Netanyahu says Iran continues 'race toward bomb'
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 14.07.13, 12:23
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1. Rohani is headed for trouble
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.14.13)
The Iranian people are becoming restless. They see past Rohani. There will be upheaval in Iran soon. Israel is not going to have to attack Iran. Let the Saudis and the Americans do their own dirty work. We will not be used as a proxy, we will not allow ourselves to be scapegoated by the Saudis especially. Let me remind you of what Prince Bandar said in open statements to the press about wanting Israel to attack iran in order to cover the Saudi families behind. Bibi should keep on barking and make as much noise as possible, but we would be the ultimate suckers for attacking Iran for the Saudis and Korporate Amerika. PETRO DOLLAR SYSTEM, backbone of the dollar and the American Economy.
2. No-one is listening
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (07.14.13)
No-one is listening any more Bibi. Enough with this stupid obsession already! Start functioning as a prime minister for a change and not a professional fence sitter. There's more for you to do than gluing your backside to the PM chair. Do something positive for your country for a change like making an agreement with the Palestinians and ending the international isolation.
3. Mike Carmel, Rishon Le-Zion.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (07.14.13)
You are absolutely right nobody in Israel or the wider world at large should take what Netanyahu says too seriously. He is an expert in using right wing nationalistic rhetoric to distract the Israeli public and the world from his failures as Prime minister, especially his failures to sort out Israels economic woes and his miserable pathetic non-efforts to make peace with the Palestinians, the Iran issue is nothing more than a nationalistic smokescreen to distract from his political failures in regards to the peace process, which he clearly doesent care about and tries everything to avoid, and his economic failures.
Lynx ,   Palestine   (07.14.13)
5. Netanyahu barking like a dog
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.14.13)
The fact is Netanyahu has gone on and on about Iran's nuclear programme whilst doing nothing to stop it. This is because Israel does not have the means to attack Iran conventionally, and nuclear weapons use would cause Saudi Arabia to go nuclear, and the United States to cut funding
6. We are now in July, PM. BIBI!
Israeli 2   (07.14.13)
Your red line and timing has come and gone two months ago. Just act, Sir!
7. At least they know what they're racing toward: what's OUR
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.14.13)
direction?! The brain dead idea of "Palestinian State" in the middle of Israel? Where's that child from HC Andersen's tale "The Emperor's new clothes"??
8. 1, 2: Divergent Talkbacks
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (07.14.13)
Dror is correct - Israel should NEVER become the proxy, the dummy, or Obama's fool; while the Saudis are sitting on a cozy cache of armaments which they could ignite in order to maintain "balance of power" in the region; but they don't want their hands to get dirty. Well said. Mike, you honestly believe that if Israel granted peace and prosperity to the Palestinians, Amen, that "international isolation" would abate? No, Sir, Israel and the Jewish People will forever be the whipping boys of the world. Our long-suffering History proves it.
9. Obvious it is coming.
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.14.13)
This should be a "right in the bulls eye" match for a possibly sunni president both for emotions (against shia) and complexity. He also has the only aircraft which can carry the new bunker-buster. And of coarse Israel will be leaked as to be the ghostbuster...
10. Failed state coming apart.
Miron ,   USA   (07.14.13)
11. If that is so, what happened to "all
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.14.13)
those red lines" and you PM saying you would never let Iran get the Nukes? Guess I was right - hot air and you will likely have the distinction of being the PM who set Israel up for it's destruction because you never could back up your talk with action
12. Rohani a publicity stunt by Mullahs Regime!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (07.14.13)
Mr Bibi either act or keep your mouth shut!
13. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tel Aviv(?!) I don't want to be in that
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.14.13)
club, thank you. Again,my comparison of Israel to a battered wife is very much valid: The kind of women, that always find an excuse to stay& recieve more blows from the scoundrel, because (in their mind) any alternative seems worse and more frightening. Then they are surprised when they get killed....
14. Netanyahu and Iran
Harold ,   USA   (07.14.13)
Why Negtanyahu is not saying anything about the Yellow Cake Israel bought from Argentina.
15. #2
Harold ,   USA   (07.14.13)
At least one is saying the truth but Netayaho does not believe in peace with the Palestinians and prefers to occupy and build more settlements. Soon Israel will be isolated by all.
16. @ 1 Dror
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (07.14.13)
Here you go again. Iran is Israel's problem. Iran could develop and deploy as many nukes as it likes but it will never threaten the US militarily. Bibi is barking because he knows he has no credible bite. As far as I am concerned his redlines are PINK.
17. Ancient Iran will exist long after newborn "Jewish State"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.14.13)
18. Iran war in 2015
tj ,   sa/texas/usa   (07.14.13)
I believe there will be a strike on Irans nucear facilities in 2015. Sanctions will be allowed at least another year.
19. Israel's Future
TruthBeTold ,   Texas, USA   (07.14.13)
Israel will prevail no matter what the odds. Twas foretold. Iran, Russia, Turkey, etc. will all be defeated. Twas foretold. Israel will become the seat of world government. Twas foretold.
20. There is no proof
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.14.13)
despite Iran's nuclear programme being the most closely scrutinised in history, that Iran is pursuing parity with Israel. Netanyahu knows that the rest of the world doesn't have a problem with Iran having a nuclear programme as long as it is verifiable. If the new regime in Iran jumps through the hoops the 5 + 1 have set it, then Netanyahu will have been found wanting having demanded a total cessation of Irans nuclear programme. Hence the rising hysteria in the Netanyahu camp. If Iran's nuclear programme is solved to everyone's satisfaction, the world's interest will turn to the settlements, and the people he relies on to remain in government
21. @18
Orestes ,   Seattle USA   (07.14.13)
GTNW follows thereafter
22. Give a one week warning
observer   (07.14.13)
Netenyahu should provide a one week notice to the world so that everyone will get out of the region before the attack.
23. 19
anton ,   istanbul   (07.14.13)
24. Twas foretold?
Stan Corrected ,   Ottawa, Canada   (07.14.13)
You are misinformed truth be told, let's all hope you are way wrong with your "twas foretold" mystic comments. ( foretold by who exactly?...Jesus?). When is Israel going to owe up to it's illegal nuclear program? ...until then shut up and complete an agreement to give Palestinians their country.
25. "Pot calling kettle black"
Fred Mrozek ,   Freeport Illinois US   (07.14.13)
If Iran had stolen it's nuclear materials and technology from the USA, attacked it with false-flag terroris, or had Iranian agents caught in Manhattan on 9/11 cheering the attacks and then blaming the attack on an innocent third party, there would be hell to pay. But since Israel has done all those things, why doesn't Israel experience the threats, international sanctions and deadly attacks on it's scientists?
26. #25 Oh Please
Benji ,   US   (07.14.13)
Spare us your irrational conspiracy theories. You're a real lune.
27. Netanyahu is mad
George ,   San Francisco, USA   (07.14.13)
Doesn't Bibi have anything else to do? This obsession with Iran is hilarious. Hey, Bibi, Iran couldn't care less about you. So, why don't you go and kill a few more Palestinian children?
28. 20, sarah
CJK   (07.14.13)
"there is no proof that iran is pursuing parity with Israel." what a sneaky statement dear durson. iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, not "parity" with israel. and contrary to what you claim, the rest of the world does have a problem with iran acquiring nuclear weapons. hence all those chapter vii unscr's. they are just ridiculous cowards.
29. 2 Mike
CJK   (07.14.13)
"no-one is listening." the entire world seems obsessed with the tiny jewish state and her every move. obama in particular is obsessed beyond reason, doing all in his power to undermine israel. he will not succeed.
30. David's throne is eternal.
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