Secrets and missiles
Alex Fishman
Published: 14.07.13, 20:00
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1. UsA
larry ,   Israel   (07.14.13)
Yes i hope the intentions are good ones. would not like to be at war with america !! after we won the war How in the world would we support the americans
2. i agree with you 80%
JGad   (07.14.13)
Do not start again with Iran nuclear project, no more sanctions neither. I have the impression, or perhaps is more a fact, the last time Netanyahu became nuknik with that subject he was also doing wrong to israeli economy, israeli public And tourist are very sensitive to finance issues, besides that, There will not be jewish or israeli holocaust, neither wars. I know
3. What a joke...
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (07.14.13)
If the USA wants to spoil things for the Israeli's all it has to do is cut off the aid and stop the UN veto's. The bottom line is the Israeli's have interest and so does the USA and each side will do what it has to do and no one should complain. When the US attacks a foreign state at least it has the balls to admit it did so.
4. Obviously Israel wanted the leak
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.14.13)
It suits Israel just fine that someone else let's the cat out of the bag. Israel is not worried about Syria, it wants to send a message to Iran- we're prepared to act even without American support.
5. the americans ought to shut up
alexi   (07.14.13)
obama is head of the governement so he takes responsibility if israel is being fingered as carrying out missile strikes. In any case, Israel should play it close to the vest, greet kerry and do nothing, zero in terms of concessions or peace talks which are a waste of time. Livni and olmert's reliance on obama shows how dumb they are since the americans cannot be trusted period.
6. The main problem...
Beary White ,   Norway   (07.14.13)
...could be Obama. He is the Commander in Chief, and in full control over departments. Obvious he has been planning how to be welcome in sunni-environments after his second period has ended. He might have done "adjustments" earlier in the shadows, but some later moves reveales his foundation of faith. And it would be very interresting to know which kind of pressure he has put on Bibi. I guess Bibi has to keep his mouth shut, until the iranian nuce sites are taken out and the small kind of the israeli-goodwill ha been damaged. A success would be to leave Israel at wars with its neighbors before he leaves the colored house...
7. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black
Philos ,   Tel Aviv   (07.14.13)
how many times did Israeli official blabber about confidential talks between American officials and Israelis? Wasn't Bibi not only reprimanded over the phone by Merkel (who called him a liar to his face) but also Hillary Clinton who it is alleged was even "ruder" to him. Yet, Alex Fishman writes this pathetic article and threatens the USA? What does he envision Israel doing without American support? Become like North Korea?
8. US Sabotage
philipmax ,   NYC   (07.14.13)
Alex, You are on point! Couldn't have expressed better myself. I have listened to senior CIA agents spew the most vile anti-Semitic vitriol since Hitler. The US State Department is Israel's enemy. The CIA/NSA are covertly watching the American Jews. Snowden wasn't the first to reveal. Israel's IDF must set up review committees to screen out 5th columnist imbedded in the Army.
9. President Hussein's work
10. #3 What a dope!!
yesjb ,   Canada   (07.14.13)
The best thing that could happen to Israel is for the USA to end its aid! You guys think you're the only game in town? How xenophobic of you! Israel tried to end the US "largess" when Clinton was pres, but he didn't want to end it. Now the end of the aid would hurt the US more than Israel And you can kiss that F-35 deal good-bye. Israel will look elsewhere and you'll be holding a trillion dollar plane that no one will buy. And that's for starters. Well maybe the Chinese will lend you more more money.
11. Sheik, you cut right through Fishman's sour whine
Cameron ,   USA   (07.14.13)
12. US is annoyed about IL going it alone AND Sisi campaign
Alan ,   SA   (07.14.13)
13. Big Mouths
Realty Check ,   USA   (07.14.13)
The big mouths in the American government have not only violated the trust (twice now) of a key ally, but now, they will have blood on their hands if, as promised, either or both Syria and Russia retaliate. What the hell, how can this further American "interests"? I wonder what would be happening now if the tables were turned and Israel had released information about American operations & put Americans in danger????
14. How many times is it now?
Ralph Haglund ,   Sweden   (07.14.13)
Mr O started days after sitting on the throne by blabbering about the 40 year old secret nuclear cooperation between Israel and USA. He "dropped" an UAV in Iran without recovering it, to give them the secrets. He has at least twice blabbered about Israel cooperating with Azerbaijan, the other day he revealed the bids for building starting ramps for Arrow3..... Will Bibi ever learn to shut up about Israel's private secrets? Would be a nice thing - an exercise for israeli hackers to reveal some US defence secrets for the world. Pick up a few russian ones at the same time.
15. PSYOPS - the media is part of the game
Abu Zibby ,   Haifa, IL   (07.14.13)
It's a proxy war and US and Russia are calling the shots. Israel is just a pawn and apart from that is quite meaningless for any of them.
16. if syria and russia retaliate
elke ,   usa   (07.15.13)
It will be israel's own fault for making pre-emptive attacks (again). Israel has been warned repeatedly. There is no "right" that anyone recognizes to attack defensive weapons in another country. Go right ahead and poke the Russian bear. I do believe Israel is where WWIII will begin. It's why I make myself pay attention to the (depressing) news from there. The warmongering is constant against Syria, Iran, Lebanon... ps - the accusation that someone is "selling secrets for cheap" -- that's unsubstantiated slander isn't it?
17. 8 philipmax
CJK   (07.15.13)
you are absolutely right. antisemitic vitriol under the obama administration is shocking and beyond the pale. you are most likely right that they are watching american jews, especially members of jewish organisations whom they threaten directly or indirectly. did not obama tell them at a meeting in the wh to "look into their souls?" it is good advice that the idf, and indeed the entire government, should be on the lookout for possible us spies. obama and his people are no friends to israel, despite what michael oren says.
18. Should have kept secret burning Jewish people in Oswentzim..
Miron ,   USA   (07.15.13)
Someone very ill willed leaked information that jeopardised German people.
19. Blame Hussein Obama
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.15.13)
There is no Pentagon leak unless he orders one. We should either out this president for the fraud and phony he is, or simply ignore him. Hard to say which will hurt him worse. But both will assuredly sting badly. Especially the part about the proof that he was born in Kenya. Would have done it long ago, I suspect, were it not for the fact that Hussein Obama will be succeeded by Joe Biden. Dumb and dumber.
20. HA!
Spengler ,   US   (07.15.13)
This is kind of like our 52nd state (isreal) spying on us. Face it without America your shlef life would be short, very short, you'd be back in Flushing
21. #16 elke, #18 miron
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.15.13)
The more you post, the more you show your ignorance. Keep posting.
22. 21.
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.15.13)
You are far too kind to # 16 & # 18.
23. all this... and yet claim moral high ground on Pollard.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (07.15.13)
what's the difference between betraying your allies to the media and leaking information about the Iraq nuclear reactor to the Israelis. Its time to let Pollard go.
24. Yeah 3 USA is trying to stop arab extinction
and obama is a ,   trator and lier   (07.15.13)
This government is afraid you will get what you all surely deserve.
25. 10, well said
CJK   (07.15.13)
i suspect that israel is heading toward a divorce from the us. the restructuring of the idf will allow israel to be more independent. she has much of her own military equipment. the recent test of jericho iii is a clear message to friend and foe alike
26. the flat truth
michel ,   Ashkelon   (07.15.13)
the flat truth is that the USA under Obama as become an enemy full ally of the islamists,
27. How naive can one be
Incredulous ,   Amsterdam   (07.15.13)
The leaks are clearly coordinated by forces in Israel and USA who want to goad Syria to respond in order to ratchet things up to the point that in the end an attack on Iran, Syria's protector, will be inevitable. Scariest of all this indicates some loose elements on the US side since we now Israel is chomping at the bit to get a crack at Iran.
28. Let us call the kettle black already (pun intended)
Celia ,   Middle Israel   (07.15.13)
We know that MB infiltrates the WH and other branches of gov Let's have it out, This is the real battle Israel is dealing with.
29. Don't do anything you don't want to read about
spyguy ,   seattle   (07.15.13)
The BASIC truth is ALL governments leak like a boat filled with holes. The POTUS has had absolutely no control over leaks for the last 200+ years. To expect otherwise, is completely foolish, especially these days when the global communication capabilities are so vast. So if Israel does not want Syria or Russia to retaliate, then don't display extreme HUBRIS and do foolish things. If you poke a bear you will get severely damaged. This is NOT the fault of the US, but of Israel's own "leadership." Accept the consequences like and adult.
30. intentional policy based leaks
art ,   jersey city USA   (07.15.13)
The US under Obama has leaked info on Israels Nuclear program, Recently the Peentagon leaked information on proposed bases for Iron Dome. Expect leaks and claims that Israel is selling info to China or russia, that routine is played by Washington as a distraction
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