Minister Landau: Consent to release prisoners – mistake
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 20.07.13, 20:32
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31. #5 Ivor
Madeleine ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
The decree by the United Nations in 1948 included Judea and Samaria. The partition plan was never accepted by the Arabs and was therefore off the table, leaving Judea and Samaria still in Israel's hands, until Jordan took it and occupied it from 1948-1967.
32. Landau's Auschwitz Comment
Dr. Jim Anderson ,   Hastings New Zealand   (07.21.13)
Auschwitz was a crime; the Occupation is a crime. There is no comparison between the two, but to use one to the other justify is also a crime.
33. Deliberate hysteria
Dan   (07.21.13)
Isn't Israel embarrassed to have a government minister who thinks such blatant, idiotic propaganda will influence them or the world? My mother was a Holocaust survivor and she was totally against the settlers and for peace with the Arabs. What will guarantee the continued aggression of the Arabs is continued adherence to the Greater Israel dream; a secure, fair peace deal is the way to defuse it.
34. 27, well said
CJK   (07.21.13)
so why is he not pm?!
35. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.21.13)
What "right" do the ersatz "Palestinians" have to a state of their own? Did they not reject partition in favor of going to war? Did they not go to war an additional five times -- and lose each and every time? No one owes them anything. Judea and Samaria belong to Israel. The illegal Arab squatters therein are free to move to Jordan or Gaza. Or we can send them there. For that matter, we can drop them in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest and you can make a home for them there. They do NOT belong in the State of Israel. Seven decades of war and unrelenting Arab terror have taught us that much. The Arabs are simply not a peace-loving people, and if you gaze across the Arab landscape today, you will find that an inescapable truth. Why would anyone in their right state of mind reward a violent terrorist rabble that cannot even organize a conference call, let alone function as a state? Israel's not your guinea pig. If you want to try a social experiment, there's plenty of open spaces in Brazil. Because social experiments involving Arabs has worked oh-so-well in Europe, and even better in Lebanon. Hasn't it? You're a fool.
36. Auschwitz this..., Auschwitz that...
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (07.21.13)
Gone are the days when the gullible Gentiles (or Jews) would shut up whenever the magic word "Auschwitz" is uttered by a right wing politician. It is time to come up with another catchy word. How about... "Sobibor"?
37. Peace treaty with Jordan
Yes Israel have peace treaty with Jordan and Egypt. How many times these two have threaten Israel that they will break relationship with Israel. Just recently the Jordanian parliament were talking to break off relationship with Israel. It will not be long when Egypt & Jordan will break off relationship with Israel. Can anyone trust cobra snake to sleep in same bed peacefully?
38. Piss off E.U ...
Mike ,   Nz   (07.21.13)
How dare the murderers of six million Jews now seek to dictate where th e descendants shall live in their ancestral homeland of 3.500 years . . Israel should immediately place an embargo on the E.U of Israeli tech and innovation.
39. 36 ... u cannot ridicule us into being follish "Avi"
40. 33 Dan, are you not embarrassed
CJK   (07.21.13)
are you not embarrassed to write such rubbish. all well informed people know that the armistice lines of 1949 are indefencible. israel will never agree to the armistice lines being borders. all well informed people also know that the old city, the kotel, and much of jerusalem is outside the armistice lines. israel will never give away the heart of the jewish state, regardless of what your mother thinks.
41. KK , 18 IGNORANT
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.21.13)
The Golan was not conquered in 1967 when Israel was no NASCENT country as it was in 1948 .
42. KK , 25 . Look at a mirror
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.21.13)
You're "great" , you discovered a typing error from IVOR , he forgot a "d" in Jordan ! and you jump on it as a baby to a lolly . But you tell us that Israel was a nascent country in 1967, while it was a strong one .
43. no returning to 67 borders
jennifer ,   jerusalem, Israel   (07.21.13)
44. @27
Reuven ,   Netanya   (07.21.13)
Yes you are 100% correct BUT as most of our short sighted inhabitants you don't realise, and will ever be able to understand, is that the policies our government uphold, our the exact reason why we can not make any progress in a peace initiative. Stop thinking about problems but rather see the opportunities this would bring.
45. Don't follow a confuse administration...
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (07.21.13)
Obama administration is so confuse.....they criticize Guantanamo detention and why until now they are not releasing the prisoner? They are event so fearful to bring them to the USA mainland jail! Now they want Israel to listen to them how to manage Israeli prison. By the way Obama has now turn himself into a civil right activist after Zimmerman acquittal. When "the" president of USA gets into a cheap political stance in his own hometown be careful Israel otherwise good luck!
46. Minister of tourism
Reuven ,   Netanya   (07.21.13)
A minister of tourism .... Did I read that well? Tourism .....please stick to your job and don't comment on things that don't concern your ministry!!!
47. To # 32 Well said Dr Jim
Stan ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
48. # to Luiz about Sarah B.
Kobi Martin   (07.21.13)
You are right, Luiz. Your understanding is what is going to happen and most Israelis support that. Don't waste your time with Sarah B. She is not Israeli and not even Jewish. I strongly suspect she gets money from the Arabs to enforce in these posts ideas that don't fly just to cause confusion. The idea that Jews own all the land is completely freak. Was that the case we should be invading Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria and reconstructing all the 12 Tribes area. Crazy. Delusional. Remember that the Partition not even included Jerusalem and Jews accepted it. Jews deserve to be here as a safe heaven. Although the land was ours, as happens in History, other people came after us. And before Hebrews there were other people living here. We certainly were not the first. Just imagine now the Natives in Brazil requesting back the land... We got what we needed and there is space for two peoples here and that's what is going to happen. Sarah B. can scream from Brooklyn, she can insult nice people like you, but sooner than you think WE ISRAELIS will be living in peace with our neighbours Palestinians.
49. #4, # 40 Alan and Tzipora
Stan ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
Landau's sickening example is a load of rubbish. From 1961 when I came to Israel until the Six Day War there were no attacks on Israel by any Arab Army. In fact, the nearest Israel came to a "second holocaust", as said by then Defence minister Moshe Dayan, was when we had the biggest territory and best strategic borders during the Yom Kippur War. So get with it people and realise that moving the Eastern border another 30 or 40 KM does not bring security Security is achieved by negotiations and by learning to live with your neighbors. Oh, and of course keeping a strong army. P.S. Alan why dont you join us here?
50. Israel can NOT be safe no matter what borders
spyguy ,   seattle   (07.21.13)
it claims if its neighbors are angry. When will Israelis finally understand that Israel no longer has any military edge and it DOES NOT MATTER how wide Israel is because when the missiles fall on Israel, they will destroy everything in their path and by the time the soldiers walk into what was once Israel, there will be nothing left. The west bank serves no strategic or tactical purpose, but simply angers most of the world. An INTELLIGENT Israelis would gladly give it away to lower the anger.
51. Ridiculous use of Auschwitz
Shimon ,   Poleg   (07.21.13)
We lived in these borders 1948-1967. we had a state then and we did OK. We were not in Auschwitz during these years. The use of holocaust rhetoric for this discussion id ridiculous and offensive. I am no left winger and I really don't believe at all that there will ever be any real peace with the Palestinians who seek to destroy us but using the holocaust is offensive and not appropriate.
52. 49 Stan
CJK   (07.21.13)
you are the one writing rubbish. syria was constantly bombarding israel up to 1967, murdering 140 and injuring many others. the palestinian arabs carried out numerous terror attacks in israel, killing many civilians. if you want the list, you can get it on the foreign ministry's website. the yom kippur war was a near disaster because golda did not order a call up of the reserves. despite that, the casualties were much fewer than during the war of independence when 6000 died, 1% of the entire population. today that would amount to seventy thousand dead. so contrary to what you say, the 1949armistice lines are indefencible. nor will israel hand over jerusalem. get used to it, as should all of your far left friends.
53. Border Negs must start at Balfour Lines.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (07.21.13)
Auschwitz borders refer to the fake '49 & '67 attacks with a declared goal of genocide on a UN established state. And that is EU exposed - they are obsessed & disappointed Israel survived.
54. #35 'Sarah B'
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.21.13)
The same right the Jewish people had for the re-establishment of Israel.
55. The use of Holocaust rhetoric
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (07.21.13)
to put forward an ideology that they claim to be supported by their victims Shows that the politician using them has lost all moral authority.
56. Precondition or blackmail?
Geula ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
There is a thin red line between preconditions and blackmail and its seems to me it has been crossed. How dare them to blackmailing the independent state into disrespecting its own laws and releasing murders? Let me remind about the laws of the USA with are respected by Obama to such extend that even Jonathan Jay Pollard cannot be pardoned despite the fact that he did not kill anyone, over 50 and has served a lot of time in the prison.
57. Ivor , 12
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.21.13)
I'm talking about the green line , not about today's Jordan . Better to say that we have a "non war" treaty with Jordan . Peace is something very different , look at France-Germany .
58. #27. The left is wrong on every single major issue.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.21.13)
#27 Israeli. You are right on target. Leftists act as if they have some kind of mystical authority. Yet they are totally wrong on every single major issue and always have been. You noted the issues of importing Arafat and Gush Katif. They were wrong about Oslo, wrong about freeing terrorists, wrong about Abbas...wrong about everything. Everything the left supports is bad for Israel. The only value of leftist opinion is as a reverse barometer.
59. Thank you, K Martin.
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (07.21.13)
60. To Mr's Sarah B
Luiz Felipe Haddad ,   Niterói, Brazil   (07.21.13)
Mr's Sarah B. You do Know how I like and admire Israel. Exactly for being a friend, I am able to propose ways in order to a secure and honoured peace. Your comment was unfair. Sincerely.
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