Israel launches information war against Hezbollah
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Published: 14.07.13, 17:42
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1. Israelis fear the Hezb!
WAS ,   UK   (07.14.13)
Israel's continuous fantasization with Hezbollah is revealing. Gangster Israel realises that Hezbollah will inflict an even more painful defeat than the 2006 humiliation which Hezbollah served to the Israelis free of charge.
2. Nothing you people do...
Marco ,   Spain-World Champs..   (07.14.13)
can remove Hezbollah from our hearts. Hezbollah is the most moral resistance force to ever grace the surface of this planet. Unlike your criminal I.D.F, Hezbollah is the true definition of "Purity of the arms"...
3. Hezbollah should...
Marco ,   Spain-World Champs..   (07.14.13)
Put up a website exposing the criminal Jewish state for what it really is...
4. hezbolah
yurka ,   london uk   (07.14.13)
I think and belive that now the world has woken up and see what atrocities this ungodly people do behind the religon and they are proud. they are a disgrace to humane race god help us.
5. You are both Magnoon....
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.14.13)
Hezbollah is a corrupt Islamo Fascist offshoot of the Muslim Dirtbag Brotherhood. All members of this zabbala organization have a special place in Gehenom. You WAS and Marco should burn in Hell Eternally.
6. Hizbollah Victory!
Claude ,   UK   (07.14.13)
Some strange victory in 2006. Not an inch of IL territory was even temporarily held by Hiz, the IL army inflicted huge damage on Hiz territory and a significant number of Lebanese despise the way there country has been taken over by these nutters. I recently had a very pleasant lunch in Metulla overlooking S Lebanese villages, no evidence of fear anywhere in N Israel. As for the comment at no 2 from Spain, You should spend more time fixing your collapsed economy, instead of relying on handouts from an increasingly indifferent N Europe. The only people in Europe who share your views are the now irrelevant far left groupies and their friends of Islamic fascists. As for Spain being number 1 Champs, I presume you are not referring to Wimbledon. Maybe you meant chimps!
7. #4 yurka
You mean the Israelis, right?
8. Marco's Hizbollah website
Claude ,   London, UK   (07.14.13)
But who would read it apart from the increasingly irrelevant left Islamic fascists. Even Palestinian supporters in UK are embarrassed and horrified at Hizbollah , it's tactics and blatantly racist ideology
9. #8 Claude
Marco ,   Spain-World Champs..   (07.14.13)
Who appointed an idiot like yourself as a spokesperson for the Palestinians?
10. @2
hahahahahahha! i am holding my tummy laughing so hard. you don't say, marco from bankrupt spain. purity of arms, indeed. so brave. why don't you volunteer so you can experience the israeli retaliation yourself. coward.
11. #1 really?
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.14.13)
Hezbollah hasn't dared to kidnap an Israeli soldier ever since!!! more Lebanese died during the war than Israelis. if you call that a victory, than congrats to you! may more "victories" come your way!
12. @3
they'll have to look very hard for these "facts" since there are none. but then again, the moosies always come up with lies like pallywood and morons such as yourself always believe because you are morons.
13. #2 Marco
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.14.13)
Don't tell us Marco, tell all those nice families in Syria who were killed by your moral resistance force! Flame all you want Marco, no one here is buying!
14. 7
no, he did not. he meant people like you!
15. #1 WAS, UK
is that the same "victorious nasrallah" who was interviewed on tv and simply said after the 2006 war, "if i knew that south lebanon and the dahiya district will be so destroyed by israel, i would have never started this war by kidnapping the israeli soldiers" then, president of lebanon appeared at the un, started crying for israel to stop the destruction. then, nasrallah on al manar tv apologized to the lebanese for his miscalculations. some victory. WE LEBANESE PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGET THIS IDIOT THAT DESTROYED OUR COUNTRY.
16. Predictaby the army of satan has hacked the website at the
hipocrates ,   earth   (07.14.13)
17. No matter what Nasrallah is a COWARD hiding in hole spending
Asher ,   NY,USA   (07.14.13)
money belong to people of Iran and that's the bread they are stealing from the Persian children. If Mullas don't pay Hezbollah they won't have money for their supper. Hezbollah lives on charity of stolen money from persian people.Shame on Hezbollah, shame on Mullas living on the sweat and blood of Iranian people...
18. To Marco the Spokesperson
Claude ,   London, UK   (07.15.13)
If you read my comment more carefully, it is clear that I am not claiming any role as a spokesperson for the Palestinians. If you follow Palestinian supporter and activist websites in UK (like PSC) and other EU countries you will note that there is little support or sympathy for groups like Hizbollah . You are obviously out on a limb. You would I am sure be most welcome to offer your services to the cave dwellers in South Lebanon during the next skirmish, the IDF could dispose of you quickly and without much sorrow in Spain. Please note that "spokesperson" is a far more appropriate and commonly accepted term rather than "spokesman". Ah, but the mysoginists of Hizbollah would appreciate your out dated sexist terminology and so would Franco!
19. #s 1&2
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa,USA   (07.15.13)
Thank you Thank you Thank you. While there are fully delusional comments from the first two talkbacks, Israel really doesn't have too much to worry about. Extremests still living in their Hashish filled dreams. Where can I buy some of your chomer. It has to be a really good smoke. Shalom and Inshallah, may your false god go with you.
20. #18
brilliantly stated and so very accurate. right on the mark, claude. hameed aboughaze, iranian
21.  Now the other terrorist organizations
-should also be mentioned by Israel's Hasbara, INCLUDING Israel's "peace partners" Fatah, who have committed numerous acts of terror and incitement of hatred, yet Israel's leftist media (inc luding YNET) never mention this...
22. This is about Lebanon not Israel
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.15.13)
This is about reclaiming South Lebanon back from a bunch of Gangsters Which country in the world would tolerate an armed Militia from taking over control of ONE THIRD of the country...South Lebanon is a NO GO ZONE for most Lebanese..You need HEZBOLLAH PERMISSION to go there! Which country in the world would tolerate a bunch of Gangsters using their country as a base for attacks by Iran into neighbouring countries? They have accumulated an arsenal of weapons that as we have seen could just as easily be turned on Lebanese as used to attack Israel But worse now we hear more and more that Hezbollah talk openly and treacherously about mounting a coup to take over all of Lebanon and call their new country the Hezbollah Republic of Lebanon - HRL
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