Obama urges Netanyahu to resume negotiations
Ynet reporters
Published: 19.07.13, 09:04
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1. Welfare Queen Abbas wants Israel giftwrapped & delivered
BH ,   Iowa   (07.19.13)
2. Why do outside forces
Elygoldart ,   Minnesota USA   (07.19.13)
Keep trying to do the impossible? Abbas's plan is to erase Israel off the map. If you look in their history books their is no map of ISRAEL at all, only Palestine in the area where ISRAEL is suppose to be. So why does the world keep trying to make peace (piece) between Israel & the Palestinians when there are much more serious problems in the area in Syria & global problems with world wide pollution that will kill millions of people if the problem with global warming is not solved.
3. More lies
Frank ,   Canada   (07.19.13)
Obama does not urge Bibi to resume negociations, he is urging Bibi to make significant concessions in exchange of nothing
4. The King of The World
Yona ,   TLV   (07.19.13)
the anti israel bias is incredible
5. About Israeli Settlements
Eiygoldart ,   Minnesota USA   (07.19.13)
To those people in the USA, Europe etc, who are urging Israel to stop building on Israeli lands which YOU call "settlements". Especially to those politicians living in the USA, Remember, in the 1800s you drove the native indians off their lands by force so Would you give up your home in the USA or elsewhere if told to do so in the name of peace & return it to the native indians you stole the land from? Your answer is "NEVER" The Europeans did not learn from their past mistakes when they drove out the Jews from Europe during WW II & are trying to driveJews off their ancestral lans once again, what a sad shame. Why should Jews in Israel be driven off their ancestral lands, where they lived for thousands of years??? The other problem is that the Europeans & the USA are playing DEAF & do not realize that there is no one to talk to on the Arab side since their only intention is to see Israel wiped off the map. Israel, be strong & G-D will guide you.
6. Surprise Six-Day land grab will not stand, so says EU, Obama
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.19.13)
7. Obama, Kerry - we are fed up with you!
Johannes ,   Norway   (07.19.13)
8. Madness
Bill Stein ,   USA   (07.19.13)
In my opinion The only way someone in Israel would take this bad deal is either they dumb or they are being paid off or being blackmailed and I don't think the decision makers are dumb.
9. Obama's Judea will be judenrein
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (07.19.13)
that's why "settlements issue will not be as pressing". because his plan is to expel all the residents living beyond the borders. Of course, all the arabs living in Israel can stay.? There is a double standard only the US president can get away with. And it doesn't matter to him if it violates the Geneva convention, because those rules are only for Israel to keep.
10. Obama's singular concern
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (07.19.13)
obama's singular concern is to get what he wants regardless of lethal consequences for huge numbers of people. he handed over lybia to the islamists. he forced out mubarak and encouraged the muslim brotherhood to take power. today, egypt is in chaos and the sinai is filled with jihadists, armed with weapons looted from lybia. for the first time, egyptian army and police are routinely murdered by jihadists in the sinai. syria is a failed state where radical islamists from hezbollah and al qaeda are murdering each other and the civil population. iran is on the cusp of acquiring nuclear weapons, while exporting terror world wide. in the midst of all this carnage and chaos, the small jewish state is trying to survive. yet, all the demands made by obama, are made of israel. all of obama's nominees are strongly anti-Israel. obama boycotted the knesset, yet he bowed to the saudi monarch. obama has betrayed every ally, yet for naught. israel should make no concessions to this enemy of the jewish state.
11. Oh my! The Pals admit that settlements are "insubstantial".
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.19.13)
Yesterday, it was so substantial that the EU was breathing fire and brimstone over it! They even threatened to boycott Israel over it. Today, the Pals themselves are saying it is not so substantial after all. They can put it on or off the table whenever it suits them. It is like a woman saying she is almost pregnant. OMG! I am having such a good laugh. Seriously though, this situation only goes to show what a bunch of nasty schemers Israel has to deal with: Obama, the EU and of course, the inveterate liar himself, Abbas. What a team!!!!! Each one equally revolting! They are so transparent in their mischief, it is disgusting.
12. A real peace with Israel
Muslims are afraid ,   Of peace.   (07.19.13)
would expose the lies, corruption, and hatred which characterize the Muslim attitude towards a real peace with Israel. That's why Palestinians put impossible conditions. That's why they employ terror. That's why they refuse any kind if compromise,
13. Negotiating is a two-way street.
Stephen in New York   (07.19.13)
I have yet to see Palestinians willing to be serious about the essence of negotiating which is a two-way street. My impression is that they simply stand ready to accept Israeli concessions. If the Palestinians do not offer peace, they will never have a state.
14. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.19.13)
Jordan attacked Israel in 1967. They lost. Nonsovereign Judea and Samaria are Israel's to settle, retain and even annex. Annexation will come, and with it, the repatriation to Jordan of the illegal and undesirable Arab aliens in Judea and Samaria. Don't like it? Cry me a river.
15. Ordered a Blue-Green-White suit today for peace ceremonies.
Michael ,   California, USA   (07.19.13)
Come on hevraya, don't screw up again, don't disappoint us and the world at large. Entire humanity is counting on Obama to hold you down by the necks focused and working hard on the agreement. This longest lasting conflict in the world in the modern era must end. I will donate my suit to a new Israel - Palestine Peace Museum after the ceremonies. Such ceremonies will be the happiest event of our lives.
16. Obama Urges Netanyahu
Harold ,   USA   (07.19.13)
John Kerry sent by President Obama to solve the Middle East problem and to persuade two Staborns to discuss peace but found out that no one is listening. It seems Kerry notified Obama about the obstacles both parties are creating to avoid peace. Obama's phone call to Netanyahu is a warning and not just a friendly conversation as some predict. September is not that far and I am sure an important decision takes place.
17. Keep the USA out of Israel and take charge of your destiny!!
Daniel   (07.19.13)
18. Reply to #6 and #7
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (07.19.13)
Israel has something more powerful than Obama or the EU. We have G-d on our side.
19. Urge? Urge the Arabs to come to the table without any
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.19.13)
preconditions, and strictly on the basis of UN Security Council Resolution, 242, 1967.
20. #6 They've been saying that forever, so what else is new?
21. Obama: Thus spake radical Islams
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.19.13)
22. Why 67 borders? Pals want Jerusalem.
Sam ,   Canada   (07.19.13)
No matter what the starting point Palestinians are not getting it. They are deluding themselves if they think they are. Even getting the Arab neighbourhoods is very questionable.
23. My sentiments strongly with you #10
Israeli 2   (07.19.13)
24. Of course abbas is avoiding talks!!
Brett L ,   JHb RSA   (07.19.13)
With the upheaval in the arab world, he has no support and this means he is incapacitated into making decisions. Lets be honest though, under the current circumstances, Israel doesnt want to talk either as the aravairim have much more pressing matters than our poky little Israel.
25. Gary Sick
CJK   (07.19.13)
gary sick is the latest obama shill trying to smear netanyahu. sick is a former member of the carter administration, part of carter's nsc. he has just published an article on cnn website, accusing netanyahu of crying wolf about iran. he also claims that if iran wanted to have nuclear weapons, it would already have it since iran has an advanced industrial base and good scientists. it is ironic that this man, sick, was not able to predict, prevent, the invasion of the us embassy in tehran, nor was he able to come up with a plan to rescue the hostages. it is telling that obama uses a carter administration failure to smear netanyahu.
26. Telephone call transcript
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.13)
BO:"Are we on a secure line?" Kerry:"Yes. Unless that little bastard Snowden is listening in on us. These days, one never knows". BO:"How are things going there?" Kerry: "Not too good, sir. We put out that false story yesterday about how Power would defend Israel at the UN if she got the position. Unfortunately, yNet published it together with that nasty video from 2002 of Power making snide remarks about American Jews and threatening to invade Israel militarily. I'm sorry to say, the whole thing blew up in our faces." BO:"Uh, what else do you have?" Kerry:"We used that "according to unnamed Israeli officials" line in trying to get the word out that Israel fully accepted what our friends in Jordan laid out. But Bibi himself flatly denied everything. So we're back to square one." BO:"Look, I want you to make it absolutely clear to those Israelis. If they don't play ball with us and do exactly what we say, I'll sic the Europeans on them - they'll threaten them with an all out boycott". Kerry:"Sir, we've already did that. Sodastream now says they will have to lay off 600 Palestinian workers as a result of that decision. In the end, thousands of Palestinians will be out of work. Israel is also threatening to pull out of the 'European Union's Horizons 2020 program' - something that will cost the Europeans 785 million dollars." BO:"OK, I'll talk to our boys over at Fort Meade - I'll have them sift through a bunch Likud coalition Facebook, Twitter and Gmail accounts to see what juicy dirt we can come up with that we can use as leverage and I'll get back to you later today. If you wrap this up by Thursday night, you can be back in Cape Cod on your yacht by the weekend. Don't screw up."
27. Whats on the table talk show your hand no mirrors and smoke
Martin SA   (07.19.13)
Whats on the table talk show your hand. Lets look at a plan. Are they prepared to let us have T A and Haifa maybe Beitar and a suburb in the Holy city. These Arabs own everything in their dreams since child hood. Everything is like childrens toy in the cot. You cant have this and you cant have that. That’s mine and that and this and that. Will the grow-up and smell the roses. 67 is a distant dream. Now they want it because 67 never really happened. 47 never happened. Abbass like the look of our holy city and show his picture of his cot with Jerusalem in it. Deceitful and continues to raise the expectation of his people. BB please put pre-conditions on the table. Let them argue our preconditions not theirs. enough negotiating on the back foot. Where was Abbass born he was not born anything but an Arab and when he went school they showed see that that and this and even that…..your when you are big. They have no rights on our ancestral land that is our holy right. We call the shots not the EU or the US or the not our arab cousins’. They need to go back to their land expanse and let go of stolen goods they keep claim based on some
28. PLO said not ready to enter talks!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad   (07.19.13)
Didn't anybody tell Obama that the PLO rejected the offer of talks saying that it prefers to stall and stall believing that in the long term that it can wear Israel down.
29. That's why O is such a good US president!
tiki ,   belgium   (07.19.13)
Pallies put of decision to TALK. Obama phones Bibi to resume negotiations!
30. 28 Michael
CJK   (07.19.13)
he does not live in reality. he thinks that he can force his will on the entire world. he is both incompetent and ruthless. i expect much more harm to come from him. read the article by that gary sick on cnn website.
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