Jerusalem: Haredi stabbed by 2 youths in Old City
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 16.07.13, 21:53
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1. And yet the Haredi refuse to learn to defend themselves
Al   (07.16.13)
'You can take the Yid out of the Ghetto but you cant take the Ghetto out of the Yid.' Dumb is how I describe these idiots. To beat up fellow Jews who are sworn to defend the country, they have balls. To defend themselves against the Arabs they are pussies.
2. Spread the word!!!!
Jsep ,   Tel Aviv   (07.16.13)
Ynet please do your mitzvah and share this news story with every other media outlet, especially those that constantly accuse Israel of terrorizing Palestinians.
3. May This Poor Innocent Israeli Citizen
Recover quickly and fully. Food for thought? IF the Temple Mount Was In Care Of It's True Custodians This and many Like This Inncident may not have occurred??? May Ha Shem Protect All Israeli Citizens Especially At The Temple Mount! Baruch Ha Shem
4. In a democratic country, terrorism has nothing to do with
Moshe ,   Usa   (07.16.13)
nationalism. . . . terrorism is terrorism! What is has to do with is: the religious imperialism of islooom !
5. 1 Big mouth,could happen to you too
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (07.16.13)
Although i don't wish you that.
6. Ora ..I wish the victim a full recovery
Al   (07.16.13)
I only wish the Haredi would take their heads out of their ass and start growing up. Ironically enough right after we hear of constant attacks against frum soldiers by the Haredi, we have a Haredi man being attacked by Arabs. Draw your own conclusions, as you obviously believe that only God will protect you. Next time wrap a tallit around yourself and sit in your house as the next bombs come flying over. Grow up and get with the program. Hashen protects those who protect themselves. Yes my dear. its as simple as that. The only assurance to continued Jewish life in Israel is the IDF. Have a cup of tea and think about that.
7. #1 Al
Fortune ,   Brooklyn USA   (07.16.13)
You idiot!! How do you know this "Haredi" man does not serve in the IDF. Many do in case you do not know. My sons are in the IDF and they are quite "HAREDI". So, Mr Ignorant Al...wake up and smell the coffee. Haredi are also in the army and they are far from being "pussies" like you are.
8. 2 youths=2 arabs--> stop insulting all youths .
trump   (07.16.13)
9. What gate???
Y ,   Ashdod   (07.16.13)
What the heck was he doing at Damascus gate !!! Tisha b'av !!! What an idiot!
10. Most likely a false flag operation
James   (07.17.13)
11. The Arabs walk freely in west Jerusalem
Jerusalem center and other Jewish parts of town are filled with Arabs walking alone or in groups. Very confident and very secure, while Jews are at constant risks of being attacked in the Arab parts of town. I see Arab girls walk alone in west Jerusalem without fear. Show me a Jewish girl who can walk alone in the Muslim quarter and not be attacked.
12. in any other country it would be called ANTI-SEMITISM
or a HATE CRIME....
13. Why call it Ntlstcly Motivated? ITS RACISM AGAINST JEWS
police suspect stabbing was nationalistically motivated
14. Terrible
James ,   Canada   (07.17.13)
Give these Arabs 1 to 3 months in jail just like those Jewish youths who beat that Arab teen to within inches of his life.
15. if this victim defended
heshy ,   brooklyn ny   (07.17.13)
If this victim defended himself and hurt the two arab attackers he would be arrested. This is the mindset of a secular government that fears world opinion. I'm chareidi who happens to know how to street fight a lot better than many secular israelis but when you live in a ghetto mindset where the government releases arab murderers,knowing how to fight or having a gun is useless. Hopefully there were security cameras in this area and catching these two creeps won't be difficult. This area has been dangerous for over thirty years. But until you will get an extreme chareidi government who knows how to deal with security ,israeli civilians will be victimized by the oslo bird brains like peres.
16. To # 1
Get a life! that's the only thing you have to say after someone gets stabbed?
17. #15 Heshy dream on
Haim ,   TA   (07.17.13)
"An extreme chareidi goverment" you do make me laugh. How about Shas for example they could run the state from the comfort of their prison cell which is where most of them have served at one point in the illustrious careers. That will be the end of Israel if that nightmare were ever to happen. Who would serve in the army? Who would work? Who would pay taxes? Thanks for your advice on how to run our lives from the comfort of your home in NY but quite frankly its none of your bussiness. You all have a nice day ya hear.
18. Hmmmmmmmmmm
Norman ,   Boca Raton / USA   (07.25.13)
Did anyone see the Arab youths fleeing? Or is this just on the victim's say so? This fellow could've been up to some no good and cooked up the knife attack story. Better wait for the police investigation before jumping to conclusions.
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