New Palestinian precondition: Airport in Ramallah
Elior Levy
Published: 17.07.13, 23:34
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1. 'negotiation' Palestinian style
Dani ,   TLV   (07.18.13)
Demand that all your demands are met before even negotiating. Never in the history of politics and/or business have I heard of such 'negotiations', where one side wants all their demands met beforehand. The sad thing is that in stead of calling Abbas on it, the world is eating out of his hand. What motivation does he have to negotiate with Israel? He sits comfortably in Ramallah with money and power, and he knows that every day that he doesn't negotiate this will only lead to more boycotts and condemnations for Israel and more money and international support for him. At this moment, he would be an idiot if he did come to the table. All this thanks to the 'peace-loving' international community.
2. More preconditions
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.18.13)
How about NO! The thieving Arabs always want something for nothing, not this time
3. Our preconditions
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.18.13)
We require there to be a toilet seat attached to Abbas's mouth in order for us to take a dump in it.
4. No preconditions to' peace
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-italy   (07.18.13)
There Are no preconditions for anyone that is looking for peace...the palestinians Are not people of peace,but people of war and nor even an airport will make them different...the fakestinias problem is their heart and for this reoson i will say no to' airports,preconditions,hotel s...etc...etc...the more they get,the worse they act...NO to' the arab- palestinians lie..!!!!
5. they want to turn israel into an arab state
C   (07.18.13)
they want work permits in israel, visas in israel, they want arab tourism at the dead sea. in fact, they want to turn Israel into an arab state.
6. The demands of Abbas become...
Malone ,   Hfx   (07.18.13)
...more and more ridiculous every day...go home Kerry,give it up,butt out.
7. No Preconditions
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.17.13)
Israel should not accept ANY preconditions whatsoever. If the Arabs want to talk, let them come to the table. If not, its their loss
8. of course bibi will agree
marv   (07.18.13)
bibi is so weak, so uncertain that he will cave in. i call on bennett, leiberman, and likud to block him and tell kerrry no concessions, no ramle airport, no dead sea hotels, no nothing. You want to talk fine. You don't want to talk that is also fine. Likud should take steps to unseat bibi. He is no longer capable of any resolve.
9. Mahmud has found a new set of preconditions...
Zyx ,   USA   (07.18.13)
...the previous one was too old...
10. #3 This is impolite and an ugly face of zionism
David ,   NY   (07.18.13)
Why do you think it's fair that you got your own airport in Telaviv and you ignore it for Pals !?? they have the right to have their own airport coz the land belongs to both Israelis and pals.. Enough racism and Zionism , the world is getting sick of you.
11. Now we know why Kerry isn't bothering to stop in Israel
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.18.13)
He knows - or should know - that these latest demands, atop the others already declared, are simply unacceptable to Israel. All this just so he'll "grace" Israel with his presence at a table?! How curious that the Palestinians want to break free of Israel, but want to nonetheless take advantage of the Israeli job market. And I'm sure he'd love to be able to fly more weapons in to a location just minutes from Jerusalem. (Arafat and his people used to smuggle weapons via helicopters and diplomatic vehicles.)
12. Arabs are openly laughing at Obama and EU shills
CJK   (07.18.13)
once again, they are demanding new pre-conditions just to sit at a table with jews. netanyahu must reject these new pre-conditions and tell obama that Israel will not commit national suicide for the sake of his legacy. bullying Israel will not improve obama's legacy.
13. #3. Impossible pre-condition
proudzionist   (07.18.13)
While your suggestion for a pre-condition is entirely appropriate, it is, unfortunately, unachievable. You see, Abbas is already full of s**t.
14. He forgot to ask for.
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (07.18.13)
Half the moon, to bring back yssir ararat back from the dead, give the dome of the rock a new coat of wax, maybe even a seaport in ramallah. (yeah, good luck figuring that last one out too) what is going on here? I think we should protest in the streets to end this stupid childish game! I can understand the precondition for ending construction, but this is too much!
15. Welfare Queen Abbas wants an airport. Go ahead build it.
BH ,   Iowa   (07.18.13)
Flatten Ramallah and build a second major Israeli airport in its place. There's no room to expand Ben Gurion.
16. Charles Manson setting conditions for his release from jail.
Jake ,   USA   (07.18.13)
That's how absurd it is for the PA to set preconditions for negotiations. They have ZERO leverage.
17. Negotiations are for an autonomous (not sovereign) state.
Jake ,   USA   (07.18.13)
Israel has never, ever, agreed to negotiate the creation of a fully sovereign Arab state in the West Bank. In the Oslo accords, Israel agreed to discuss the creation of an autonomous quasi-state with no Jerusalem, no airport, no military, no water rights (etc). Jordan is the sovereign state created for Arab residents of British-Palestine. The West Bank is Jewish land, and due to demographic concerns, can be converted -partially- into an autonomous semi-independent Arab state. Nothing more. If Abu Mazen thinks he is getting a sovereign state in the West Bank, someone should find out what he's putting in his hookah. I don't think its legal.
18. Kerry...
yosef, phd ,   usa -israel   (07.18.13)
You are becoming INSANE, just like your "falastyn" negotiator abbas. By declaring that the "gaps between the parties are narrowing" you are joining the La-La land of 1001 nights - favorite arab pastime...
19. If they finally recognize israel is the Jewish State
GZLives   (07.18.13)
In Arabic and English and all other flying to Ramallah agree to give Israel advance notice of all cargo manifests
20. No Way Enough is Enough
Bill Stein ,   USA   (07.18.13)
The only way someone in Israel would take this bad deal is either they dumb or they are being paid off and I don't think the decision makers are dumb.
21. Palestinian rights
Saul ,   Nz   (07.18.13)
Your asserti
22. Too much hashish
Barney ,   USA   (07.18.13)
He is hallucinating
23. #7 Isn"t your condition that Israel not
john robey ,   austin, texas   (07.18.13)
accept any preconditions a precondition in and of it self? Of course it is. Why then should Israel be allowed to stipulate a precondition if the Pals cannot?
24. More preconditions
Lioness ,   Israel   (07.18.13)
Why do they insist on more work permits surely if they want independence they should be staying away from us and seek work over the other side of the Jordan River.
25. If all we demand is "recognition": recognition we'll get and
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.18.13)
realize, we've got nothing else to bargain with, standing in the rain, wearing nothing but short gatkes...Our shortsighted, stubborn repetition of the "recognition"-mantra has brought us to this low point. The only way forward now is only up, but we are without ideology: only pragmatic, financial aspects matter to us, "modern" Israelis. Arabs have ideology/vision/Islam (as repulsive as it may seem to us) - that's why time is on their side. "Jericho thila" was no joke: it WAS only the beginning....
26. #10 it's fair because we won the wars they lost ok!
joe black ,   Tel Aviva   (07.18.13)
David are you serious? why is it fair that Israel has airport in TLV and Pal's don't? Read the article mate, if they wouldn't have started the 2nd Intifada they would still have a airport in Gaza. So sick of reading this news every day and worse is reading the anti-israel, anti-jews and anti-zionism comments. It doesn't matter what happens in the middle east, it doesn't matter what you give the PALS, it doesn't matter whatever happens in the world, it's always going to be Israel's fault. Time for Israel to stop worrying about the PALs and whatever the rest of the world thinks anymore. Just auto-ignore and do what's the best for Israel.
27. why not a terrorists hotel in tel aviv too????
ILAN ,   Belgium   (07.18.13)
28. why wouldn't any sovereign state
elke ,   usa   (07.18.13)
be free to build whatever it wanted on its own sovereign territory? Go tell Egypt, Syria or Lebanon that Israel refuses to "allow" them to have an airport and to regulate free travel in and out of their own country. Why the hysterics?
29. 11 Israel should stop interfeering in the ME
lydia ,   Brisbane   (07.18.13)
Nobody enjoys slavery and apartheid that's why SA rejected it. The Arabs/Palestinians lived and traded on the land long before the coming of the Jewish squatters and ".Arafat and his people smuggled weapons etc" just like the LIkud and Irgun criminals did before him.
30. Obama has Jews between rock & hard place
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (07.18.13)
The G-d of Israel is bigger than Obama. USA ME policies are naive and an unmitigated failure. Now exposed to Iran whose mullahs seek Nuclear weapons to wipe us out , and Arabs supported to push us out to indefensible borders. Obama & Kerry turning screw tighter & tighter still setting the EU dogs on us. We stood out grounds before, out of Egypt and we are here today. Obama, Merkel : Sort your problems first
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