Report: Attack in Syria conducted by Israeli submarine
Published: 14.07.13, 08:14
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1. They're lucky it wasn't a shark!
2. I am wondering what Iranians are thinking now.
leo ,   usa   (07.14.13)
3. I am wondering when the Russians will teach a lesson to this
Shlomo ,   Russia   (07.14.13)
4. Israel had warned
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (07.14.13)
the butcher assad does not need yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles to continue genociding his people. these missiles were meant to be used in a war against israel. shame on putin for endangering the jewish state of israel.
5. How long will Putin & Assad just sit on their hands?
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (07.14.13)
6. Who did what?
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (07.14.13)
I liked it better when Israel took care of business but kept everyone in the dark..."was it the Israelis? Could have been, might have been, probably was, do you think it was?" And meanwhile, everyone's lips were sealed. It kept our enemies in the dark, uncertain and anxious. In general, everyone just talks too much today...In the old days that's why everyone all over were scared of the Mossad. They crept in, did their thing and crept out which scared the wits out of everyone. Where are they, what are they doing and are they still lurking about when they were already back home having breakfast.
7. #3: NEVER - They simply don't dare.
Israeli 2   (07.14.13)
8. Russia knows better
Maggidon ,   USA   (07.14.13)
indeed Noodle & Shlomo, the Russians will sit on their hands & feet for a looooooooooooong time and no doubt you will too, if you are waiting for Russia to do anything about this. The Russian military does not want to be humiliated by the Israeli forces, so it might be best to you to wait for something else instead of a Russian intervention into this one. Russia has been warned!!!
9. To: Rhonda at No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.14.13)
Dear, nothing has changed. The Mossad still does its thing. Israel still takes care of the necessary business. Idle conjecture from assorted Middle Eastern countries (not Israel) and the Times of London is precisely that -- idle conjecture. Israel has yet to confirm or deny any of those mysterious attacks in Lebanon and Syria -- or anywhere else, for that matter. All Israel has done is warn that the transfer of "game-changing" weapons will not be tolerated. Attempts to transfer such game-changing weapons have been thwarted. Most people, Rhonda, can add two and two and come up with four.
10. yakhont missiles
james hazan ,   Huddersfield   (07.14.13)
Russia had to sell these missiles to Syria.Once they have done so,it is up to the Syrians .Do not be surprised if Russia told Israel about them and more.With U.S help,Israel took them out .Result,evrybody is happy,appart from the Syrians.
11. Russians & Chinese in ME
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.14.13)
They will do anything to gain a foothold in ME. They would also sell their own daughters for profit. Such is the mentality and culture of these 2 world powers!
12. Attack on Syria ?
James McKinlay ,   Israel   (07.14.13)
Israel would never do such a thing it must have been the British !
13. Maggidon in USA
Levin ,   Vladivostok, Russia   (07.14.13)
If you think Russia is afraid of anyone, you are very mistaken and need your cranium checked. You forget our president is an 'ex' KGB agent. Russia does not particularly like Israel but it is not interested in sabotaging it either. The government is more occupied with trying to humiliate the US and its government in any way possible. I live here, I know, you can only speculate from US.
14. James Huddersfield goes top of class
Harvey ,   London   (07.14.13)
Correct assessment James . Russia does its duty and is seen to maintain Assads hegemony . That's where it's interest ends . It's up to Assad and Iran after that . It's like buying a new car . Once you take it out the showroom that's where the dealers responsibility ends outside general warranty . You crash it on the way home , its down to you . Russia will not get involved . I hope they were paid up front .
15. Levin also quite mistaken
maggidon ,   USA   (07.14.13)
I would suggest to you Levin, though you *say* you live in Russia, that you have been more than hoodwinked. Believing Russia is not terrified of Israel and that Israel could not totally destroy Russia is a sub-zero mentality. It is you who needs your cranium checked, although reading your post, I think the jury doesn't have to come back on this one. You're quite comical!!! :-]
16. To number 13 - No offense Mr. Levin,
Bartley Kulp ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.14.13)
Russia is nothing but a loud mouth bully that likes to beat its chest. Israel carried out this attack despite the fact that Russia has deployed warships in the area to intimidate Israel from doing such a thing.
17. Must and shall
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.14.13)
If this story is true, then the Zionist regime has committed a blatant and vile act of aggression. Russia, Iran, and Syria must teach the Zionists a harsh lesson that such aggression will be punished threefold.
18. Talk of Russia is funny
Igor ,   USA   (07.14.13)
While the Russian military has high tech weapons. It's soldiers lack moral, it's generals havnt won a war since 1945. Georgia doesn't count.. Since they really didn't have an army, nor did they try to resist. Over 60 percent of its navy is sitting in the junk yards. They do have nuclear weapons.. But so does Israel.
19. Job done
John ,   Herzliya   (07.14.13)
Whoever did it: RESPECT!!! Keep it that way.
20. What are the purposes of the sources of revelations?
Alan ,   Canada   (07.14.13)
The first "revelation" preceding that of the Sunday Times came from US anonymous but "official" sources feeding CNN. And contrary to the Times it stated that it was an air strike on the Latakia missile warehouse. not a submarine attack. Assuming any one of the two stories is true, one can estimate that only the US has the intelligence capability to detect either strike. So the question arises what would motivate the US to reveal the information? Is the US trying to deflect any accusation it might be involved? Or is it trying to impress Israel it can't do any unilateral military operation & keeping it secret from the US? Given the many warnings Israel issued on its resolve to prevent the deployment of the Russian missiles in Syria or Lebanon, there does not seem to be a reason to think that the revelations were intended to further impress Assad of the risks. In fact the révélations might be counterproductive for Israel as it may push Assad to retaliate at least for political reasons & face saving purposes which he did not find necessary when the nuclear reactor in Deir ez-Zor was blown up in September 2006 without any one claiming responsability to shame Assad.
21. i would think russia would be happy
american american ,   istanbul   (07.14.13)
syria has to buy new missiles now if it wants them
22. Putin is the smartest guy on the planet.
David ,   Hartford USA   (07.14.13)
He could easily have ordered the strike himself- knowing that others would get blamed. He makes a gazillion dollars in weapons sales and the weapons never get to be used. Smart dude! And if by chance Israel or the USA did the attack, please keep quiet about it. Keep the psychopaths in the dark.
23. Edward Snowden & US revelations
Alan ,   Canada   (07.14.13)
One possible reason not yet mentioned in the media for the anonymous leaks by US officials in the CNN story relating an Israeli airforce strike on the Latakia missile stores may be related to the Snowden affair & the presence of the man in Moscow. Catching &/or silencing Snowden before he does even more damage to some major US security defences is currently a priority objective highlighted by Obama's personal & direct involvement in discussions with Putin. So the US administration may be doing its best to not upset the Russian president by appearing clear of any involvement in the Russian missile destruction. One has to wonder what Putin might want from the US in exchange for responding favorably to Washington wishes (assuming Putin is not going to use Snowden indefinitely to humiliate the USA).
24. Israel's naval launch of missile on Syria
Rene ,   Bainbridge island US   (07.14.13)
You attribute the story to The Sunday Times of London, but the paper does not carry this item on this issue today.
25. A bit more leak...
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.14.13)
.. It is more obvious that US was behind the operation!!! Obama must have something to brag about, he has NOTHING to show up for his staff...
26. #'s 15 & 16
Levin ,   Vladivostok   (07.15.13)
Precisely my point. We have enough social problems of our own and as far the 'talk on the street' generally people are not against Israel as a whole (in Vladivostok we've had issues with skinhead nazis and the only rabbi was exiled to Ukraine about 3 years ago). Israel does not need to be afraid of Russia and Russia is not afraid of Israel. Putin's focus is on diminishing the US. But don't mock our army and capabilities, because our allies are Israel's worst enemies and as a Ruskie Yevrey I only wish the best for Israel.
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