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Rohani: Ahmadinejad mismanaged Iran's resources
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Published: 15.07.13, 12:58
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DAVE ZEE ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (07.15.13)
SAY GOOD-NITE and good riddence to the fool MAMMMMOOOOD, HERE COMES THE CONDEMNATIONs, THE BLAMEs, the back stabbings, next is THE HOUSE ARREST, then comes next the THE PHONEY public disgrace and TRIALS, the whamo of THE life PRISON SENTENCE, it's their OLDE MAN'S --"THE BLAME GAME" ...anything to keep the west and all others at bay by passing the "blame it ALL on the last miserable fool, Mamoood" SO, Kiss your little dark anti-semitic fool Mammmmooooood good-bye, he's about to go through a mighty and a very well deserved public "CLEANSING" or as we call it, politic oblivion. Save the Saddam's hangman's noose and spider hole, and also the Gadafy Broom stick, for yet another little twit hitting the dust face first! Good-bye!
2. Ahmedinejad
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.15.13)
The blame game begins! There might be a jib crane and a rope in Ahmedinejad's future. That is, after all, how Iran deals with most of its problems -- which are considerable. Not a bad fate for Ahmedinejad.
3. When the Worlds Greatest Moron - AhMADinejad
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.15.13)
Announces that his GREATEST Achievement as President is NOT leaving Iranians a better way of life and prosperity, fostering peace and understanding BUT 'Challenging the Lies of the Holocaust, getting Germans to atone for their betrayal of Hitler and Russians to atone for their resisting Hitler' You begin to realise why he is called Ah MAD inejad And then when you realise that this moronic pea brained fool almost single handedly has isolated Iran from the rest of the world, has cost Iran $110bn over 5 years JUST IN OIL REVENUES and far from winning the worlds respect has turned Iran into a Pariah State And now he just wants to fade into quiet retirement? Not if Khamenei has his way... Words is that Ahmadinejad WILL have to answer for his crimes to the Iranian People and pay the price for his almost bringing Iran to its knees
4. hmmm, will he hang form a lamp post?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (07.15.13)
If not, why not? KEEP BUILDING !!! ( makes obama, his boss the saudi kingie, the pals, et al muslims madder than than hell. Also, best evidence of a non precondition Israel can produce.)
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