UAE tries to exclude Israel from London cable car pact
Yaniv Halily
Published: 18.07.13, 09:24
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1. Bravo Emirates! I shall sign up to your FFP
Lynx ,   Palestine   (07.18.13)
2. For those with their head in the sand
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.18.13)
the boycott has already started. And Johnson is in the doo doo he needs Emirates money, there will be a lot of smoke and mirrors but the contract will not be changed. As it is not enough private money has been raised to pay for the thing as was promised and quite a lot of public money has been spent. The boycott will remain, just won't be publicised
3. What next TFL?
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.18.13)
No Israelis permitted? No Jews permitted? No Jews with Israeli friends permitted? Passports required? Perhaps Emirates want to put a placard - This is a Jew and Israel Free Zone? Carrying Matzos on Board Not Permitted Body Searches for Jaffa Oranges? How how ridiculous
4. Press for "Jewish" instead of Israeli and see
Roland Seener ,   London England   (07.18.13)
5. 1 Assad is also your hero
6. Emirates Investment
May be in few years time UNITED ARAB EMIRATES will sponsor a deal with the BRITISH Government & the Royal family to rename BUCKINGHAM PALACE to Buckingham Arab Emirates Palace.
7. Jews have been boycotted and excluded, for centuries. Now,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.18.13)
such exclusions are taking a new dimension, with new excuses. The end result has been the same all along: Let us exclude the Jews, because they are Jewish!
8. Nothing new.
george rooks ,   ashdod   (07.18.13)
The whole world enthusiastically goes along with boycotts of Israel and Jews everyday. American universities set up sites in Arab countries and no one with Israel in his or her passport can teach there. Saudi Arabian airlines--along with many others won't let Israelis fly on their aircraft that service the world.
9. 1: How exactly does this help you?
Jonathan   (07.18.13)
Blind hatred against the Israeli state... look around you? What are the options? Egypt? Think.
10. Is anyone really surprised?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.18.13)
It is no secret that the Arabs are infiltrating and taking over Europe. So they have been caught in one instance - one out of how many? They are buying banks, hotels and large department stores. Soon they will own Europe - politics follows...
11. Boycott
EJL ,   UK   (07.18.13)
They are such idiots. Wonder if they will boycott all the medicine which comes from Israel? I personally couldn't care less. I love how we get up there skin. No Surrender!
12. Play the legal game
Mio ,   Tel Aviv   (07.18.13)
Such position of black mail are by essence illegal under EU and Usa laws. You want to fill legal claims against these companies in the EU and the Usa and see if the rule of law prevails. For the rest I will cancel my Emirate miles card and change my flying habits.
13. What about the Queens new Grandchild
Mohamed   (07.18.13)
14. What computer system is running this cable car line?
jrebecca ,   modiin   (07.18.13)
15. to #1 if you don't want Israel involvment
ghostq   (07.18.13)
in Saudi you probably don't want Israel structures in the west bank, in that case you probably end up with no water electrisity and phone lines, yep donkeys can do wonderfull job when it comes to modern life.
16. Where's the eu, where's amensty international
Daniel ,   TA - IL   (07.18.13)
probably sharpening their blades to butcher some jews... once more proven that the eu is ran by a bunch of jewhaters as it has been for the last 17 centuries!
17. $6
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (07.18.13)
You're partially right,I heard that the upcoming royal baby is going to be named MUHAMMED ISMIAL ABU ZUBI OR IF ITS A GILD WOULD BE CALLED FATIMA ABU ZUBI.Nothing to worry about cause in one more generation Great Britain will be called WESTERN ARABIA.
18. The Arabs are buying up the UK
Scott ,   Givatayim, Israel   (07.18.13)
Emirates Stadium, The Emirates Airline. What's next? They're going to buy Big Ben & rename it?
19. OK, I wont fly Emirates - schmucks
Scott ,   Australia   (07.18.13)
20. 18
Next will be Buckingham palace which they will rename it The Great Buckingham Mosque, or Buckingham Mohamed Mosque.
21. Mohamed
Abu Zubaid ,   Saudi Arabia   (07.18.13)
Brother Mohamed, first I would like to wish you and your family and Islam Ramadan Mubarak. Brother Mohamed no need Queens new Grandchild to be call Mohamed. Our brothers & sisters all over Europe growing fast, and inshalla all Europe will become Muslims. Islam will rule the world Inshalla. Salam ala Muslimin
22. #9 A hopeless request.
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (07.18.13)
Asking anyone to think that identifies themselves as Palestinian is hopeless. It's like asking a pig to fly. Thinking is not something they are good at.
23. #18 Scott, Not buying the UK. Have bought it!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (07.18.13)
David Cameron is their puppet and when that say sh*t, Dave squats and strains. The BIG questions is how long the British Jews have in the UK or are they going to repeat what the Jews in Germany did when Hitler came to power. Like in Germany, the British people will at best close their eyes to the plight of the Jews and many will feed the fire of the crematoria in London, Manchester,and other cities where Jews live. Maybe Joel and Avram Glazer, the owners of Manchester United, Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club, and the shareholders of Arsenal should bring the racism and Antisemitic attitude of Arsenal sponsors, Emirate Airlines to the attention of the Football Association and the governing body of cricket, the ICC! Maybe Jews all over the world should see the emblem "Emirates" as a new symbol or hatred against Jews and thinks twice about flying Emirates Airlines!
24. How can you have peace without commerce?
andy prigge ,   ORANGEVILLE ont   (07.18.13)
On one side Kerri said there could be be peace and security with Israel by the agreement of many arab states. The question then is how can you have peace without commerce? These arabs are lying about there peace plan. I hope everyone sees that.
25. Arab Islamist-Jihadist world
Brod ,   USA   (07.18.13)
There can and will never be peace with the Arab Islamist-Jihadist world. They are all hell bent on the destruction of Israel. They are also hell bent on the destruction of Judeo-Christians. The good news is that in the End Time, these dark forces and their Hitlerite allies will end up in Hell when the Creator of the Heavens and Universe returns to rescue His people.
26. Arab Apartheid at it's best.
Abu Yousuf el Dugri   (07.18.13)
And the Arabs claim that Israel has Apartheid policy.
27. LOVE IT!!!
American Vet   (07.18.13)
28. Ynet news
JGad   (07.18.13)
is leading his own cable nsa news lol/ since when israelis traveling from U.s.a find intersting to coolaborate with Saudi economy trying to buy travel tiquets from saudi air lines? Now this story,..everybody knows Emirates are washing machines of money non legal , thats what some people call offshore companys and they call themself entrepreneurs.. Ha! Chutzpah! Assholes
29. Have to love the prohibition against criticising the UAE.
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (07.18.13)
Nothing new here.
30. #21.Abu Zubaid! Yours is truest post of ALL today's mail.
Alan ,   SA   (07.18.13)
I wish all Muslims a successful takeover of EU..Islam has a great future in Europe.. Also good wishes for Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslimin.
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