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Rabbi Eliyahu: I have nothing against Arabs
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 15.07.13, 13:19
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1. Must you explain why you are against intermarriage?
Jake ,   USA   (07.15.13)
Among authentic Jews you need not explain such a position, but in the not-so-Jewish state of Israel you are considered a racist for holding such a position. Hang in there Rabbi, the Bolsheviks are losing their grip on the Zionist state. Israel will be a truly Jewish state sooner rather than later.
2. The media could just publish the entire letter
Jake ,   USA   (07.15.13)
..and let the public decide for itself how they feel about the Rabbi's position. Instead the media pulls quotes from the letter and frames it in an article meant to discredit the Rabbi. Such is the anti-religious nature of the Israeli media,.
3. Separating religion from the state is an imperative
Avramele   (07.15.13)
The modern Jewish state must protect the rights of all it's citizens regardless of race, creed or religion. Those were the words of Ben Gurion in the Declaration of Independence. If religious authorities hold to different authority so be it but do not expect the state to give you legal status or pay your salaries. The champions of Halacha have abused the accommodations granted them in 48. They should be ended now so religion can flourish as the private belief system and way of life that it is.
4. #3 A priori, separation between politics and religion
Yossef   (07.16.13)
has been done in the time of Moshe: Moshe for the politics and Aaron for the religious. We have just to follow our tradition.
5. I have something against Arabs
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (07.16.13)
9-11 for one. Inbred bastards. KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
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