Social protest's white mask
Merav Alush Levron
Published: 14.07.13, 09:50
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1. Confusing
Bempa   (07.14.13)
Hope never to have to go to one of this guy's lectures.
2. Dr. Levron makes it sound
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.14.13)
almost as bad as the rebel groups in Syria. One wonders just how accurate her analysis is...
3. White mask?
PL ,   TA   (07.14.13)
It's called a Guy Fawkes mask.
4. #1, not so confusing
Naftush ,   Israel   (07.14.13)
The author (a woman) touches on a lot of history. It's been 40 years since the original Black Panther protest, and masses of "Sephardics" have improved their lot so dramatically that only "loud" protest can remind us of those left behind. I only wonder how much of their protest is finger-pointing and how much they are willing to bootstrap, using the ample opportunities available.
5. The compulsive-obsessive "activists" should return to pigeon
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.14.13)
feeding. Not much of a political career to be made here....
6. Why somebody can "study" in TV Department
on taxpayers money and others can't study Tora?
7. #6, absolutely agree with you..
Ehud   (07.14.13)
...neither TV nor Thora studies should be paid by the taxpayer ! But at least the one studying TV pays tuition fees while the one studying Thira gets a salary, so get off our back !
8. to #7
Student pay almost nothing in Israel/ Fery few student in classes. Many students pay nothing. Professors pay is very high + keren ishtalmut, traveling money abroad. Graduates in TV live from the goverment money + keren ishtalmut the rest of their lifes.
9. #6, absolutely agree with you..
Ehud   (07.14.13)
...neither TV nor Thora studies should be paid by the taxpayer ! But at least the one studying TV pays tuition fees while the one studying Thira gets a salary, so get off our back !
10. To #8
Ehud ,   Tax paying Israel   (07.14.13)
I understand you are a Haredi with limited English knowledge, but obviously also with limited knowledge about the Israeli economy. Professors in Israel are underpaid compared to their colleagues abroad. Tuition fees for students are lower than in the US; that is because the difference between the real costs and the tuition fees is paid by the parents of those students in form of taxes! The same parents unfortunately have not only to pay for their own kids, but also for yours! Luckily, these free lunches are going to end soon.
11. #8 - Incorrect
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.14.13)
Tuition fees in Israel are very high re: average household income. Most students are supported by their families, plus part time work/scholarships/ full time employment plus studies. I was one of the latter. Not easy for anyone. I don't see any reason that a full time job stops a person from studying Torah if that is what s/he wants to do.
12. #10
Although there are a few exceptions, Israeli professors in Social Sciences and Humanities are overpaid useless hacks that contribute nothing. They are people who get their job because they know the right people.
13. Salaries of professors are VEY high
Keren ishtalmut (nothing like this in US). In US, student take a loan which he/she pays in 10+ years. In Israel the fee students pay is lughable. There are no TV departments in US. Of course, there womens/afro-american studies dept but that is another story. In good university you have to get a money from the bank ($50,000 a year). In Israel we need med. students+mathematics. And the end to keren ishtalmut everywhere.
14. #11
Ehud   (07.15.13)
You seem to have no idea about the real costs of studying. An average MONTHLY salary as an annual tuition fee may cover 10% of the costs at the most. Tuition fees in the US at Harvard or the MIT are around 35,000 US $, which is more than the average ANNUAL salary. So tuition fees in Israel are low as they are heavily subsidized by taxpayer's money in various forms. European tuition fees (UK, Germany) are similarly low. BTW, there is nothing wrong with working oneself through your studies (as I know from personal experience) and it is not tough at all. Tough is living in a country where unemployment among youth is 56% (e.g. Spain).
15. Correction to #14
Fees in Harward, Princeton, MIT not $35,000 a year but $90,000-$100,000 a year, unless you are a very, very good minority student.
16. Thxs #15
Ehud   (07.15.13)
I am still thinking in semesters, and it's been a while..,,
17. #11
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.15.13)
My interests are not in the cost of university level study in the USA. As a parent of grown children I know the income that I, my husband, and our friends live on. I know the costs of study at the university. I lived it myself and again through our children. One and all we served in the IDF. One and all it was necessary for us both to work and study at the same time, despite scholarships. If we can do it, so can those that wish to study torah in the yeshiva.
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