Yad Vashem named world's 4th top museum
Published: 15.07.13, 13:17
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1. Yad Vashem
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.15.13)
How come Mahmoud Abbas wasn't invited yet to the museum? As a friendly gesture Israelis can provide him and his entourage with free tour.
2. Which are the three first?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.15.13)
3. Abbas
ChanahS ,   Israel   (07.15.13)
Abbas's received his doctorate based on a paper denying the Holocaust. He doesn't deserve to visit Yad Vashem - would probably carry on denying the truth of everythng in it.
4. Don't tell UNESCO
Q74HTk ,     (07.16.13)
They would call Yad Vashem a mosque as it happened to Rachel's Tomb.
5. I think all Jewish remains found at Shoah sites should be
Eduardo ,   Philadelphia, USA   (07.16.13)
brought to Yad Vashem and buried there
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