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Israeli-Arab sitcom becomes big hit
Published: 20.07.13, 08:20
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1. Arab Israeli, not 'palestinian' actors
Jake   (07.20.13)
2. I agree with #1
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.20.13)
Actors are Israeli-Arabs not Palis. Also, for those who do not know, this show is about Arabs inside the green line, arabs who strive to integrate into the collective Israeli society, not palis who seek an independent state.
3. #1, correct, like Mexican American are U.S./Americans.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.21.13)
You almost never hear in the U.S. anybody calling them "Mexicans." Certainly, no journalist would write something like that. Time to drop the "Jews" word also since all Israeli citizens are one bunch, Israelis. If you want to be among Jews, go to a synagogue in Brooklyn or Montreal.
4. love this show!!
mika   (07.21.13)
5. To everyone and number 2
Shimon ,   Poleg   (07.21.13)
This is an amazing show and explores and pokes fun about the relationships between different Israeli Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis we are different but we live and work together and fundamentally get on. There are stereotypes and prejeudices and also occasionally racism just like with Israelis from Russian, Morroccan backgrounds etc but we are all Israelis we are the same nation. This however is all far removed from Palestinian identity and Palestinians. This is a replacement ideology based on the destruction of Israel and expulsion of Jews from the land, even moderate Palestinians such as the PLO preach this mantra in their charter and what happens in this show nothing to do with Palestine and a Judenrein country devoid of Jews. Palestinianism was created in the 60s is the antithesis of everything in this show. To call these actors or characters 'Palestinian' is ridiculous and shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the show which is all about Israelis Jew and Arab.
6. I would go further
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.22.13)
Ive seen a fundamental shift in the attitudes of many many of the younger generation of Israeli Arab many of who I meet from time to time in the UK Unlike the out of touch older generation like Tubby Tibi and Finger Wagging Zoabi..who flog the same tired messages based on the Politics of Grievance - Israeli Arab young feel comfortable with and WANT the opportunity to assert their Israeli Arab identity More and more also feel ideologically free of the shackles that inhibit them from serving in the IDF because they see Israeli Democratic Values whatever the shortcomings worth protecting for all whatever their religion That's why its a reflection of how far things have moved on that we can all have a good laugh at a Situation no ones expense
7. Great show
peter ,   jerusalem   (07.22.13)
This happens to be my neighborhood, Ramat Denya , is great that we have an arab deli to buy (at very expensive prices) on shabbat. I enjoy the show very much they need english subtitles.
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