Islamists! Victims of Western Imperialism, especially in France, England, Sweden, Demnark and Germany. Obviously there must be reason for the unending Islamic rage: WE insult them, because we dare to breathe in our own house.
8. #4. "Time to wise up to the MB".
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.13.13)
The MB is banned in many countries including ME countries. The article, "Time to wise up to the MB" can be found on the internet and gives a good run-down of the MB and their nefarious activities. Ban them and Sheikh Raed Salah & Co. who support them. Kick them out of Israel. Send them packing to Egypt let them give their lives for Morsi.
9. They 're doing a huge favor for the Mossad
keep protesting ... until there are photos of all of you.
10. You Don't Need a Weatherman . . .
emanon ,   USA   (07.13.13)
. . . To Know Which WAy The Wind Blows. For those that still don't get it, let me explain: Morsi was/is MB. MB is anti-Israel / anti-Jew. So that means these arabs living in Israel want a One State Solution and Jews have no part in it. These same arabs will be working AGAINST Israel and FOR the caliphate the MB wants to establish. Got it now? Can it be made any clearer?
11. Try Morsi for treason
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (07.13.13)
What else for firing the Supreme court, the parliament and trying install yourself as dictator, not to mention rigging the election.
12. Calming the mayhem
If having President Morsi step down for now and have the military resume "control" calm the situation, then it's the better alternative for now. The public hasn't heard or seen enough progress in their demands to be at peace with the government as it were. These demands, or grievances, of the public must be addressed to a satisfactory end. News articles are reporting on current needs the people have, thus demands, in their livelihoods, particularly food consumption. The population of Egypt is an issue. Assumptions of realities of Egypt's agriculture capabilities are damaging. Those doing the assuming need to know the facts of current wheat imports and financial assistance Egypt is receiving. This needs to be brought under control and population growth curtailed as needed. These are facts. The economy is used for the blame. Be it the economy or not, peoples needs take precedence. Islam mentions or the "pure" and "impure". Don't take the phrase "Allah is oft forgiving and most merciful" as a blank check for pure heathenish behavior to where conduct in Tahrir Square is that of a wild pack of animals. Then, you are waging war against "Allah and his Apostle" and your society spirals into that of a wild uncivilized bunch of humanoids. The military says they are holding Morsi for his well being. This can be true and to save even other peoples bloodshed. If investigations clear Morsi or wrongdoing, he's clear. Egypt's leader is going to need to have a clear plan easy enough for the simple man to understand and bring law and order to Egypt. Best wishes.
13. If they love him so much let them go live in Cairo.But they
Alan ,   SA   (07.13.13)
take Israeli Benefit as Jizya!
14. Arab Israelis
C   (07.13.13)
they will always oppose modernity, progress, and the freedoms of democracy. they will always support obscurantism, absolutism, and the dark ages.
15. Why didn't they make "Aliyah"
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (07.13.13)
to EGYPT years ago?? What are they doing in Zionist, Hebrew - speaking, Torah Teaching Israel? Oh - making a living - that's right.
16. Deport them to Egypt! NOW
17. No surprise here
Barak   (07.13.13)
Of course the Arab-Israelis support Morsi--he's also an Islamist lunatic. Israeli needs to get rid of these animals once and for all. Do to them what they have been trying to do to us since before we had our state back. Anything less is a slow suicide.
18. Of course the pallies support morsi
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (07.14.13)
It's only natrual for them to want what they are comfortable and used to. A corrupt, dishonest, violent and hateful leader that always makes the wrong choices for the of the people that they Lead.
19. Die for Morsi?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.14.13)
Sure. Feel free to leave Israel at any time.
20. Expel
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (07.14.13)
Are sooooo weak and stupid??? Why are we keeping this Islamist inside our borders??? Are we going to wait until they will be million of them and it will be too late??? No enemies of israel should've able to be in israel Lets not mixt democracy and suicidal policy
21. #17 Islamic Movement = Israel's Muslim Brotherhood branch
Ziv   (07.14.13)
So of course these idiots are loyal to their masters in Egypt. And of course they are totalitarian in their leanings. And of course ... . There are other Arabs - especially some Xtian Arabs that have recently raised their voices - who are loyal to Israel. Try not to say "the Arabs", and rather say "the Islamists". It will be more accurate.
22. what i do not understand
daniela   (07.14.13)
It is so easy for the palestinians or israeli arabs to want to give their lives for anybody ( as in this case- a president that they did not even vote) or in the name of anything and yet when they die in an israeli prison or in any action against israel they do such an international uproar..
23. please follow up your words with actions
zionist forever   (07.14.13)
24. "willing to give their life for Morsi"
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.14.13)
So go, donate your lives, go to Egypt and fight for the cause. Oh, and please take the honorable Sheikh Raed Salah with you.
25. Kafar Kana was established inthe 1830s
Jo   (07.14.13)
By the Pasha Ibrahim Ali, this was an Egytian settlement . Pasha Alil invaded the area and settled many villages in the south, the Galilee Triangle village have the same origin. Many of the invading force choose to settle rather than go back into Egypt proper. So this history and connection gives you alittle understanding of why some( and by no means all) are sympathetic to Egypt and her problems and have similiar Islamic outlook. Whether it helps anyone is another matter.
26. They live under Israel Democracy and say Egyptians must live
under Theocracy!?   (07.14.13)
Why didn't they move to Egypt when Morsi could use them ? Why did they prefer to live in Israel and not in Egypt ? like the Mufti who advised people to go for jihad to Syria but he himself went to London for vacation soon after this speech and got attacked by Moslem men there asking him whey he didn't go to Syria instead of London !
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