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Analysis: Lebanon's impossible politics
Barak Gatenyo
Published: 18.07.13, 10:21
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1. Lebanon
Walid ,   Spain   (07.18.13)
Although I agree with your opinion, I must ad that the situation is much worse. Since the Syrian civil war started, we have by now over one million Syrian refugees and tens of thousand of Palestinians who left Syria and now reside in the Palestinian camps. This is destabilizing both the social and economic texture of Lebanon. We also understand that hundreds of mujaheddin have infiltrated Lebanon. Taking all this into consideration, the fuse is much shorter and soon we will have an explosion leading to a deadly civil war.
2. Great analysis
Don M.   (07.18.13)
I also agree with the previous comment. Lebanon is a tinderbox.
3. hizbalistan.?. salafistan?
adriaan ,   ruse,bulgaristan   (07.18.13)
hmm..lots of syrians plus palis plus lebanese sunni...hezbollah and amal will get trouble..and the loosers will be,as allways,the christians..
4. Hezbo plan
Lebanese 2 ,   USA   (07.18.13)
The Hezbo... terrorist group working on turning Lebanon to little bad Iran , with the help of some stupid ignoring Lebanese , Hezbo.. rich half way so far , and working nonstop to gain the rest of it.
5. Hezbul Shaytan
David V. ,   Sydney   (07.19.13)
do not recognise the sovereignty of Lebanon, neither do such criminal gangs as the Baathists and SSNP. March 14 is the only camp that stands for the independence of Lebanon, and not being part of Greater Syria or making Lebanon an Islamic Republic.
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