2 police officers hurt, 15 protesters detained in Bedouin rally
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 15.07.13, 16:19
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1. welcome to the 21st century
zionist forever   (07.15.13)
The government wants to develop the Negev and development cannot be stopped just because some Bedouin will loose land given to them by the Turks ( not traditional land ). They may well get less land than they currently have but they will be compensated this is how the real world works. The arabs will find its not so easy to carry out an intifada in this country than it is for their brothers in Judea & Samria. Unlike the PA Israel does not operate a revolving door system when it comes to prison and if the arabs carry out an "unlawful means of struggle" then they will go to jail and stay there so they better think hard about any actions they take. They can protest, the can appeal to the court but at the end of the day if the elected government passes legislation the arabs don't like then tough. In a democracy you don't embrace legislation that suits you and demand any legislation you don't like be reversed.
2. With Arabs Everything Always Leads to Intifada
emanon ,   USA   (07.15.13)
It seems violence is all the arabs know.
3. Crybabies, liars
Negev resident ,   Beersheva   (07.16.13)
The Bedouin steal THOUSANDS of dunams a year! Nobody else can build homesteads with acres of olive trees planted,on land they just take! This is pure discrimination against the Jews of Israel,not the opposite! Israel, wake up! There will be no Negev left!
4. I guess serving in the IDF...
j ,   isr   (07.18.13)
does not guarantee equal treatment in the promised land.
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