Secrets and missiles
Alex Fishman
Published: 14.07.13, 20:00
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31. #16 eike
DavidR ,   USA   (07.15.13)
Open your eyes genius. World War III has already started and yes, Israel is on the front line. That is why she is defending herself by ridding Syria of "offensive" weapons. Existence is all the "right" one needs. BTW, Russia would not stand a chance against Israel in a traditional war, however, if it went nuclear, both would go down in history. The same is true of the US. One other thing. It appears you are on the wrong side. Read the battle plan. You will find it in the Jewish Prophets.
32. Betrayal
Bill Stein ,   USA   (07.15.13)
Israel will be stupid to trust the United States under the present administration with any sensitive information. We all remember the situation with Kissinger and Richard Nixon during the 1973 war. Mired with many controversies and Watergate scandals as well as a Secretary of State Who wanted to exact concessions from the Israelis over Sinai Nixon and Kissinger forced the Israelis to take the first attack in October 1973 and with words from Henry Kissinger "let them bleed" held back Vital military supplies until Golda threatened to use nuclear weapons. There are even rumors that Kissinger along with Sadat helped planned the Yom Kippur war disaster with the help of a traitor within The Cabinet. See the Documentary "Who shot Daddy" dealing with the death of Joe Alon. Now we have a similar situation with present administration I'm extremely fearful that United States may set up a military defeat for Israel in order to exact concessions from Israel. Israel must not and cannot trust the United States on any sensitive matters in my opinion. I would not even trust certain members of the Israeli cabinet who currently have security clearances such as Livni.
33. What a bunch of bull
Peter ,   USA   (07.15.13)
Alex Fishman is upset that the US leaked that Israel bombed Syria? Does he think the world doesn't know who is responsible for the air strikes? If Israel doesn't want anyone to "know" it's them, perhaps they shouldn't send mushroom clouds into the sky over Damascus so the world media can be all over the story. And then he has the gall to say that the leaks will provoke Syria into responding. Let me tell you, it's not like Syria is confused as to who is bombing them. They've made a conscious choice not to respond because they don't want a war. The Latakia bombing was ten days ago--if Syria wanted to respond it would have done so already.
34. 33 Peter USA
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (07.16.13)
the issue is not who did it. the issue is putting a public name on who did it. saving face by not revealing publicly who was responsible is an important aspect to letting the other side save face. saving face is a crucial part of arab culture. furthermore, the us has been leaking much other information which has undermined israel national security.
35. Secrets and missiles
David Azulay ,   Ramat Hasharon Israe   (07.16.13)
The logical reason is Israel did not consult with USA
36. To: David at No. 35
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.16.13)
The State of Israel is a sovereign nation and does not need to consult with any other country in matters of national defense and security. Especially with the current Islamist-in-Chief. He's a joke, and that is why the sovereign State of Israel treats him as such. I guess we have IQ standards, too, which -- alas and alack -- Hussein Obama doesn't quite meet. (Actually, he falls quite short of the grade. There aren't too many graduates of Harvard Law School who require five shots at passing the bar exam. That's what it took Hussein Obama to pass. Is it any wonder that he had to find his calling as a "community organizer?" What law firm in its right mind would hire someone who had to take the bar exam five times before barely managing to eke out a passing grade? By -- count 'em -- one point!) That's a Harvard Law School record, by the way.
37. by the time
Matt   (07.16.13)
Hizbullah attacks regardless of the Iran nuclear matter they will have 150, 000 to 180, 000 rockets. And for the first time the US will have to assist I am talking about the Navy, B-52's so things remain conventional.
38. Before you all forget! - the 78%-ers...
Tom W ,   USA   (07.16.13)
Without the Obama worshiping Jewish money, vote and propaganda he wont be in position to threaten or damage Israel. Just look at the surrounding coterie of Court Jews: the media, Hollywood and big businesses...they adore the Kenyan.... Never forget, Never again!
39. #33. Peter: What about Snowden?
Tom W ,   USA   (07.16.13)
The world knows about the U.S. spying, it cannot be kept secret, yet your "Dear Leader" became apoplectic when Snowden revealed it to the world. Why are your Kenyan is hysterical about Snowden's revelations? He did not reveal anything new...he just give a name to the illegal operation.
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